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Devouring The Heavens Chapter 252 – Mysterious Person

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Chapter 252: Mysterious Person

  “Argh….” the pig-headed emperor was furious but he slowly turned around: “You already got the source, what happened? ”

  “I already sorted everything out with the ancient dragon.” said Xuanyuan explaining what happened.

  The pig-headed emperor stood up while baring fangs. At that moment, his eyes were twinkling:

  “That old dragon is generous, his memories are already broken. If you want to defeat him, opportunities are numerous but uncertain. As you said, it’s only the beginning and we don’t need to think about that. What we need to think about now is how to leave the dragon mountain. There are many restrictions outside. Even though I have already recovered my level 6 warrior strength, I cannot possibly take you out. ”

  “Don’t worry. Even without you, I can leave the dragon mountain.” said Xuanyuan while smiling.

  “Argh, you despise me, don’t you?” said the pig-headed emperor furiously.

  “The dragon mountains are dragon veins. All restricted areas attract dragon power. I now have the dragon’s internal alchemy so I am not subject to those restrictions. You just need to care about the restrictions to take us out.” said Xuanyuan while smiling.

  “What you mean is that you can take things here and leave without the ancient dragon preventing you from leaving? Let’s hurry! Give me those treasures. Even though I didn’t get the godly medicine, at least, I can get some treasures otherwise I will just have wasted my time here.” said the pig-headed emperor greedily while gazing into the distance where there were celestial treasures.

  Xuanyuan roleld his eyes and said:

  “Piggy, are you coming or not? If you don’t come, I’ll leave without you. If you want to continue picking up plants and other treasures, do it yourself without me.” Xuanyuan was talking in a sanctimonious way. Actually, he was also reluctant to leave but he had obtained a lot, picking up more treasures wasn’t reasonable.

  “You little boy obtained so much while I was sitting and waiting for you for like ever. You’re really cheap!” said the pig-headed emperor angrily.

  Xuanyuan roleld his eyes and said looking annoyed:

  “I don’t give a damn. ”

  On the other hand, Qian Duo Duo didn’t say anything the whole time and remained calm. She was looking at Yiyi who was sitting on Xuanyuan’s shoulder. Yiyi even seemed like he didn’t fear her that much anymore which made her feel much better.

  When she heard Xuanyuan and the pig-headed emperor argue, she came back to her consciousness and laughed:

  “Xuan Xuan, tell me what the dragon source looks like. ”

  Xuanyuan nodded and took it out. The dragon head source diffused a thick battle Qi. Inhaling a mouthful of it could make people feel very comfortable. It could also make exhausted people feel completely revitalized and helped boost concentration. Inside the dragon head source, there were small dragons intertwining. It was enigmatic. That item was priceless.

  “I wouldn’t have thought that there would be dragons inside. That’s what the name means. Thank you, Xuan Xuan.” said Qian Duo Duo while smiling. Only a glance at it made her happy, not like the pig-headed emperor who was greedy. He was drooling. He immediately tried to grab it but Xuanyuan kicked him away and he put the dragon head source back in his ring while saying aggressively:

  “You want it? Piss off! ”

  “Argh, you little boy don’t know what gratitude is. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Surprisingly, you don’t want to show me the dragon source.” shouted the pig-headed emperor while staring at the ring. It seemed like he was trying to find a solution to steal it.

  “Bullshit. There is dragon energy here. Initially, you had reached the top of the fourth level and now you are at the top of the sixth level. Why are you not satisfied? You’re an ungrateful scum. You need to absorb all the pure energy to condense a golden sun. Are you going to be that greedy and want all the energy each time you level up? If we weren’t in the dragon’s body, you would have been swallowed entirely.” said Xuanyuan.scoldingly.

  “Xuan Xuan is right. Even though we have been sitting for a few days, I also leveled up. I progressed much faster here.” said Qian Duo Duo while smiling satisfyingly.

  “You’re easily satisfied, little girl…” said the pig-headed emperor. He didn’t say anything anymore. Indeed, he had also benefited a lot from that trip.

  But he was greedy and he was angry because Xuanyuan had benefited even more in the blood pond. He had absorbed the dragon blood and had reached the top of the seventh level. One more step and he would break through to the celestial warrior realm.

  “Enough nonsense.” said Xuanyuan while looking at the pig-headed emperor. He then turned to Yiyi and said: “Alright, Yiyi, let’s go. Take us out of here. ”

  Yiyi looked at him in a strange way and said:


  Xuanyuan had the feeling that Yiyi didn’t want them to leave. Xuanyuan smiled and said:

  “Otherwise, you can leave with us too. ”

  Yiyi’s eyes were twinkling. He was very happy and jumping with excitement. He nodded over and over again and said:


  but at that moment, Yiyi, as if he had thought of something else, suddenly looked dispirited and shook his head:


  Xuanyuan knew that Yiyi’s blood was incredible and could absorb dragon blood and he needed it. Xuanyuan smiled and said:

  “Yiyi, don’t worry. There will be opportunities. I will come back to see you. Otherwise, you can come out and have some fun with me whenever you want. ”

  While talking, Xuanyuan was transferring some of his Qi into Yiyi’s body. That way, Yiyi would be able to find him and keep track of him.

  “Yiyi!” Yiyi seemed extremely happy. It did some gestures with its paws and a light appeared. It then condensed into a portal and disappeared again.

  Yiyi put its paws on its chest and looked like he was in pain. It jumped off Xuanyuan’s shoulder which amused everybody.

  “Yiyiyiyiyi!” Yiyi released Qi and did gestures with his paws. He starting chanting something which nobody could understand.

  A golden portal appeared and Xuanyuan and the others entered it. They were outside of the dragon mountain.

  However, at that moment, Xuanyuan and the others were surprised. It seemed like they were in some kind of vortex. There was something extremely powerful and pure like an ocean of purity.

  The pig-headed emperor could see far away in the distance. There was a tree which had the size of a human being. Each of its corners seemed to be absorbing something. When the pig-headed emperor saw that, his heart started pounding. He shouded:

  “That’s a godly dragon medicine tree! Hurry up! Let’s get it! ”

  While he was shouting, he also stretched his hand and gigantic black claws appeared. Those claws contained an incredible and explosive power.

  The “Godly dragon medicine tree” was being attacked by people who were with Yiyi and who had gone to the dragon mountain. Even though it was that way, the pig-headed emperor grabbed three pieces. Each piece contained an energy which made the earth and the sky transform. It was of very high quality.

  “Ah, too bad! I only grabbed three leaves!” said the pig-headed emperor while stomping his feet on the ground like a crying baby. He then shouted:

  “How could you let him… If my strength was at its top, I could grab it easily…”

  Yiyi was looking at the pig-headed emperor in a furious way and pointing at him:

  “Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

  “Piggy, don’t you think you’re exaggerating?” said Xuanyuan repressively. How did the pig-headed emperor dare do such things!

  At that moment, a terrifying Qi suddenly invaded the atmosphere and oppressed them. Xuanyuan shivered. He knew that it was because of what the pig-headed emperor had done. That’s why they were in the vortex.

  “You scum! You dared touch the tree, you want to die!” A person appeared and looked like they had murderous intentions.

  Xuanyuan had the feeling that his flesh and blood were being torn apart. Qian Duo Duo was suffering too. Their souls were shaking. Only the pig-headed emperor looked fine and fearless.

  Yiyi jumped onto that person’s body and rose up in the air with one paw on his chest and one paw pointing to Xuanyuan and Qian Duo Duo.


  “What? No wonder that you’ve become much stronger! Not bad.” said that person.

  After that, Yiyi looked at the pig-headed emperor in a ferocious way and bared fangs. He kept pointing at him and shouted furiously:

  “Yiyi, yiyi, yiyiyiyi!”

  “I know. Don’t worry.” said that person while looking at Xuanyuan and Qian Duo Duo who suddenly both felt relieved. The deadly energies disappeared and that person looked at the pig-headed emperor. He then said:

  “So it’s you! ”

  “I wouldn’t have thought that you would still be alive. I thought that you had died when you got attacked by that sword.” the pig-headed emperor didn’t look scared. He was just looking at that person.

  “Haha, it was one of the most difficult battles I have ever fought. Bac then, he got attacked by a group. When I learnt about that, I rushed to save him but when I arrived he was already dead. I wouldn’t have thought that you would still be alive. You can keep those three leaves.” After that, the person left with Yiyi.

  Xuanyuan and Qian Duo Duo were surprised. The pig-headed emperor put the three leaves away and looked strange.

  “Let’s go. ”
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