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Ye Feng did not really consider the consequences of such a matter.

To him, if he really rolled in bed with Xiao Yue, he would at most take responsibility. With so many women by his side, the only thing he would need to be conflicted about was how to explain it to Long Wan'er and the others.

Ye Feng would never hide this from his woman. After all, his heart was cautious, no matter how hard he tried to hide it, Long Wan'er and Su Menghan would quickly find out.

Moreover, Ye Feng would definitely not have the heart to keep Xiao Yue in the dark.

Both of their bodies were boiling hot, and were ignited upon contact, quickly, Ye Feng had already touched onto Xiao Yue's messy long skirt, with one hand holding onto the plump and round bosom, for a moment, a feeling of electric shock spread throughout Xiao Yue's entire body.

Ye Feng easily took off the red cheongsam and threw it beside the bed.

Separated by the red-laced, sexy BRA, Ye Feng pressed a hand on a pair of snow-white jade rabbits. The size was astonishing, and actually looked even more majestic than the surface!

Ye Feng had eavesdropped on Su Menghan's conversation with the two girls before and knew that the two girls were C's. According to this standard, Lin Shiqing and Shu Shu would have D, while Xiao Yue's would definitely be above E, or maybe even more!

This made Ye Feng praise him in his heart. This Xiao Yue was too generous, she was bigger than any beauty he had ever seen, her personality was fiery hot and cheerful, for example, she was taking the initiative now.

With a light tap of her jade hand, the buttons on the upper half of Ye Feng's black shirt was removed.

Just as she wanted to take another step forward, she seemed to have thought of something and her face suddenly changed.

"Not good, Ye Feng …"

Her originally melodious and sweet voice trembled slightly, as if she had thought of something terrifying.

"What's wrong?"

Ye Feng saw that her expression was ugly and quickly regained his senses, lowering his head and asking.

"I forgot that I came to my aunt's room …"

Xiao Yue said, her beautiful face flushed red.


Ye Feng was stunned. The heck, wasn't this a scam?

… ….

After exiting the hotel, Ye Feng regained his senses after the cold wind blew past him.

When he thought back to when he was in the room earlier, Xiao Yue's icy, small, jade-like hands and her round, smooth, cherry lips helped him quell his burning desire. He couldn't help but feel his heart heat up from the scene of the fire.

It had to be said that Xiao Yue's performance was excellent. In her words, she was extremely talented, and it was also the first time Ye Feng had ever been served by a beauty.

However, after their passion passed, the two of them had no choice but to face the fact that they rolled on the bed without a real gun, causing Xiao Yue to feel some regret.

She really hoped that she could give her entire body to Ye Feng, but unfortunately, she couldn't. She actually wanted Ye Feng to go all out, but Ye Feng didn't want to force the attack.

After leaving Xiao Yue to rest, Ye Feng left the hotel alone.

Originally, Ye Feng was worried that she might be in danger and wanted to stay and accompany her until dawn. However, he was immediately chased away by Xiao Yue. She, who had lived alone in Hu City for so many years, was fine. She had even lived alone in Hu City for so many years, she would have taken care of herself long ago.

She did not wish to burden Ye Feng …

Ye Feng returned to the Qing Feng Garden, and it was already midnight.

The villa was brightly lit, it seemed like the girls had not slept yet. On the other hand, the lights of the villa that Ye Wentian and the south side lived in had already been extinguished. The two of them always slept rather early.

As for Dao Ba and his eight brothers, they were still watching the exhibition, to prevent any accidents during the night. Together with them were Zhao Yibei and Ling Chen, the two Soul cultivators.

After all, if the threat of a high-class organization like the Peck Ong Group was eliminated, no other power would dare to behave so atrociously in the capital of the Hua Country.

In the past few days, had been paying attention to the Southern, Dao Ba, Zhao Yibei and Ling Chen's hard work.

It was Ye Feng who avenged him, taught him martial arts, and even had the chance to personally kill his heartless brother, Nan Feng. Ye Feng was the only big brother he had in this world!

No matter what, he had a reason to stand by Ye Feng's side. No matter what Ye Feng wanted to do, he would fully support him. Under the guidance of old man Ye Wentian, the Ghost Crying Knife Technique of the south had already reached an initial stage. Although it was still unable to unleash the true might of the Ghost Crying Knife Technique, with his innate talent, as long as there was an opportunity, he would be able to comprehend the realm of the Burst Out Internal Breath.

As for Dao Ba and Zhao Yibei, they both had one enemy that they paid attention to, and that was the Tian Dao Temple's Situ Cangdao!

Ten years ago, Situ Cangdao came to the mortal world and killed Dao Ba's wife and sister. If they did not work hard, why would they find Situ Cangdao for revenge?

They wanted to take revenge with their own hands!

And Ling Chen, encountering Ye Feng in the Eastern Ocean was the second turning point of his life. Now that he had become a Soul Cultivator, Elder Li Xuan of Taiji Temple felt hostile towards him.

He had to condense a soul body as soon as possible and personally communicate with Elder Li Xuan, who had saved his life. Tell Li Xuan, what kind of an open and upright gentleman is Ye Feng!

Although Ye Feng did not think of himself as a gentleman, in his heart, he thought so.

Ye Feng stood at the door of the villa and smiled. Once all of these people have matured, even if they were to return to the Cultivation World, they would still possess an extremely great power.

Who said that martial arts are inferior to celestial arts?

In the Cultivation World, the ability of Dragon Claw was something that only those who had cultivated for a hundred years to condense Yang God could utilize. If he combined martial arts with immortal arts, walking up to a completely new sect, Ye Feng's actual combat power would definitely surpass cultivators of the same cultivation level in the Cultivation World.

However, this would require a long process.

When he stepped into the main hall, he realized that there was no one inside, but there were two people busy with something in the kitchen. It was Shu Shu and Zi Jianlan. As for Long Wan'er and Su Menghan, they had already reached the bedroom upstairs and one of them was currently bathing.

"What are you doing?"

Ye Feng curiously looked at the kitchen.

"I'm making you more hot soup."

Zi Jianlan's fresh and elegant voice came out from the kitchen, there was a hint of happiness in her tone, it was obvious that she had just learned the soup from Shu Shu, making her happy.

Ye Feng was moved when he heard it, she was just a gentle and considerate woman. She even gave him some soup for him to drink at such a late hour.

Very quickly, she came out from the kitchen with a hot bowl of chicken soup. As she walked, she pouted her lips and blew at the bowl, seemingly afraid that the soup would be too hot and burn Ye Feng.

He saw her dressed in purple with a pair of small cloth shoes on her feet. Her delicate and exquisite appearance made him want to hold her hand and play with her.

Just as Ye Feng walked out of the hotel to lure her, she immediately returned home to see how fresh and lovely Zi Jianlan was. Her heart was once again set ablaze.
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