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Undefeated God of War Chapter 923 - Predicament

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Chapter 923 - Predicament

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian finally realized where the unique familiarity came from, the Forbidden Hoop!

The Forbidden Hoop was the first technique that aroused Tang Tian's interest after he entered the Honorable Martial Continent. The Forbidden Hoop was Claudia's bodyguard, Hank's, own creation. In the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, although Hank was not very well known, but his own creation, the Forbidden Hoop, was a marvel, which made Tang Tian interested.

It was able to change the density of the space, which created the imprisonment. The low energy level resulted in a marsh like result. With the two effects added together, it became extremely effective in handling the martial artists of the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Tang Tian became even more brazen in creativity when he studied it, thus making it even more advantageous for himself, he was able to form a Forbidden Hoop like area around his entire body, and prevent his own undulations. He used his enlightenment from the Forbidden Hoops to move through the battlefield like a ghost.

With Tang Tian's current strength, there were very few opponents that required him to use the technique. Even the number of people in Temple that had strength surpassing his was countable. His research on the Forbidden Hoop was more on his interest in its creativity, but he had hardly used it. Thus when he studied the Pillars of Punishment, he never placed his thoughts on the Forbidden Hoop.

Furthermore, the power of both parties were of completely different levels, when Tang Tian was sealed inside the Forbidden Hoop, it was rather easy for him.

After he probed the power of the Pillars of Punishment, the terrifying pressure that was released from the sky, made him feel fear. There were already very few powers that could cause Tang Tian to feel fear, and in comparison to it, the Forbidden Hoop might had been a creative technique, but in terms of its quality, it was not much to mention.

It could be said that both were completely different levels of power. But when Tang Tian connected the two, he immediately realized their similarities.

Of course, the Pillars of Punishment were much more complicated that the Forbidden Hoop. In some sense, both had common principles. After "Disassembling" the Forbidden Hoop, Tang Tian had some rewards. For example at the start, he had thought that the seal of the Pillars of Punishment and the sky were formed by the Holy Flames, but from the experience of the Forbidden Hoop, he did not stick to this conclusion.

The seal system formed by Temple had three parts, the Pillars of Punishment, the Holy Flames

flowing in the sky and the Holy Flame floating in the air.

The five hundred odd Pillars of Punishment formed the skeleton of the setup, the foundation. Its most important feature was not the supply of Holy Flame, but the resonance.

Resonance between the Holy Flames.

The five hundred off fiery of pillars that released Holy Flames, produced the same resonance undulation that covered the entire Saint Continent, that was how it was able to form the entire fiery barrier in the sky of Saint Continent.

Tang Tian felt admiration towards the Great Clan Elder, the Saint Continent was an extremely large area, and to completely seal the Saint Continent, the locations of the fiery Pillars were extremely crucial.

Every position of the fiery pillar was chosen after meticulous planning and selection, which meant that Temple had long planned for it.

Such a large scale and cold blooded plan was not initiated on the impulse, but through deep and careful deliberations, and everything that the Great Clan Elder did was linked to it. The Great Clan Elder's cold bloodedness and craftiness was extremely terrifying.

That was also why, since the Great Clan Elder started moving, he held onto the upper hand on the battle.

Due to the undulation formed by the resonance of the fiery pillars, the holy flames that spewed into the sky never dissipated, but flowed along the sky and formed a screen of flames. Forming such a screen was not difficult, in which any considerably strong army could actually achieve it. But to form one that could cover an entire continent, and for it to cover the Saint Continent, an immensely large sized continent, was something Tang Tian had never heard of before.

Even the Holy Flames that filled the air was an important factor of the seal of the continent, and was a killing technique that the Great Clan Elder had placed.

At the start, Tang Tian thought that they were just for the Spirit Generals. After that, he realized that he was still underestimating the Great Clan Elder. All of the Holy Flame were continuously transforming the energy into Radiant Energy, and to the disciples that had trained in their families' martial techniques and inheritances, the amount of energy that they were compatible with would get lesser, which was similar to the Forbidden Hoop's low energy activity.

But he had to admit that the design was invulnerable and completely tight.

No one had to fear a lunatic, but everyone had to fear a cautious lunatic.

In truth, the Families no longer had the opportunity to turn the tables, they never thought that even before they had strategized well,

well, their enemy would had already implemented his long drawn out plan to wipe them out. The immense number of Holy Flames continued to transform the energy in the air into radiant energy. As the amount of energy that they could use got less after time, Sadra and their armies would lose their fighting strength. They would feel like fish that had jumped out of water, feeling choked, and even the ordinary energy barriers that they could usually execute easily would become tedious and difficult.

Inside the Sacred Saint Galaxy where energy was extremely dense, 90% of the people had never experienced an atmosphere with thin energy. The Great Clan Elder's drastic measure had struck at their weakness, causing them to be unable to have a counterreaction.

The less brave people had already started crying, the scene of the Holy Flames burning all over the place had struck their morale.

What the Great Clan Elder had overlooked and would had never expected was Tang Tian and his group.

Tang Tian and his group had brought variables into his complete and cautious plan.

Tang Tian and the rest were equally feeling immense pressure, the longer they dragged, the more disadvantaged they became. If they were not able to successfully "unravel" the secrets of the Holy Flame before the Great Clan Elder produced the Spirit Generals, they would be dead.

Even for Tang Tian, who was not afraid of anything, upon thinking about a group of Spirit Generals being able to absorb all the countless Holy Flame in the air, his scalp turned numb in fear.

~What kind of monster will be born from the millions of lives of Saint Continent?~ Tang Tian was unable to even imagine that!

Tang Tian threw all of these thoughts away, he had encountered a problem. He had roughly clarified about the system used to seal Saint Continent, but he realized that he could not do anything. The Great Clan Elder's system was even more brilliant than the Forbidden Hoop, and the use of the high quantity of Holy Flame was truly too terrifying.

Attainment of a qualitative change through a quantitative change. Anything, upon reaching a number that hits a critical value, would go through a change, furthermore, it was a dangerous and high level technique such as the Holy Flame.

There were many imperfections between the fiery pillars and the fiery screen in the sky, but the sea of Holy Flames was completely perfect.

Tang Tian suddenly realized that all the problems returned to one thing, the Holy Flame!

If they were not trapped within it, Tang Tian would had ran away at the first sign of

sign of the Holy Flame. The Golden Holy Flames were not ordinary, and if it was a one against one battle, no matter how powerful the Holy Flames were, Tang Tian would have no worries while fighting. But the Holy Flames in front were Holy Flames produced by the lives of all that lived in Saint Continent, causing the number of Holy Flames to be as vast as the ocean. No one could fight against so many Holy Flames, it was like a sea, and with just one wave, Tang Tian would be destroyed. And if the Holy Flames were to suddenly explode, the entire Saint Continent would burn to ashes. Its might was something that not even the Sea of Energy could contain, which if that happened, the Sea of Energy would combust, and the uncontrollable explosions would form an unprecedentedly huge energy explosion which could sweep through the entire Honorable Martial Continent. No one would know how many continents would be able to hide from such a massive scale explosion.

Just thinking of that scene would cause everyone to tremble in fear.

Tang Tian took a deep breath, he had started to feel anxious. ~When was the last time that I've gotten so anxious?~ He had long forgotten. But on this day, he was truly feeling the sense of urgency, although he knew that the Great Clan Elder would not incite the explosions of the Holy Flame, but he knew that the sea of Holy Flames was something that even the Great Clan Elder might not be able to control.

~Alright, why am I worrying about all of this, I'm actually worrying for the Great Clan Elder?~

Tang Tian laughed in self ridicule. But the anxiousness in his heart lessened slightly. He began to focus once more, and threw out all the complicated thoughts. ~Holy Flames are just Holy Flames, I've seen many mystical and strange things as well, much more than just Holy Flames.~

After fighting with the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, Tang Tian had specially studied on the Holy Flame. Holy Flames were flames produced by pure radiant energy, and in Temple, learning the Holy Flame became a strict requirement. They were in the Saint Continent, the land of Temple, and the heart of Honorable Martial Continent, where majority of the citizens related to Temple used the Holy Flame. In any other continents, it was impossible for the Holy Flame to be spread to extensively.

The Holy Flame was the symbol for being loyal, and was viewed as the power of the most pure and divine, and thus what revolved around the Holy Flame became tactics, killing techniques, and a whole large system for combat.


system for combat.

~Since Holy Flames are produced from energy, is it still an energy? Or is it a type of Law?~

Tang Tian was in deep thoughts as he sat by the side of the fiery pillar.

The atmosphere in Mace Field Tradings was extremely intense.

The God Armor Army were bitterly holding on to controlling the energy barrier, the pressure on them became bigger and bigger, causing the members to feel fatigue. Seeing that the situation was not going well, Ji Ze gritted his teeth and spoke up: "This is not the way to continue."

"What do you have in mind?" Fu Zheng Zhi was already gasping. His talent was far lacking as compared to JI Ze, and he was much older. At that moment, he felt as if he was already on his last breath. The power of the laws consumed too much from them, causing the blood in his body to stir, and he was on the verge of losing control.

Ji Ze was in a much better condition than Fu Zheng Zhi, he was able to think: "The other energy is getting lesser, but the radiant energy is increasing, are we able to use the radiant energy instead?"

Fu Zheng Zhi was startled, he was stunned by Ji Ze's wild idea.

Upon hearing his words, Qian Hui's eyes lit up: "What do you have in mind?"

Ji Ze threw off all mannerisms and spoke up: "I don't know anything about the Honorable Martial Techniques and their Laws, but it is definitely some kind of Law, will it be related to Light Laws? Xiao Yao, don't you train in Light Laws?"

The member who was called Xiao Yao laughed bitterly: "Boss, I train in Light Laws, but it has no relation to them."

"If you don't try it out, how would you know?" Ji Ze replied without hesitation, at such a time, they could only try things out in desperation and not care too much, they had to do things beyond their ability.

Xiao Yao also knew that they were in a critical juncture, the energy barrier

Without caring for much, Xiao Yao shouted: "Then let me try, but I can't do it alone, get a few more people to help me."

Ji Ze immediately called out: "Bring five men with you!"

Five other members that still had strength walked to Xiao Yao, the fewer head count caused the energy barrier to tremble, and the other members who were supporting the energy barriers felt their entire bodies become heavier as the pressure increased on them.

Everyone's eyes all fixed towards Xiao Yao and his gang.

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