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The Heaven Earth Killing Method was not complete, Chen Xiang had only acquired a small part of it, the rest of the parts were in the Emperor's Tomb.

"The White Sea Sect and the Peach Blossom Sect are the current White Sea Imperial Land and the Peach Blossom Imperial Land! Adding on the fact that the Feng Clan, the Qin family and the ancient factions in the southern regions of this land back then were all powerful, including the eastern, western, northern and central region, they existed since the Primordial Era, and had served the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord before. Especially those surnamed families, their ancestors were generals groomed by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and those sects were formed by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord at that time, but they all betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord later on! "

"What?" betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord? " Chen Xiang was a little shocked. Logically speaking, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was very strong.

Ji Meixian nodded his head: "That's what the historical records say, but at that time, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was not the emperor, and only ruled the land! Back then, the White Sea Imperial Land and other ancient powers not only betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, they also attacked it together! This led to the deaths of all of the loyal subordinates beside Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. Ten Heavens Supreme Lord fought with the ancient powers for a few months, and in the end, got heavily injured and left with an earth-shattering killing intent. "

"He hid for five thousand years and established the Heaven Earth Killing Method. No one knows where he found a group of strong subordinates, and at this time, the ancient powers were extremely powerful, but they were still unable to stop Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's ambition to dominate the world. In the end, when he was defeated, he hid himself."

"Then it was the achievement of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the calming of the chaotic nine heavens and ten earth, bringing peace to this peaceful world. However, it only lasted for twenty thousand years, and then something happened and caused the sky to shatter, turning into a Mortal Realm! "Now that Di Tian has weirdly assembled them together from a new one, the quality of this world is getting higher and higher. No one knows what will happen in the future."

"I have entered the depths of the Rough and Random profound Land. There are many powerful savage beasts there, and most of them are sealed. "Where did these savage beasts come from?" Chen Xiang was extremely suspicious of this matter.

"I don't know, maybe it's the descendants of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's subordinates back then, because Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is a lion, that's why the ancestors of the ancient powers betrayed him. Although this is recorded in the history books, it's still worth suspecting, because the fact that Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is a lion is something that was known by everyone back when they were in the Primordial Era." Ji Meixian was extremely curious about this piece of history.

The reason why the Duan Clan stole the tomb was because they wanted to find some clues from it. He suspected that the Duan Clan's Old Ancestor did not betray the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then.

"You want to go to Emperor's Tomb?" Ji Meixian frowned and asked. Her expression told her everything, she did not want Chen Xiang to enter.

"The Heaven Earth Killing Method that I have obtained is the only part of it, and I can only feel a bit of it. Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's Tomb is an innumerable amount of Lion Mountain, I think that maybe we can speed up our comprehension of the Ground killing from there." Chen Xiang said very seriously.

"According to the rumors, the Heaven Earth Killing Method is the key to entering the Emperor's Tomb, and it could even open the key to the Emperor's Tomb. Even when she was at her peak, she would not casually go in. Now that she had already brought back her undergarment, she did not think about entering Emperor's Tomb.

"Last time, I went in front of those Lion Mountain s with ease. It's just that I didn't discover the mechanism of those Lion Mountain s, otherwise I would have definitely been able to enter deeper in, and maybe even find them." Chen Xiang actually started laughing excitedly.

Ji Meixian clearly remembered that day, it was the most shameful day in her life. Back then, when Chen Xiang invaded her, it caused her soul to awaken, becoming extremely powerful, and forced her to use the Water Escape Technique to enter deep into the Rough and Random profound Land.

"You really entered with ease?" Ji Meixian did not believe it, the White Sea Imperial Land had sent many experts, only a few were able to come out, and all of them were heavily injured.

Ji Meixian just did not want to enter the Emperor's Tomb, because it would be too dangerous. But he really wanted to know what was inside the Emperor's Tomb.

"little maid, you dare not believe me?" Chen Xiang laughed, he felt that those Lion Mountain were the key to let him master the Ground killing, he had to go in and take a look no matter what.

Ji Meixian scoffed once more. She had already seen many of the secrets that Chen Xiang was hiding, but she still felt that Chen Xiang was hiding some shocking power that she did not know about. For example, Chen Xiang's divine way of cultivation, had shocked her greatly.

"Do you want to have a look at the world with Master?" Chen Xiang caressed her smooth and jade-like face and asked with a smile.

Ji Meixian wanted to bite Chen Xiang's hand hard, but she did not, and only turned her head away.

"Whatever. No matter what, I will die no matter what." Ji Meixian said.

Chen Xiang thought about it, but he still decided not to bring Ji Meixian in. Ji Meixian was a hidden chess piece he had placed in the White Sea Imperial Land, and was the key to control the White Sea Imperial Land in the future. He was worried that he might be trapped in there or other reasons that could delay him for a long time.

"You should stay! "Don't worry, there are three beauties in my ring. In my heart, they are much more important than you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Oh yeah... Master, your sister wants to challenge me. Last time, she had almost been defeated by Xue Xianxian. Although she did not use her full strength, Xue Xianxian's strength was still unfathomable, and she did not use her full strength.

"Tell her that it's meaningless for a woman to win against a woman. It would be more interesting if she challenged a man and beat the Son of Heaven. Mn, you can tell her that Xiao Chou, Yun Xiaodao, and the others are all here. It would be best if you tell her their whereabouts. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Master, don't worry, the ancient powers do not dare to touch the people around you. The ancient powers do not dare to touch the people around you, like Yun Xiaodao and the others. Ji Meixian had been paying attention to the movements in the city these days.

"Do your job well. When I come back, I will definitely reward you." Chen Xiang took out his Luotian Gate and teleported to Rough and Random profound Land.

This time, he did not immediately open the spatial gate to Rough and Random profound Land, but chose to travel a distance, otherwise the Luotian Gate would not be able to withstand such a huge spatial energy.

Pill City became much quieter, but the Bloody Thunder Mountain Sea was bustling with activity. The Xue Lei in the Bloody Thunder Mountain Sea seemed to have a spirit, and as more people came in, the Xue Lei seemed to be more concentrated.

The first batch of experts had already entered the ancient forest in the middle of the Bloody Thunder Mountain Sea. Some of them had already sensed the weak spatial fluctuations and confirmed that there was a hidden profound Realm in the middle. As long as they worked together, they would be able to open a door and enter the Super Old Sacred Land!
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