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World Defying Dan God Chapter 782

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Chen Xiang did not leave the Great Devil Mountains. Although the demonic energy inside was very strong, there were many places that were safe and quiet. Right now, Chen Xiang was at a pitch-black mountain corner, refining the energy that was being devoured.

Ever since he started cultivating the Fire god method, he was able to refine the energy that he devoured to its purest state, so it wouldn't affect him in the future at all.

Ancient Spirit Great Land. Outside a tent, a middle-aged man was greedily breathing in the fresh air. Right at this moment, one of his subordinates suddenly walked over, a grave and frightened look on his face.

"Patriarch, Eldest Young Master, he …" When the subordinate said this, he gulped.

Ever since the fusion of all the realms in the Demon World, he had led the Devil Race to rule over the entire Demon World, making it extremely powerful. It was also him who led Mo Yi to scout the various powers, declaring that they would not invade the human world.

Mo Tongtian glared at the subordinate and asked seriously, "What happened to Yi'er? He should be directing the way to deal with the Chen Martial Continent right now. "

"He's dead!" The subordinate took a deep breath and then took out a black cracked rock. "This is Eldest Young Master's Fate Stone, you see …"

When Mo Tongtian saw this, he trembled and his anger soared to the sky. He smashed his subordinate into pieces with a palm. "Men, gather all the Great Elders. We have an emergency meeting!"

"I've spent so much effort to raise Yi'er, and now he's been destroyed!"

Mo Tongtian didn't feel too sad, but he was very angry. It was as if his beloved object had been broken by someone. He only wanted to know who had broken it and then killed that person to vent his anger.

In next to no time, the ten elders had arrived.

"Yi'er will die once he takes his people to the Great Devil Mountains. All of you better hurry to the Great Devil Mountains and find the person who killed Yi'er quickly. The sooner the better, I'll capture him alive!" Mo Tongtian said.

The five elders immediately left the Ancient Spirit Great Land, returned to their Devil Realm Continent, and then used the Transmission array above to teleport to the Devil Realm Continent that was connected to the Chen Martial Continent.

Chen Xiang was still refining the energy that he had devoured. There was a lot of this energy, and even though it was inside the body of a Devil Cultivator, it was exceptionally pure because Mo Yi had a devilish Yang body.

At this moment, he still had a large portion of the energy that he had yet to refine into his own. Moreover, it would still take a period of time before he could completely refine it.

With five of the Ten Great Elders of Devil Race here, it could be seen how angry Mo Tongtian was right now.

After half a day, Long Xueyi used the Heaven tour method to wander around, helping Chen Xiang to keep watch, so Chen Xiang was not worried at all and focused on cultivation.

Long Xueyi suddenly saw a few black robed people and old men with hats on them flying towards Chen Xiang quickly. It was obvious that they knew Chen Xiang was here.

"Little Scoundrel, quickly wake up. There are a few powerful old fellows rushing towards you. They look like they're from the Demon World." Long Xueyi said: "There are five of them, looks like you can only run inside."

Hearing Long Xueyi's words, Chen Xiang immediately opened his eyes and ran deeper into the Great Devil Mountains.

"There is a stone called the Destiny Stone in the Demon World. If a person dies, that stone will shatter as well. It seems that Devil Race already knew of Mo Yi's death." Bai Youyou said: "Mo Yi possesses a devil body, his energy will release a strange aura. If you don't refine it completely, it will be released, and it will be easily sensed by the experts of the Demon Realm."

Chen Xiang unleashed his Heaven tour method, and very quickly, he saw the five old fellows chasing after him. He laughed coldly: "They are the five elders from the Devil Race, and are all the subordinates of Mo Yi's father.

The direction that Chen Xiang was headed towards was towards the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, it was sealed already, but even if it was not sealed, the Magical corruption gas would not leak out of the Great Devil Mountains, because underneath the Demon and Devil Sinkhole, there was a type of power that could control the Magical corruption gas around the Demon and Devil Sinkhole.

Chen Xiang was walking there so that these five elders could break the seal on the Demon and Devil Sinkhole.

The Demon and Devil Sinkhole was a very big pit, but it was enveloped by a transparent Inhibition Formation, causing the Magical corruption gas s below to be unable to charge out. Although this Inhibition Formation was set up by many experts, at that time, they had considered that they could use it against the Demon and Devil Realms, so they only made it simple, and that breaking it was still very easy.

It was not easy to harvest Magical corruption gas s, Bai Youyou's sister had used poison specifically, and she was a strong warrior from the Heavenly Demon Realm, but she had to be careful when dealing with Magical corruption gas. If she was a Devil Cultivator from the Demon Realm, it would be even more difficult, as long as she got close, she could be easily poisoned.

But Chen Xiang was not afraid. His perfect realm Devil-suppressing Golden Body's impenetrable was already enough for him to absorb these Magical corruption gas into his body and keep them inside.

The five elders of the Devil Race s released their divine senses after entering the Great Devil Mountains. Originally, they wanted to search for the people inside, but they didn't expect that they could sense Mo Yi's unique aura, so they chased after him. However, when they were about to approach, the aura seemed to have found them, and actually started moving quickly, causing them to chase closely after.

Mo Yi was already dead, but the devilish Yang Qi that was unique to Mo Yi was still present, causing the five elders to think that their clan leaders might have misunderstood, and guessed that there was a problem with the Life Stone.

When Chen Xiang was running, he had used a Transforming Technique to change into Mo Yi's appearance. Now that he had Mo Yi's aura and Mo Yi's memories, he felt that other than Mo Yi's father, it would not be difficult to fool anyone else.

"Eldest Young Master, it's us!" An elder suddenly shouted.

Chen Xiang already felt that he was going to risk it all, so he immediately stopped and imitated Mo Yi's tone, saying, "So it's the elders, I thought it was the people from the Mortal Realm!"

When the five elders saw that Mo Yi was not dead yet, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief. One of the elders said: "Your Fate Stone has cracked and the patriarch thought that you had died, so he sent us to avenge you. It seems that there was a problem with your Fate Stone."

Chen Xiang's heart moved, and said: "It might be related to the place that I went to just now, I think that it might be a treasure trove that was left behind a hundred thousand years ago, but it has a powerful seal that is difficult to break by myself, it's just right that the elders came!"

"Oh? "Quick, bring us there to take a look." They were extremely confident in Mo Yi, because Mo Yi was raised by them.

Chen Xiang laughed in his heart: I'll bring you guys to your deaths right now!
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