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Immortal beast. As long as they grew up, they would have the same strength as deities, and White Flame Sky Wolfs were very strong?immortal beasts, especially when they reached adulthood, as long as they bought the immortal beast egg and hatched the little wolf inside, then they could have a good assistant.

Furthermore, it could make him his mount and ride on a White Flame Sky Wolf. This was a matter that gave him a lot of face.

"Zilan Immortal Fairy is truly worthy of being a legendary girl. I actually managed to get hold of this kind of immortal beast egg. I've always wanted to follow her in cultivation, but she tactfully rejected me." Du Yanyao sighed.

"She was probably worried that your father would use this as a reason to pester her all day." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I think so, although the Zilan Immortal Fairy does not know how to refine pills, her identity is as noble as the Alchemist's, because she specializes in the cultivation of the soul, she has some kind of secret technique that can help people recover their damaged souls, and also help them cultivate in order to produce some kind of strange power. What's even more amazing is that her soul can leave her body, fly in the sky and flee the earth!"

Hearing Du Yanyao's words, Chen Xiang's heart jumped, wasn't this training the way of the gods? He guessed that this Yan Zilan had a divine soul, which was why she was able to preserve it during the heavenly tribulation and reconstruct its body. She had spent tens of thousands of years exploring this aspect and cultivating the divine way, this was definitely not an easy feat!

Chen Xiang's eyes flickered. It was not easy to find a person who cultivated the divine way, and he also understood the feelings of these people, this kind of feeling would make them feel very lonely, or even scared, because the way they cultivate was different from the others, but they would still possess equally formidable strength.

Of course, Yan Zilan was a very beautiful and charming woman, so she was not worried about that.

"Perhaps I have a way to let you practice with her, but I have to talk to her alone!" Chen Xiang's eyes lit up as he said.

"You really have a way?" Du Yanyao looked at Chen Xiang in disbelief.

"You have to believe me!" Chen Xiang laughed: "But at that time, your father will pester her too tightly, and might cause her to hate you. Also, your mother, she will definitely be jealous!"

Du Yanyao snorted lightly: "That's simple. My father only has admiration for her, as long as I let my mother talk to him a little, he would definitely not dare to pester her again. After chasing Zilan Immortal Fairy for so long, he should give up."

Chen Xiang rubbed his nose and said: "Your mother is really too open-minded. If your father was being so wild outside, and my wife was in Mortal Realm, even I wouldn't dare to act rashly!"

Du Yanyao snorted: "There's nothing we can do about that. My father is powerful, he flaunts the flowers and provokes the grass everywhere, and my mother can't do anything about it. Moreover, this is a common occurrence in famous families.

Chen Xiang reckoned that no more than fifty billion Spar would be enough to buy them, because there were simply too many Spar for these people. With the Sacred Dan Realm being so big, every so often, a large number of Sparite vein would be born.

"If it's in the Heaven Realm, it's better than using immortal stones to replace Spar s. As the environment of the Heaven Realm is different from this place, the things that are nurtured will also be very different. The Sacred Dan Realm is more gentle, and is suitable for nurturing high level spirit medicines and Spar s. Su Meiyao said.

In the end, the White Flame Sky Wolf was bought by Du Yanyao's father for seventy billion. Of course, this wasn't only because of the Zilan Immortal Fairy, it was also because of this price.

Chen Xiang felt that the total assets of a great power in the Mortal Realm was only this amount. Of course, this was only a guess on his part.

"Thank you everyone for your appreciation!" Yan Zilan's smile became even more enchanting, and she said: "What's next is a rock, this is a rock that was once dyed with the blood of an ice dragon. When the Dragon Blood seeped inside the rock, the stone would undergo a change.

The huge egg was moved down, and what came in was an ice block as big as a person. Within the snow-white ice block, some dark red lines could be seen, and the chilling air it emitted made the whole place extremely cold.

"Emperor Dragon Blood Qi!" This is a top-grade Dragon Blood Stone! " Long Xueyi shouted, "It's a pity that you can't afford it!"

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "When I need it in the future, I can let out your blood!"

"Hmph, of course, this dragon's white Dragon Blood is very precious, what ice dragon and fire dragon are all trash in my eyes, even if they are from Imperial Dragon Clan!" Long Xueyi said in a stinky voice.

Chen Xiang's furnace was made from Fire Dragon Stone, and it was even a Holy level Dragon Tool. The Holy level Dragon Tool was an existence that surpassed immortal equipment, it was much better than normal Holy Equipment.

But now, there was actually someone who sold this kind of material for refining Holy level Dragon Artifacts, this caused a few Refiner s to be extremely shocked.

Right now, only a few Refiner were fighting over the Ice Dragon Stone, so the price quickly rose to thirty billion.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that Lin Yushi, the Chaotic Mountain, had also joined the bidding. He, who was not even at the Nirvana Stage in terms of strength, was actually holding so many Spar s, which made many old fellows surprised. When Chen Xiang and Lin Yushi were fighting outside, they relied on these old powerful consciousness to know about what was happening outside like the back of their hand.

Although Ice Dragon Stone s were precious, they still needed to be invested in Kendo to refine the Holy level Dragon Artifact, and its value was also limited. In the end, it cost seventy billion, and Chen Xiang only knew that the person who bought the Ice Dragon Stone was an old lady who was squeezed into the lower levels with the rest.

"According to the convention, the opening third item usually adds to the atmosphere, so this item might cause everyone's Spar to consume a lot of energy!" Yan Zilan swept her gaze across the rooms with her watery eyes: "This thing is the same as the Ice Dragon Stone, it is related to dragons, but this is not a stone, but a spirit medicine called Jade Dragon Flower!"

Hearing the three words "Jade Dragon Flower", the entire audience burst into an uproar, and Du Yanyao also let out a low exclamation.

However, Chen Xiang frowned, because he had never heard of this Jade Dragon Flower before. What made him even more suspicious was that even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had let out an exclamation of surprise: "He's appeared!"

"What is this?" Chen Xiang anxiously asked Su Meiyao.

"The Holy level dragon medicine, nurtured with the Jade Dragon's life essence, has many uses. It can help people obtain strength, help powerful immortals quickly recover from their injuries, and help immortals break through during critical moments. I never thought that idiots would actually sell it!" Su Meiyao gritted his teeth and said: "In the future, the Jade Dragon Flower will be one of the main ingredients to help us refine the pills!"

Chen Xiang was dumbstruck. He now knew that the Jade Dragon Flower was one of the Holy level's medicinal ingredients, and in order to help Su Meiyao and the others recover their strength, he would need to refine a Holy Pellet for them!
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