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World Defying Dan God Chapter 512 – A Fierce Encounter

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Chapter 512 A Fierce Encounter

Qian Liguang was slightly shocked as he heard Chen Xiang’s words. He sighed helplessly in his heart. Seeing Chen Xiang’s imposing manner, he knew that there was a huge difference between Chen Xiang and him! Of course, he didn’t dare to resist Lu Xiong, because he had too many concerns.

However, Chen Xiang had nothing to worry about. At most, he would just leave the Academy. He definitely would not stay here feeling aggrieved just because he wanted to learn a few martial arts.

“What did you mean by that?” Lu Xiong’s eyes revealed an ominous glint as he stood up abruptly. He glared at Chen Xiang and coldly asked.

“I said, even if we talk about a dog, it has nothing to do with you! What are you reacting to so much for? You’re not a dog!” Chen Xiang laughed.

Lu Xiong was enraged. Although he knew that it was him who acted rudely, Chen Xiang’s words were ear-piercing to him, as if he was deliberately challenging Lu Xiong’s prestige. Lu Xiong was still on the Devil Subduing Board, and after staying in the Academy for so long, this was the first time someone had provoked him like this.

The classroom became extremely quiet, because right now, no one else could interrupt.

Chen Xiang stood up and said, “brother Qian, let’s go out for a walk. I feel really uncomfortable being with this guy!”

As he shoot his words, Chen Xiang walked towards the door, but was stopped by Lu Xiong.

Lu Xiong’s expression was sinister as he sternly said, “Chen Xiang, no one has ever dared to oppose me like this. No matter how powerful you are in the Mortal Martial Realm, if you come here, then be honest. This place doesn’t allow you to be so arrogant!”

Chen Xiang coldly laughed, “what makes you say these words to me? Also, I don’t think I’m the one who’s arrogant. From the start, it’s all because of your overbearing attitude!"

“This is my territory. You can refuse to submit to me, but you must respect me!” Lu Xiong stared at Chen Xiang as a surge of True Qi gushed out from his body.

Chen Xiang suddenly laughed out loud. He never thought that he would happen to meet someone with such a strong desire of power in the Demon Subduing Academy.

Lu Xiong was afraid that Chen Xiang would affect his position in the college, in which he was the top one among over a hundred people and was respected by them. This satisfied his vanity, so no matter who came here, they must be respectful to him, otherwise they would be isolated and hated!

“What are you laughing at?” Lu Xiong clenched his fist tightly, letting out a crisp sound.

“You make me feel like I’ve stepped into a dog’s territory, while the dog is barking and afraid that others will snatch shit from it!” Chen Xiang laughed out loud.

This was indeed very funny, but no one dared to laugh. Lu Xiong was so enraged by Chen Xiang that his face turned red.

“I am going to kill you!” Lu Xiong roared and ferociously punched at Chen Xiang’s head. At the same time, a thunderous explosion rang out. It was precisely the Demon Subduing Force.

As a crisp sound rang out. Chen Xiang immediately felt the terrifying fist power shooting towards his chest like an arrow, as if it was going to pierce through his heart.

Lu Xiong was in the late stage of Spiritual Martial Realm, while Chen Xiang was only in the early stage. So Lu Xiong was two levels higher than Chen Xiang in cultivation, and his True Qi was also extremely thick, as well as the Demon Subduing Force he released that carried a mana like that of the Demon Suppression Qi.

The other party was so powerful that Chen Xiang couldn’t help but dodge to the side in a hurry. This made people sigh in admiration, but the Demon Subduing Force hit a table and turned it into dust.

The power was of the Demon Subduing Force indeed very strong, and those who had not learned it were filled with envy.

Lu Xiong did not expect that Chen Xiang could dodge his attack so easily. No matter what, he had to give Chen Xiang a painful lesson. It wasn’t the first time he was punished by the Demon Subduing Academy for bullying others, but he knew that he was on the Demon Subduing Board, so the punishment he received wouldn’t be too heavy. However, Chen Xiang would be seriously injured because of his attack.

After Chen Xiang dodged to the side, he put his five fingers together and released flames. Then he suddenly opened them, like an eagle’s talon, while the hot gas around his body raised up and poured into the fire claw. He suddenly covered it like a falcon swooping down from the sky to scratch its prey.

This was the Vermillion Bird Claw, a martial skill that carried a terrifying attacking power. It carried a blazing flame and a powerful force that could break the Vajra Body!

That attack was accompanied by the Heaven and Earth Fire, as well True Qi that burst forth and heat surged in all directions. The ground trembled slightly, and with a dense killing intent and the might of lightning, it clawed over like a hot knife cutting through bamboo.

No one expected that Chen Xiang would be able to take such a fatal attack. When Lu Xiong attacked Chen Xiang, he thought that Chen Xiang would be intimidated by his Demon Fighting Power. However, he didn’t know that Chen Xiang had been waiting for an opportunity to attack him.

Lu Xiong was unable to dodge when the claw reached him, because Chen Xiang was too close to him, causing his upper body to be enveloped by the huge fire claw.

Chen Xiang hit on Lu Xiong in one go, then a formidable fire bursted out and exploded waves of heat that made people sweat. However, Chen Xiang did not end his attack. Instead, he became even fiercer, and both of his palms suddenly struck out with a force that was like a hot knife cutting through bamboo. The air was shaken until it let out a crackling sound, and his palm was like a trillion-pound hammer, fiercely smashing against the burning Lu Xiong.

The Heaven Shaking Palm!

Chen Xiang’ attack consisted of not only two strikes, but hundreds of them, and all of those happened in an instant!

Countless palm shadows fiercely smashed into Lu Xiong’s body, causing the ground to violently shake, and breaking Lu Xiong’s protective True Qi barrier. The vibrating power was like ten thousand horses galloping and rushing into Lu Xiong’s body, breaking his meridians inch by inch!

Lu Xiong gave a pitiful cry. His black robe was shattered into pieces, and his body was sent flying and crashed to the wall.

Chen Xiang used the Vermillion Bird Claw and hundreds of palms in just a short moment, but Lu Xiong was severely injured, which showed how heavy Chen Xiang’s attacks were.

“Hmph, you actually dare to claim supremacy here with just this little bit of skill! Are people on the Demon Subduing Board that bad?” Chen Xiang snorted. Lu Xiong wasn’t prepared because he didn’t expect Chen Xiang to have the guts to attack him so heavily, and even attacked him one after another.

Lying on the ground, Lu Xiong was so injured that he was unable to speak.

“I was wondering who it was. It’s Chen Xiang again!” A cold and sinister voice sounded.

Chen Xiang was extremely raged as he heard the voice. He would never forget that; it was the voice of Liao Shaoyun from the True Martial Sect. He would never forget that scene that Liao Shaoyun stepped on his head, robbed his Life Taking Demon Crossbow, and how he insulted him!

The scene of Liao Shaoyun trampling on his dignity was as if it happened yesterday. He was furious to the extreme. He always wanted to kill this number one expert of the True Martial Sect to wash away his shame!

However, Chen Xiang knew that he still had to endure because his strength was far inferior to that of Liao Shaoyun. However, he was convinced that as long as he had the time, he could definitely trample on this person who hurt his dignity!
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