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World Defying Dan God Chapter 482 – A Land with Ice and Snow

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Chapter 482 A Land with Ice and Snow

Chen Xiang greedily sucked the fragrant saliva in Liu Menger’s mouth and and intertwined with her soft tongue. One of his hands un-obediently moved onto Liu Menger’s breast and gently kneed the round the firm “white rabbit” through her thin white clothes.

Liu Menger felt her sensitive part being pinched by Chen Xiang, which made her tremble. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang’s other hand was hugging her tightly, preventing her from escaping.

At first, Liu Menger struggled a little bit, but when she thought about how her relationship with Chen Xiang had already developed to this point, not to mention that Chen Xiang had seen her pair of beautiful “rabbits” before, she knew that Chen Xiang was enchanted by her proud prided breasts.

She sighed in her heart and continued kissing Chen Xiang. At the same time, she let out an extremely weak moan.

This made Chen Xiang unable to control himself. Some part of his body had grown up, and his hand was unrestrainedly kneading the huge, soft “rabbits” and kneaded it into various shapes. Occasionally, he would even knead that small tits. The wonderful feeling made him satisfied inside. He would like to keep knead those tits for a life time.

Liu Menger felt that Chen Xiang’s body was getting hotter and hotter, and his force became increasingly larger. She knew that Chen Xiang was highly turned on at the moment, while she was worried that they would go overboard if they continued. She was not ready for that kind of things yet.

“Rascal, it hurts!” Liu Menger let out a soft snort and lightly patted Chen Xiang’s naughty hand.

Although Chen Xiang touched her body through her clothes, Liu Menger still felt very shy. She lowered her head, with her face suffusing with an intoxicating red glow. She lightly said, “Hmph, I allowed you to touch me while you made me feel so much pain. You really don’t know how to cherish a girl!”

Chen Xiang held Liu Menger in his arms and took a few deep breaths, He suppressed the evil fire in his mind. He also knew that they shouldn’t go overboard, and he wanted Liu Menger to follow him properly and not secretly give him her body. He felt that it would let her down.

“Sister Menger, I’m sorry! I can’t control it for the time being.” Chen Xiang laughed as he apologized.

“You must have had enough.” Liu Menger snorted lightly as she laid in Chen Xiang’s embrace, feeling the strong manly aura from his body.

“Not really.” Chen Xiang answered in honesty. He felt that it would never be enough for him to stroke her body.

Liu Menger pinched Chen Xiang’s pectorals with force. “You little rascal, you really make me to worry about you. It’s great now, since you’ve offended the Fire God Shrine!”

Chen Xiang stroked Liu Menger’s beautiful hair as he asked, “Did Gu Dongchen ask you back to tell him about the Fire God Shrine?”

Liu Menger nodded. “He summoned all the powerful magnets in the Chenwu Continent to discussed whether they should ally with the Fire God Shrine, but nothing came of it. In the end, we even made a trip to the King’s Continent. The Fire God Shrine is there at present."

“The Fire God Shrine invited us to go there. They shew their strength, and they are indeed very strong, especially those apprentices.”

Chen Xiang said, “The Fire God Shrine definitely has no good intentions. Right now, they are trying to rope people here in! It won’t take a long time before many people join them.”

“They still don’t know that I have a Fire Soul. They used divine sensor to probe me as they saw me for the first time, but they didn’t notice it! They are really looking for someone with Fire Souls. I wonder what the consequences will be if they find out!” Liu Menger was worried because her parents had told her to be careful of the Fire God Shrine.

“Just keep hiding.” Chen Xiang patted her back and said, “You don’t need to worry about me. If I want to hide, no one will be able to find me!”

There were too many places that Chen Xiang could hide and no one would dare to go even if they knew where he was hiding. Of course, it did not feel good at all to hide. If he had enough strength he could kill anyone who wanted to take his life!

Liu Menger kissed Chen Xiang’s lips and stroked his handsome face. She softly said, “Even though you’re a little rascal, I still don’t want to lose you!”

Chen Xiang suddenly pinched the “pink lotus” on her breast and said with a naughty smile, “With a beautiful girl like you, I must not die!”

Liu Menger let out a groan and slapped away Chen Xiang’s bad hand, ”let’s find the White Tiger Divine Weapon first. Now, take out your two Divine Weapons."

Chen Xiang nodded his head and called out the Azure Dragon Subduing Devil Saber. The august golden Black Tortoise Armament Armor also appeared on his body, making him appear to be extremely domineering and handsome and causing Liu Menger to be dumbfounded as her beautiful eyes flashed with splendor. The last time she felt complicated emotions on Chen Xiang was as he put on the Black Tortoise Armament Armor. Now she realized that she fell in love to him at that time.

Liu Menger laughed lightly, “little rascal, you really looks like a man when you wear this armor.” As she spoke, the Vermilion Bird String appeared in her hand, and the countless strands melded together and turned into a fluttering ribbon.

As the three Divine Weapons approached, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger immediately sensed that there was something summoning them from a direction, and that was location of White Tiger Divine Weapon.

After finding out the direction, they were all very happy. They put away their Divine Weapons and advanced towards that direction.

“Flying in the sky is too eye-catching. This White Tiger Profound Realm is definitely not so simple. Right now, both you and I are being closely watched by the Fire God Shrine, so we better walk on land.” Liu Menger said.

“Sister Menger, can you teach me your Frost Wind Divine Exercise?” Chen Xiang asked, because Bai Youyou was very suitable to learn this divine exercise, and she was really eager to get it.

“Of course!” Liu Menger responded. Chen Xiang and Bai Youyou were both surprised that Liu Menger could agree so readily.

Both Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were very joyful. Su Meiyao knew that Bai You would become even stronger after learning this divine exercise. Originally, she thought that Bai Youyou must dissolute her Ruthless Devil Exercise, but out of everyone’s expectation that Chen Xiang opened up the knot in her heart, then all her emotions and desires came back to her. However, she could not continue cultivating the Ruthless Devil Exercise and could only use other powerful martial arts to make up for it.

“Remember this well. I’ll tell you the chant. It’s not much, but it’s very profound. It’s impossible to understand it without several thousand years of cultivation.” Liu Menger did not ask why Chen Xiang wanted to learn it, but she trusted Chen Xiang very much, not to mention that the Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise that Chen Xiang taught her was also very powerful and helped her a lot.

Following that, Liu Menger began to teach Chen Xiang the chant, while Chen Xiang also carefully memorized it. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou could both hear it. They could only remember it after hearing it only once.

There were not many words in the chant and Liu Menger taught all of it within five days. For a divine technique, this was very rare. And during the process of memorizing the chant, there were many things that Chen Xiang didn’t understand.

The Frost Wind Divine Exercise was not suitable for him to cultivate, so he did not need to understand it. He knew that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou could definitely understand it.

Chen Xiang and Liu Menger walked very slow. They speeded up their pace only after Chen Xiang learnt the Frost Wind Divine Exercise. After crossing a high mountain, they saw endless snow mountains in front of them. Those mountain were covered in white snow and filled with freezing cold, and the cold wind would blow over accompanied by a wave of cold killing intent!

Suddenly, Bai Zhenzhen, who was in Chen Xiang’s Xuan Beast Bag, let out a roar, “Master, I feel that this place is very amicable. I feel like I have a companion here!”

The companion of a White Tiger was, of course, another White Tiger. Could it be that a White Tiger Tribe resided within the White Tiger Profound Realm? ~
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