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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3796

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“I am relieved if you are fine. I will go to Creation Medicine God State now to see if I can reinforce Creation Medicine God State.” Shen Xiang has many friends in Creation Medicine God State, Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng in Creation. Medicine God State is a strong presence.

Shen Xiang leaves Medicine God Villa and goes to Creation Medicine God State!

He turned into the air, and it was difficult for most people to sense him.

After flying for a long time, he suddenly noticed a group of people wearing beast skin. Their skin was slightly black, and the body’s beast skin was stained with blood. The black blade was in the hand and rushed forward.

Shen Xiang looked ahead and found a large group of people riding giants!

“This group is the underground?” Shen Xiang immediately caught up.

The people who rode the giant elephants saw the underground people chasing them, and they all abandoned the giant elephants and flew up. They were all fleeing people. After being chased by the underground people, they all fled.

There are not too many underground people. There are only more than 30 people in total, and there are hundreds of people riding giant elephants. They are also in groups to concentrate strength.

“It’s the elite team of the underground people. We are not opponents at all. We can’t beat them.” An old man shouted: “Hurry!”

The speed of the underground people running is also very fast, just a few in the blink of an eye rushed into the crowds far beyond the hundred miles, is about to kill the special kill, Shen Xiang suddenly released a pressure to form an invisible giant palm beat down.


The huge palm pressure is pressed against the underground man, leaving a huge palm print on the ground!

“Someone is above!” The head of the underground man looked at the above yelled: “The first person to kill the air!”

Shen Xiang was secretly scared. He had more than a dozen underground people pressed by his palms, unexpectedly one did not hurt, and they were now a little bit free of this pressure giant palm.

“You don’t want to escape!” Shen Xiang borrowed two strengths of the clone, plus the Legend dragon fire, and made a huge palm.

This time the palm of the hand burned with fire, accompanied by super pressure, hōng lóng lóng pressed down, the space was torn apart.

After the dozens of crushed underground people were slammed by the giant palm, the body turned into a spark, and all of them were killed in a flash!

The people who are escaping, seeing this scene, the heart is shocked!

In their eyes, the very powerful underground elite team is destroyed in the blink of an eye!

Shen Xiang has shown the body, suspended in the air, offering Divine Mirror of Six Paths, heading for the head that is flying up.

Divine Mirror of Six Paths slammed into the past, the head was disdainful, and the black long knife in the fight slashed, knowing that his long knife had touched the Divine Mirror of Six Paths and instantly collapsed, and his The body was also split in half by the swirling Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

After the leader was killed, the other underground people were stunned! The strength of the leader is very strong, but it is instantly killed, and their strength must not be dealt with!

“Withdraw!” An underground man is shouted.

Shen Xiang didn’t give them a chance to control the Divine Mirror of Six Paths. As long as it was hit by the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, the body was broken in half.

The underground elite team was all killed by Shen Xiang, and those who fled also stopped and went back to hold the giant elephants.

Shen Xiang just picked up some black weapons and then continued on his way to Creation Medicine God State.

“These weapons are all dao creation saint crystal! It is stronger than dao creation saint crystal. If the weapon is made of ordinary materials, it is completely vulnerable in the face of this weapon.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Even with dao creation saint crystal Refining can’t stop it and it will be destroyed.”

“It seems that they have a lot of such weapons! No wonder the humans on Ancient Era are facing this kind of slaughter, and it is difficult to resist.” Shen Xiang said.

“Go to Creation Medicine God State first! Most of the humans in Ancient Era are extremely weak, and thousands of people can’t beat an underground person,” says Xiao Xianglin.

This kind of underground people are all over the Ancient Era. Their killings caused a very terrifying natural disaster in Hell, and they knew how many people died!

Those who are still alive today have a certain strength, or a strong city has not been broken.

Shen Xiang came outside the barrier of Creation Medicine God State. He found himself unexpectedly unable to enter the barrier. If it was before, he could easily enter it!

“The barrier is reinforced!” Xiao Xianglin came out and looked at it, surprisedly said: “The technique is very clever. This kind of barrier is very expensive. It’s probably a little hard for the nine Divine Tree, but they still arrange this barrier, there should be Other sources of energy.”

“Can you solve?” Shen Xiang asked.

“No!” Xiao Xianglin shook her head. “You and I are not strong enough now… this barrier is obviously to prevent people who practice World Defying God Source.”

“If we all cultivate World Defying God Source, then there is nothing wrong with it.”

Shen Xiang has come outside Creation Medicine God State but can’t get in, which makes him very anxious!

“Is there no way?” Shen Xiang couldn’t continue to be here in the Creation Medicine God State.

“Right!” Shen Xiang took out a stone that allowed him to contact Chu Jinfeng.

When Chu Jinfeng was rescued by him, he followed Zuo Xingfeng to learn Dan.

The stone is shining, meaning that Chu Jinfeng is nearby.

Shen Xiang landed on the ground and waited patiently for Chu Jinfeng.

After a long time, Shen Xiang saw Chu Jinfeng.

“Big Brother Chu !” Shen Xiang hastily shouted, Chu Jinfeng told him before, don’t call the Association Master again, and there is no Tai Yuan Pill Association in the future.

Chu Jinfeng and Shen Xiang are more than a hundred feet apart, which is separated by multiple barrier formations, so he can’t get close.

“Shen Xiang, you hurry, it’s dangerous!” Chu Jinfeng came to hastily shouted as soon as he arrived.

“What happened? I want to enter Creation Medicine God State!” Shen Xiang saw Chu Jinfeng’s face and realized that it was wrong. Creation Medicine God State must have changed.

“The traitor in Creation Medicine God State has been removed, but there are some guys. Now both Old Zuo and Old Yu are retreating World Defying God Source, so the entire Creation Medicine God State is controlled by the guys. Chu Jinfeng sighed: “If you want to get in and out of Creation Medicine God State, you have to pass them.”

“What are some guys? Is it Origin Creation God Territory?” Shen Xiang hastily asked.

“No, it’s Creation Crystal Clan!” Chu Jinfeng said: “The dao crystal mothers, the Master’s constraints on them have been eliminated, they have mastered a lot of dao creation saint crystal, and then come to Creation Medicine God State !”

“At the beginning, Old Zuo and Old Yu didn’t know their intentions and signed a contract with them.” Chu Jinfeng said: “Although they have not made any adverse things about Creation Medicine God State, I think they have very Big problems, especially for entering and leaving Creation Medicine God State.”

“Creation Crystal Clan!” Shen Xiang frowned, he only walked away, unexpectedly, so many things happened.

“You know about Creation Crystal Clan?” asked Chu Jinfeng.
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