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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3789

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Pill Devil in the hot sun is in a bad mood, and he was the happiest one before. Now his hot sun stove has been destroyed. It is a great loss to him. Maybe he will only win the final victory. Smile.

The scorching furnace was destroyed by the Hell Magic Dan refining by Shen Xiang. Although this is not Shen Xiang’s fault, Lie Pill Devil will definitely hate Shen Xiang.

The specific content of the second round of the test has not yet been explained, which makes Shen Xiang somewhat worried that Pill Devil will target him again.

“Fortunately, there are three other Pill Devils here. Even if this guy is going to target me, I need to worry about the other three Pill Devils. It will definitely not be too outrageous.” Shen Xiang closed his eyes and resumed the consumption. .

The rest time soon passed, and Shen Xiang returned to its peak.

“The second round of the test is about to begin. I will now talk about the specific rules and contents.” Lily Pill Devil’s expressionless gestures made people carry a large basket of red fruits.

Shen Xiang can see at a glance that these fruits are all fire attributes, they are also very big, big as big watermelons, and have a burning arrogance on the surface.

“This is the Divine Fruit, which is mainly used for the cultivation of magic fires. It is a medium herbs. There are a total of twenty one Divine Fruits in the basket.”

Shen Xiang They all looked at the basket.

“The content of the test is to see who is refining faster and more. Each time, each person can only take two Divine Fruits, and after finishing the two, they can continue to take them.” Lie Pill Devil said: “If it is a total If you fail twice, you will lose.”

This is mainly due to the speed of the refining system, and certainly does not have much requirements for quality.

“So when you are refining, you have to be careful. If you fail, you will lose one in the final accounting.” Lie Pill Devil said again: “The final decision is to watch Divine. The number of Pill, whoever wins!”

Huang Tian Pill Devil frowned. “It takes about three days to refine a Divine Pill. If you want to refine it, you should be fine for two days.”

“Yes, there are a total of twenty-one fruits here. We are five people. If the speed is similar, each person can at least produce four grains. In the end, one more fruit will be produced. The fastest one will get the last one. Fruit… This is the ideal situation, if it fails, it is hard to say.” Lie Pill Devil said.

“What’s the problem?” asked Lie Pill Devil.

“Is there a requirement for quality?” Shen Xiang did not say, Lie Pill Devil may not be so angry, because his former hot pot was blown up to test the quality.

Lie Pill Devil suddenly came to the air.

“Of course there are quality requirements. If it is inferior quality, it is not Dan!” Lie Pill Devil coldly said.

“The quality of Divine Pill is very good, and it doesn’t need to be tested as before.” Huang Tian Pill Devil haha ​​said with a smile.

Pill Devil coldly snorted: “If there is no problem, let’s get started!”

“Wait.” Pill Devil suddenly shouted: “How about the specific requirements of quality? You have to say a quasi!”

“Yeah, you can say it right now.” Tianzhu Pill Devil echoed.

This is the final decision, so they are very concerned, they must be asked to avoid the scoring of Pill Devil.

“You all have the instruments to be tested. If the quality reaches 60, it will be qualified,” said Lily Pill Devil.

“Well, it’s okay now, you can start.” Smoke charm Pill Devil nodded.

Shen Xiang stares at the Divine Fruit. The comparison is mainly about the speed of refining. Divine Fruit can only be refined in two days. This should not be too difficult to refine, at least better than before. The Hell Magic Dan is well refining.

“The difficulty of refining is still there.” Sister Pill Devil looked at the screaming Shen Xiang, said with a sneer: “You are slowing down when you refine the first stove. If it fails, you basically lose.” “”

“Shen Xiang, Divine Fruit, once it encounters the flame, it will violently spray a strong magic fire. This is something you need to pay attention to.” Huang Tian Pill Devil said: “There is a magical Divine Fruit with a kernel. This kernel contains the strongest energy, and the refining needs to ensure the stability of the kernel.”

“If the kernel is unstable, it will produce a strange change, all the energy will be sucked into the kernel, and then the kernel will become ashes, and nothing will be there.”

“It doesn’t matter if you point him again. It has to wait until he goes to refining!” Lie Pill Devil said with a sneer, he thinks Shen Xiang’s progress will not be so smooth: “Start now!”

At the beginning, everyone went up and took two Divine Fruits.

As before, Shen Xiang handed one of them to He Fengyuan and let her know. He didn’t start refining immediately, and he had failed in the first furnace because he didn’t know enough about herbs.

Huang Tian Pill Devil Although he told him something about Divine Fruit, he still needs to know more.

He Fengyuan entered the time formation plate and it came out very quickly.

“It’s almost the same as Huang Tian Pill Devil… but one thing to note is that the flame of Divine Fruit is a magic fire, a very evil flame that will not conflict with your flame. This is something you need to pay attention to. He Fengyuan said: “There is the kernel, it must be handled well, otherwise it will easily fail.”

Shen Xiang was a little slower than everyone else, but he finally started.

Other Pill Devils have a pill furnace. Only if he doesn’t, the refining method will definitely be exposed, but he doesn’t worry too much. He can see his alchemy process. At most, he can only get the inspiration. To master the essence of his Dan technique. It’s not that easy.

“I will use the Legend dragon fire to burn it directly. This should be no problem!” Shen Xiang finally decided to use the strongest Legend dragon fire, and his control of the evil flame is not enough.

Although the Legend Dragon Fire is red, it emits a red, glittering light glow, making the entire Illusionary Brilliant Furnace shrouded in a faint red mist that can be seen inside the pill furnace.

Illusionary Brilliant Furnace is hard to see at the heart of Divine Fruit, because it is the most concentrated area of ​​the flame, and the Divine Fruit itself will spurt out the flames, causing it to be like a bloody little sun .

On the entire Pill Devil stage, the most eye-catching is Shen Xiang, because he used Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to refine, anyone can see the inside of the pill furnace, and the released light glow is also very good.

The other four Pill Devils are closest to Shen Xiang, the transparent Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, and they are so clear that they can watch a good Dan God’s refining method, which is a good thing for them.

After more than three hours, Illusionary Brilliant Furnace’s shining light gradually dimmed down.

“Core devour!” Pill Devil shouted.

“It’s only three hours… I think it’s too fast, it’s really bad.” Pill Devil said with a smile.
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