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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3590: Uncle Shi

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Shen Xiang does not understand that the meaning of this middle-aged man, he has not to walk first.
„Does Senior, have what instruction?” Asking of Shen Xiang politeness, eight ancestor contract charts arrange some expert to protect anything, only then eight Primogenitor of Dao Creation get together, can make these protectors listen to the order, otherwise they will execute summarily.
„I very long had not spoken with the person.” The middle-aged man heaved a deep sigh, sighed in the sound full is great changes, how long obviously he sat on this rubble stone, was quick and stone fuses.
„Before, so long as enters this inside person, has not seen me, will die mostly, was killed by outside killing formation, but your this way comes, is first time, killing formation has not induced.” The middle-aged man said: „brat, do you name?”
„Shen Xiang! Senior?”
„Said you did not know, called my Uncle Shi.”
„Uncle Shi...... I know that eight ancestor contract charts matters, I outside saw eight ancestor contract charts, the main body to run before by far, then made this illusory body come.” Shen Xiang said.
„You do right, if not run far, will unable to receive the enticement, so long as comes, does not have enough formidable strength, ten have ** will die.” Uncle Shi said.
Shen Xiang also knows that has the places of eight ancestor contract charts, awfully, Yan Jiu said in these places to hide any thing, curious he, naturally must ask this Uncle Shi well.
„Uncle Shi, I heard that has the places of eight ancestor contract charts, inside is hiding many things, you protect this place?” Shen Xiang asked.
„Naturally is, I here many years, eight ancestor contract charts have made me to protect here.” Uncle Shi said that the facial expression is full of the recollection: „Thing that I protect, you know that is what?”
„Does not know that is very definitely fierce.” Shen Xiang looks at these grotesque stones.
„I want to tell you actually, actually cannot withstand the enticement to run you.” Uncle Shi happily said with a smile: „Therefore considers as finished.”
„Uncle Shi, my strength in meditation is very good . Moreover the present range your here is so far, I can definitely unable to withstand the enticement, moreover I have very important matter to do in this, I treasure to my poor life tightly.” Shen Xiang said with a smile hastily.
„Good! You should hear Legendary Spell! Be honest with you, in this inside hundred thousand block giant stone, in including hundred is Legendary Spell.” Uncle Shi said.
Unexpectedly has hundred Legendary Spell! In the Shen Xiang heart shocks incomparably, Legendary Spell unexpectedly will have these many, be more than Dao Creation Spell.
„Two hundred Supreme Spell, this is the thing that many people want.” Uncle Shi said.
„So, I now somewhat am truly excited, but I with caring about own poor life.” Shen Xiang very helpless sighing, this is a buried treasure, but can actually want the life of person.

„You, even if can through killing formation, but has affirmed my this pass/test, if you can pass my this pass/test, you definitely cannot have a liking for here thing.” Uncle Shi said with a smile: „Young people, you said that what important matter you have here, can say with me? I am really bored, could offer advice to you.”
„I know an incantation beast, and she does obeisance my Master for the master, becomes my Junior Sister, but she cannot leave Dao Creation Ancient Land! In Dao Creation Ancient Land, seven sect, I want to go to that seven sect to ask them, has any means to help my Junior Sister leave Dao Creation Ancient Land.” Shen Xiang told the facts.
„brat, you must remember Uncle Shi's words, do not look for that seven sect! If you told them your Junior Sister are the incantation beast, you definitely immediately caught you, and robbed your Junior Sister, your Junior Sister will kill, takes her crystal core to eat.” Uncle Shi voice ice-cold, he as if hates that seven sect.
Shen Xiang has remembered Yan Jiu, before Yan Jiu, was chased down by Flame Mountain Sect, if not for he gets rid to rescue, already died.
„Uncle Shi, this place is called seven mountain spirit islands...... Was past seven Primogenitor of Dao Creation constructs, that seven should Primogenitor of Dao Creation now in that seven sect? sect that they govern, so is why bad?” Shen Xiang fierce thought that Primogenitor of Dao Creation of seven mountain various factions have the strangeness.
„This matter is a long story...... Also, seven mountain spirit islands are not seven Primogenitor of Dao Creation construct, but is eight! Otherwise eight ancestor contract charts not here.” Uncle Shi said: „This place should be called Dao Creation God Island, constructs with Dao Creation God Lord Dao Creation God Mountain.”
„Dao Creation God Lord? Isn't Evil Ancestor?” Shen Xiang hastily shouted.
„What? Dao Creation Evil Ancestor? Legend is what kind, said with me!” Uncle Shi also hastily shouted.
Shen Xiang said the Dao Creation Evil Ancestor matter immediately.
„Fart! Dao Creation Evil Ancestor already died, moreover by that seven sect Primogenitor of Dao Creation killing...... You know that these seven fellows is a pity Dao Creation Evil Ancestor that strength, therefore their devour Dao Creation Evil Ancestor strength, then made a false counter-accusation by Dao Creation Evil Ancestor strength together, finally turns into half evilly, at that time Dao Creation God Lord does not know that this matter, constructs this Dao Creation God Island with them with joint forces, after which knows constructs, they with Dao Creation God Lord eruption fight.”
„They have the strength to kill Dao Creation God Lord, but has not actually killed, once because kills Dao Creation God Lord, here has the buried treasures of eight ancestor contract chart seals, they are unable to obtain, therefore they, only then gets up the Dao Creation God Lord seal.”
The Shen Xiang hear these secrets, think very inconceivable, what he has thought in big barrier to break the seal is unpardonably wicked Dao Creation Evil Ancestor, has not thought that unexpectedly is in Primogenitor of Dao Creation is best!
This is that seven first ancestors wipes Dao Creation God Lord very much obviously intentionally, he thought that before seven mountain various factions do not suit! Although Dao Creation Mountain was destroyed completely, but that Dao Creation Iceberg is they extinguishes, then implicates falsely to Dao Creation God Lord, making everybody hate Dao Creation God Lord, this is Yan Jiu tells Shen Xiang's.
„I understood now, no wonder Luo Jiuyang and Gu Tong will follow Dao Creation God Lord, so that's how it is!” The Shen Xiang innermost feelings secretly rejoice, after Qin Shuang their Luo Jiuyang, will be definitely safe.
„However now outside all people think that is Dao Creation Evil Ancestor.” Shen Xiang sighed: „These seven first ancestors were really too hateful, if I want the means to pass on this matter, no matter there is a person to believe.”
„This Dao Creation God Island large formation, even if Dao Creation God Lord I, is hard to break! This turned into that seven -and-a-half evil first ancestor the world of control, but here seal massive treasure, they will definitely be finding the way to obtain little.” Uncle Shi said.
„Why here meeting seal that many resources?” Shen Xiang asked.
„After initially was mainly was worried about Dao Creation Evil Ancestor dead , will erupt the massive evil strength, then Dao Creation God Lord sealed the large amounts of resources here, if had such matter, he also facilitated to extinguish a reconstruction.” Uncle Shi said.
Dao Creation Evil Ancestor already died, moreover by seven first ancestor devour that evil strength! Seven first ancestors also get up the Dao Creation God Lord seal, then fabricated a rumor Dao Creation God Lord was that unpardonably wicked Evil Ancestor, because of initially nobody, therefore everybody did not know these matters, therefore they want to say that anything said anything.
Gradually, turns into Legend, struck root in the hearts of the people!
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