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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3524

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Lightning A raging dragon, strength from the raging dragon mouth, the wind and the wind rushing out, just at the moment of the sparkle, Shen Xiang’s Nine Firmaments Divine Sword suddenly turned into a mirror, directly in front of the dragon!

Shen Xiang is not far from the Imperial Dragon Palace. His Divine Mirror of Six Paths is almost photographed. He can also feel the dragon head being photographed by him.

The fate is that the powerful dragon force terrifying the Dragon Force, which was condensed by the raging dragon, was bounced back by the mirror of Divine Mirror of Six Paths!

A burst of eruption, everyone did not see Shen Xiang being penetrated by lightning, but the dragon was suddenly broken, and the power of a raging raging dragon penetrated the body of the Imperial Dragon Palace.

There is a huge hole in the front and back of the Imperial Dragon Palace. On the day of his death, True Dragon, it was bombed with dragon scales. The most deadly is the Divine sea of ​​the Imperial Dragon Palace. The strength of the congested It was also beaten back to Divine sea!

The Imperial Dragon Palace did not have time to scream and shouted. He was instantly wiped out. He was pierced by a hole in the body, squatting on the ground, squinting and dying.

Everyone swallowed saliva and said, thrilled dumbstruck!

The Imperial Dragon Palace was actually dead, and it was still so dead. Before the death, even the screaming did not have time to scream, so it was killed.

The elders and elders of the Imperial Dragon Palace have already been red-eyed. They have lost a Palace Master before, and now it’s hard to pick a good one and enter the crowd to kill.

The moment just happened was too suddend!

Not only the people of the Imperial Dragon Palace, but many people think that Shen Xiang will die under that blow. It is really unexpected that Shen Xiang’s Divine Mirror of Six Paths will be terrifying and directly plugged in the dragon mouth. In front, double the strength of the dragon’s mouth squirting back!

In this way, the Imperial Dragon Palace is smashed by its own strength, no wonder it will die.

Shen Xiang’s heartbeat is very fast at this time, because he did not expect to kill the Imperial Dragon Palace master!

“Let’s go together!” the elder of the Imperial Dragon Palace yelled.

“Do you want us to help?” Ke Hezong asked.

“No, this is our Imperial Dragon Palace and Shen Xiang’s hatred.” Yulong veteran has rushed to Shen Xiang, at the same time, the other eight old man have also rushed over, I saw them all turned into dragon People, and all of them are risking the fat of True Dragon, they use the strongest strength.

“Picture!” Shen Xiang suddenly snarled, and there was a raging fire. The strength of Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon overflowed the body.

Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon blended with him completely, making him a fiery red scale, and he became a dragon.


He picked up the Divine Mirror of Six Paths and swept over the crowded old Imperial Dragon God, hitting a thousand feet high lightning fire, sweeping through the mighty.

In the blink of an eye, the intense fire that he released, covering the sky, covered the door of the Dragon Elephant Sect.

“Breaking!” Yu Long Yuan Laodao, a fist punch, Arrogant Potential dance, screaming and slamming the fire waves released by Shen Xiang.

The fire waves splashed, and the onlookers resisted. The flames spattered on some houses and immediately burned with raging fire. In the blink of an eye, the 9th level barrier would be covered with flames.

The old Imperial Dragon God did not expect that Shen Xiang would be terrifying after turning into the dragon, no more than them.

“Kill him!” An old Imperial Dragon God shouted, and had already flashed behind Shen Xiang, screaming at Shen Xiang, and a red True Dragon flew out.

Shen Xiang swung out and turned into a huge fiery red dragon scales giant claw, like a snake, pinching the old Imperial Dragon God’s life, True Dragon, and then slamming it out.

Shen Xiang’s arm suddenly became a huge dragon claw, which is terrifying, especially for the Imperial Dragon Palace, because they all know what it means.

It means that Shen Xiang can achieve Dragon Transformation at any time, but this is the highest Realm they pursue, and Shen Xiang has been able to blend with the perfect dragon!

Shen Xiang’s Scarlet Dragon giant claw grabbed the dragon head and crushed it. The hot dragon blood splashed, and the old man was killed on the spot because his dragon had been pinched to death by Shen Xiang.

The people of Imperial Dragon Palace were red-eyed and angry, and they lost one more.

Shen Xiang is full of flames, and the power of the flame from the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon is endless. The amazing Scarlet Dragon Arrogant Potential shocks the audience, especially when he sees a giant dragon in his hand. The dragon head has been pinched. Broken, this is even more daunting.

“Hey!” Shen Xiang saw the people of the Imperial Dragon Palace coming over and grabbed the dragon, slamming like a whip.


Although Shen Xiang is holding a giant dragon, it is not cumbersome, but it is very flexible. It beats the past, hits the flame of all around, sweeps a large wave of fire, and draws the two old men of the Imperial Dragon Palace. The house at the place was evenly leveled by the huge dragon.


The dragon body was caught by Shen Xiang and slammed. The earth was drawn out of a huge gully, and the door of the Dragon Elephant Sect was swept away by Shen Xiang.

“Let’s go!” Ke Hezong saw the scene out of control and immediately rushed up, with the old man following, and the veteran of Dao Creation Sect was watching.

Ke Hezong Their Dragon Elephant Sect people can use Dragon Elephant. When they play, they immediately summon Nine-headed Dragon Elephant. When they reach their Realm, they can summon nine huge formidable Dragon Elephants.

Seeing this, Shen Xiang immediately grabbed the dragon and swept the huge Dragon Elephant that ran wildly. At the same time, the people of the Imperial Dragon Palace also got a stagnation, and they immediately released a huge dragon. Suspended in the air, with the huge and mighty Dragon Elephant on the ground, attacking Shen Xiang.

After Shen Xiang grabbed the dragon and swept the group of Dragon Elephant, unexpectedly was crushed by the huge body of Dragon Elephant, which forced him to loosen the dragon.


Dragon Corpse landed and shook the ground like it was to jump.

“Dragon Elephant, bursting!” Ke Hezong floated on a Dragon Elephant, full of proud look, so aggressive that they were supposed to win.

Shen Xiang standing on the ground, throwing dragon scales into the fire, Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon let him turn into dragon people, although the strength is skyrocketing, but facing the front of so many Divine World Defying Realm peak expert, he can not resist, even more What’s more, there are dozens of dragons in the sky!

The elders of the Imperial Dragon Palace can master the dragons. Although only one life dragon is the strongest, the other dragons are not weak, so it can be very big in the air. The pressure.

“Is it really over?” Shen Xiang saw the huge Dragon Elephant quickly arrived, frowned, throwing him out of the destruction of the dao creation saint stone.

Ke Hezong saw so many tiny particles flying over, and a closer look was a round pill pellet. Just when he wondered what it was, the destruction of the curse had fallen on the ground, the moment the Dragon Elephant group had just passed, The curse Dan burst open immediately!

Bang bang hōng lóng!

The continuous explosion, the Dragon Elephant was blown up by a flesh and blood, the power of dao creation saint stone was really strong, and some Dragon Elephants were blown up to the ground, screaming again and again.

The majestic Dragon Elephant array, all the front down, was blown up!
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