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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3516

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Shen Xiang has never heard of World Defying pill mark. Looking at the tone of the old man, this World Defying pill mark seems to be very strong and can make Dan improve its quality.

“Senior, do you know Alchemist who knows World Defying pill mark?” Shen Xiang is curious, World Defying pill mark is very fresh for him, he wants to see and see.

“In my Dao Creation Mountain, there is this Alchemist… but this Alchemist is not easy to accept.” Yunyou old man saw Shen Xiang very curious, hehe smiled: “If you really want to learn, I It can take you to a place where you may be able to gain something.”

“Is it in this Dao Creation Mountain?” Shen Xiang didn’t want to be too far from this Dao Creation Mountain, he wanted to hurry to Dragon Elephant Sect.

“It’s in this Dao Creation Mountain.” Yunyou old man nodded. “Go, I will take you there now.”

Yunyou old man took out a flying disc and then flew with Shen Xiang at high altitude.

“His flying disc must be engraved into many Flight Spells in order to make the flight so high.” Shen Xiang secretly guessed that the flying disc was fast and could fly very high.

Yunyou old man took Shen Xiang to a mountain and entered a cave.

At the end of the cave is a stone room. The old man takes out the illuminating stone to illuminate the dark stone room. I see a very delicate pattern on the rock wall. This pattern is not very complicated.

Shen Xiang looked closely and found that the pattern was very similar to Dao Creation Spell, and he could see the shadow of Amplification Spell at a glance.

“There are only three strokes in total, but I have drawn such a pattern.” Shen Xiang frowned. “There are only three strokes, and the pattern contains all the Amplification Spell. How is this done?”

“Yes, this is the World Defying pill mark evolved from Amplification Spell. It is called Transcend Dan. It means that the quality of Dan can be transcend.” Yunyou old man nodded: “Can you master this World Defying pill mark successfully?” Just look at your own.”

Shen Xiang frowns, looking at it, he felt very difficult, it seems easier than Amplification Spell or even more Fusion Spell, but after he looked closely, he felt more difficult.

“As far as I know, a Dan wants to successfully enter the World Defying pill mark, which costs a lot of money.” Cloud travel old man said: “Time, energy, even life… World Defying pill mark brings Improvement is very worthwhile.”

“Well, let me try, can you master this World Defying pill mark.” Shen Xiang decided to try it. He felt that it was difficult to learn, but it was difficult to feel. He could not tell.

“Senior, who left this World Defying pill mark?” Shen Xiang walked over and stroked the World Defying pill mark on the rock wall, feeling a touch of warmth. The World Defying pill mark was engraved with a sword. It has been on the wall for many years, but the World Defying pill mark still plays a very strong role.

“One of my good friends, I was very interested in World Defying pill mark, and he just engraved a World Defying pill mark here, but I can’t grasp it.” Yunyou old man shook his head.

“Senior, you should be from other Dao Creation Mountain!” said Shen Xiang.

“I came to make Dao Yanshan, a small elder of Yanshan School, named Yan Jiu. If you have a chance to come to Yanshan School in the future, you can go to me.” Yan Jiu said: “I have to go back now. The thing that Evil Ancestor came out, the seven Dao Creation Mountain are already known.”

Speaking of Evil Ancestor, Shen Xiang looked serious and nodded, which was a big threat.

After Yan Jiu left, Shen Xiang was in the stone room and looked at the World Defying pill mark on the wall.

“Ling Yong woke up and recovered very well!” Jiang Simai reminded Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang immediately let Ling Yong come out of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

“I didn’t expect you to come so fast!” After Ling Yong saw Shen Xiang, lightly smiled, it seems that the torture he had suffered before has been forgotten by him.

“I really can’t help but make you suffer.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

“Then you can give me a little more dao creation saint stone.” Ling Yong took out a small bag of dao creation saint stone.

“Every time you sell a World Defying Divine Pill, I will give you two dao creation saint stones, how?”

“Good!” From which bag Ling Yong took out sixty dao creation saint stone, and the rest was given to Shen Xiang: “I just sold those World Defying Divine Pill and I was caught by Wooden Mountain Faction. The luck is worse. One point, but you can get 30 tablets of dao creation saint stone.”

Shen Xiang has 300 or so dao creation saint stone and a dao creation saint crystal. It is very wealthy.

“Ling Yong, you can’t go back to Blue Fire City in the future,” Shen Xiang said.

“I know, I can’t get along with this Dao Creation Mountain. I will go to other Dao Creation Mountain. Anyway, I have a lot of dao creation saint stone.” Ling Yong thinks he is at this cultivation base. It is very good to be able to accumulate so many dao creation saint stones.

“So much care.” Shen Xiang patted Ling Yong’s shoulder.

“Goodbye!” Ling Yong smiled and said goodbye to Shen Xiang.

After Ling Yong left, Shen Xiang stared at the World Defying pill mark on the wall and he let Su Maiyao out of Hidden Jade Villa.

“Sister Maiyao, do you think this is eager to learn?” Shen Xiang asked.

Su Maiyao stared at the rock wall for a moment, condensed her eyebrows and shook her head. “Not good, hard, hard… I am not a genius of Dao Creation Spell, but I can see this World Defying pill mark. It is a combination of nine Amplification Spells, and some should be connected to together.”

Shen Xiang nodded. “Yes, there are some Amplification Spells that are connected by perfect connections. Not nine Amplification Spells overlap, so this World Defying pill mark looks very simple and doesn’t look like a superposition.”

“Not only was the perfect link to the recipient, but it has also been modified. It may be added to other Dao Creation Spell, but we can’t see it.” Su Maiyao, she is also Alchemist, using World Defying pill mark seems to be the inspirational place in Alchemist. The highest Realm.

“Let’s learn together,” Shen Xiang said.

“If your Master is here, she is familiar with Dao Creation Spell and she can definitely see a lot of things coming,” says Su Maiyao.

“Must save her.” Shen Xiang sighed, and now Xiao Xianglin is still being held in Dragon Elephant Sect. He has to go to save Xiao Xianglin and must have the cultivation base of Divine World Defying Realm late stage. It is the most basic.

Su Maiyao had no patience. After two days of tossing, she went back to Hidden Jade Villa. She entered the time formation plate and refining World Defying Divine Pill. Mai and Jing sisters also planted the Five colors.

Su Maiyao feels that alchemy is much more enjoyable than studying World Defying pill mark. The quality of World Defying Divine Pill she refines is not bad, mainly for these women.

Shen Xiang has now begun to condense this Transcend Dan pattern out of thin air. He doesn’t know how. He suddenly thinks that this Transcend Dan pattern is not so difficult to learn. It is only ten days, he can condense it in one go, only However, the charm is still worse.
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