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Liu Yifeng also thought that this punch, Shen Xiang must be broken, who knows that his fist suddenly appeared to hit a hard object, and then a hot and raging strength poured in from his fist!

“Ah!” Liu Yifeng screamed in pain, and the screams were terrible. I saw that the arm and shoulders where he punched were all broken, bloody, and the broken flesh burned with flames.

I saw Shen Xiang holding a mirror in his hands, it was the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, which bounced back the strength of Liu Yifeng’s fresh chest punch.

Liu Yifeng now remembers that he had promised Shen Xiang before, allowing Shen Xiang to use the divine tool. He just didn’t expect Shen Xiang unexpectedly to use this divine tool, which caused him to be seriously injured by his own struggle.

Shen Xiang teleport Behind Liu Yifeng, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths became like a round table. He grabbed the edge and picked up the Divine Mirror of Six Paths. It was a slap in the face of Liu Yifeng.

Just over a dozen, Liu Yifeng was shot down, lying on the ground and twitching!

“He lost!” Shen Xiang stepped on Liu Yifeng’s head and said, “Da creation saint stone? Throw dao creation saint stone! Otherwise I will kill him!”

Dark Green Soul Sect also has several discrimices of Divine World Defying Realm. They just planned to shoot, but they saw that Liu Yifeng was terrifying when he punched. He thought that Liu Yifeng would succeed in killing Shen Xiang, so he would look at it. They know that Shen Xiang suddenly took out the divine tool, which actually rebounded and made Liu Yifeng unprepared, his arm was shattered, and his body was ravaged by his own strength.

Shen Xiang seized the opportunity and rushed straight to shoot Liu Yifeng to the ground, which is an overwhelming victory!

“Come to me!” Shen Xiang screamed: “I believe you are Dark Green Soul Sect, you are a shit sorcerer Divine World Defying Realm, but you are pretending to be World Defying Sacred Realm in this swindle and bluff, you Dark Green Soul Sect’s reputation is stinking!”

Shen Xiang 狠狠 stepped on Liu Yifeng, Liu Yifeng is now adolescence as a young man, no longer the appearance of the young child before, many people recall that his young face was full of sinister look, I feel It should have been seen long ago that the look is definitely not owned by a naive child.

Liu Yifeng is still in a high position among Dark Green Soul Sect, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to unite so many Senior Brothers to do this, and Dark Green Soul Sect doesn’t even care about it. He is Divine World. The story of Defying Realm has not been heard. It is obvious that it is the acquiescence of the top of Dark Green Soul Sect.

“Catch!” The old man was murderous aura, throwing a small case to Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang took a look at it and asked Xiao Xianglin to identify it as a good quality dao creation saint stone.

“You can let go now!” The old man shouted.

Shen Xiang 狠狠 stepped on Liu Yifeng’s face, then looked at all around those Dark Green Soul Sect’s discipline, four of them are Divine World Defying Realm, although only the initial stage, but it is not Shen Xiang can deal with, These disciplines are now with swords drawn and bows bent, ready to attack!

Of course, if Xiao Xianglin comes out, there is definitely no problem!

“Hey, give it to you!” Shen Xiang kicked Liu Yifeng like a dead dog, kicked it to the distance, then a teleport, flashed into the crowd, and then used Transformation Technique to become a bug. , fell into the body of an old man.

“Give me a search for the whole city!” The old man roared, this is the site of Dark Green Soul Sect, but they ate such a big loss, the important discipline was seriously injured, and lost a dao creation saint stone.

The reputation of Dark Green Soul Sect was even worse. At this time, everyone has spread out and talked about it all the way. Many people are filled with indignation and cursing Dark Green Soul Sect.

The most angry of those who had previously fought with Liu Yifeng and lost the crystal emperor, they now understand why Liu Yifeng can beat them so quickly that they are so thoroughly defeated, they are actually in a Divine World Defying Realm’s expert battle.

“Dark Green Soul Sect is a group of shards and eats a big cockroach.” Shen Xiang is still in the city, but has changed his appearance. He is now ready to sneak into the Dark Green Soul Sect.

“You have to rest and rest before you say.” Xiao Xianglin said: “You are really, you are on that, and you still hide the strength, you have not used the power of Dragon Elephant!”

“When I use it, I know that I am a Dragon Elephant Sect, and there will be a lot of trouble.” Shen Xiang said: “For the Master, you are also true. You last started too fast, I took the Imperial Dragon Palace. The main Divine sea blasted, and he should take out his dragon to refine and refine it, maybe it could be used for me.”

“I originally had this idea, but in the end I gave up. The dragons followed the Imperial Dragon Palace for many years, and it was difficult to tame. Maybe they would blew themselves up, and they would kill themselves,” said Xiao Xianglin.

Shen Xiang Stayed in an inn near the Dark Green Soul Sect. The Dark Green Soul Sect is like a huge Imperial Palace with a superb barrier and it is difficult to get in.

Shen Xiang was resting in bed and asked: “Master, the quality of the dao creation saint stone is good!”

“It’s good, I am going to refining!” Xiao Xianglin said: “Refined into the explosion, it can defend itself.”

“I thought it was used to refine Divine Mirror of Six Paths,” said Shen Xiang.

“Divine Mirror of Six Paths, etc. find dao creation saint crystal and refine it.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Before you used Divine Mirror of Six Paths to block the ghost sun punch, Divine Mirror of Six Paths did not suffer any fluctuations. Can support a period of time.”

“Even if you find dao creation saint crystal from Dark Green Soul Sect, you must first find the cloud tour old man and then hand him the dao creation saint crystal.” Shen Xiang said: “After all, Dark Green Soul Sect snatches others.”

“I know this!” Xiao Xianglin said: “Don’t worry, you will have something to gain.”

Returning the dao creation saint crystal to the mysterious cloud tour old man, also to ask the old man where there is dao creation saint crystal, so that they can find it themselves.

“You brat, there are hidden secrets in the end, there is actually a Black Tortoise divine beast.” Xiao Xianglin tenderly snorted and said.

“Master, you will know it later.” Shen Xiang haha ​​said with a smile : “My secrets are more!”

Xiao Xianglin snorted: “Give me 2nd level Time Domain? I want to learn Fusion Spell!”

“Of course!” Shen Xiang had no pressure on 2nd level Time Domain. He had to take a day off and spend 30 months with Xiao Xianglin.

When Shen Xiang was resting, closed eyes thought about the Legendary Spell. The complicated Legendary Spell made him a headache. He didn’t know when he could learn. Although he knew that the Legendary Spell had infinite strength, it was difficult to grasp.

Xiao Xianglin is not in a hurry because she has a lot of Dao Creation Spell to learn before she learns Legendary Spell.

One day passed, Xiao Xianglin came out of Time Domain, happily said with a smile : “I have learned the fifth Fusion Spell now, and there are four more to learn. I don’t have to compete with Sect, but also Dao Creation Spell. ,that’s nice!”

“That’s thanks to your baby Discipe… You have to guide my wife to learn Dao Creation Spell in order to repay me,” Shen Xiang said.

“Know it!” Xiao Xianglin said with a smile.
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