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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3459

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Ling’er didn’t worry too much that Shen Xiang would take her convenient. Anyway, she was appointed. After all, she was a female slave and she had seen Shen Xiang before.

But to her a little disappointment, Shen Xiang unexpectedly did not take her convenient.

In fact, mainly Shen Xiang is thinking about Luo Jiuyang, the Sun Old Ancestor, and has been talking to Qin Shuang about how to get to know Luo Jiuyang.

“I haven’t known how my grandfather is doing now,” Qin Shuang said. “I am very worried that he has changed.”

“Should not, he is still a friend with Gu Tong, indicating that he has not changed.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: “Little Shuangshuang, you should have confidence in your grandfather!”

Shen Xiang understands what Qin Shuang is worried about. She is worried that her grandfather has changed her emotions for some reason. For example, practicing some cultivation techniques can make herself cold and ruthless. Or it is the invasion of the soul by some evil strength… This kind of thing is already strange.

Qin Shuang and her grandfather have not seen each other for many years, which also worried her, because the time is too long, it will make people feel weaker. After all, her grandmother is so many years in Ancient Fire God Sect, her grandfather Did not go back.

“I must find him this time!” Qin Shuang said: “Grandma, she heard about the things on the other side of the World Defying Soul River. It looks very wrong.”

“It’s very close, this will definitely be done.” Shen Xiang comforted Qin Shuang.

The black Dragon Horse is flying in the air and has been invisible, so from below it looks like Shen Xiang and Xiao Xianglin are three weird flying in the air.

Shen Xiang and Ling’er ride a horse, but the speed of the Black Dragon Horse is not slow, and they don’t feel crowded. The black Dragon Horse itself is very big, the horseback is long enough, but for stability, Shen Xiang Just holding Ling’er behind.

Xiao Xianglin, who was always on the side, looked at Shen Xiang in a daze. She thought that Shen Xiang would move to Ling’er fight, but if she didn’t, Shen Xiang would be so honest, and she would have a few words in her heart. She thought Shen Xiang is deliberately loaded with pure.

After Shen Xiang returned to God, he asked: “How long will it be?”

Xiao Xianglin thought for a moment: “There is still about two days or so, it is already very fast, and the speed of this black Dragon Horse is really fast.”

When Shen Xiang was in the fifth layer World Defying Soul River, he had already seen the speed of the Black Dragon Horse, so he had made up his mind at that time and must conquer a black Dragon Horse, but he did not expect that the back would be so smooth. Actually got two black Dragon Horses.

“That is!” Shen Xiang smiled and held Ling’er’s savory beautiful and alluring female slave, which made him feel very comfortable, although he had no thoughts on Ling’er.

“Shen Xiang, after you get close to the place, the Black Dragon Horse is collected, and the Imperial Dragon Palace may have sent a large team to go.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Although you use the secret method to make the Black Dragon Horse invisible, then the Imperial The Dragon Palace guy may be able to sense it.”

“Well, I know, I will be careful when I get there.” Shen Xiang is still worried about the troubles of the Imperial Dragon Palace. The Imperial Dragon Palace, on the surface, does not seem to snatch the top ten Sect disciple. Dragon, but who knows in the dark?

Fortunately, he did not expose his own Azure Dragon, otherwise let the Imperial Dragon Palace know that it will definitely hit his attention.

“Master, what exactly is that place? Is there any problem with my strength going there?” Shen Xiang asked.

“You don’t have to worry about this, Xiang’er and Ling’er can protect you.” Xiao Xianglin said: “We just have to get together to see if we can step on bullshit luck and let us get Legendary Spell.”

“Yeah, we are going to open our eyes, Legendary Spell thinks that’s alright,” Ling’er said, then deliberately relying on Shen Xiang, and I don’t know why, she leaned on Shen Xiang’s arms and felt that there was a kind The same kind of comfort, she was so close to the man for the first time.

Ling’er is Divine World Defying Realm, but she is a female slave after all, and since she was a child, even though her cultivation base is higher than Shen Xiang, her status is not as good as Shen Xiang, not to mention Shen Xiang is very capable, she thinks It is very good to have close contact with such a man.

Xiao Xianglin saw that Ling’er seemed to enjoy Shen Xiang holding, and the heart of this little girl who was stunned by the spring, actually took Shen Xiang’s convenient.

Shen Xiang, who wouldn’t know Ling’er mind? He did not expect the small female slave to dare to do so, but fortunately he is a determined man, not so easy to be confused by this little female slave.

“The place where Legendary Spell appears is called Headless Mountain Range!” Xiao Xianglin looked at the mountains in front: “The mountains here are all mountain peaks, so they haven’t arrived yet.”

“Is it true that there are no mountains in the mountains in the Headless Mountain Range?” Shen Xiang said.

“Yes, the mountains seem to be cut by people, and the mountains of large and small are like this.” Ling’er said tenderly: “So the Headless Mountain Range is very recognizable.”

Two days after the black Dragon Horse flew, and as Xiao Xianglin expected, they had already arrived at the Headless Mountain Range. Shen Xiang saw that many mountain peaks were cut off, and all the large and small mountains here were So, it’s weird, no wonder it’s called Headless Mountain Range. It’s like a mountain without a head.

Shen Xiang landed two black Dragon Horses on the ground and then removed the black Dragon Horse.

“What are you going to do next? Let’s arrange it!” Shen Xiang was quite convinced by Ling’er’s beautiful and alluring female slaves for the past two days. He felt that he was losing money.

Ling’er came down from the black Dragon Horse, some haughty came to Xiao Xianglin, and Xiao Xianglin licked her buttocks. Ling’er just spit his tongue and still haughty.

“The next time you get back, you lose money!” Su Maiyao Jiao said with a smile.

“I didn’t expect you to have a bad day!” Long Xueyi chuckle said.

Xiao Xianglin didn’t say anything about it. He looked serious and said: “We have to be careful to go in… We can move slowly during the day and can be used for rest. At night, it is fast.”

“Why?” Shen Xiang did not understand.

“Because there are a lot of Dragon Elephant Sect spies in the Headless Mountain Range, I can’t let them find that I am here, otherwise I will be killed by them when I see my mother.” Xiao Xianglin lightly Snorted and said.

“I thought that there was something wrong with this Headless Mountain Range that made you so careful, actually it was a spy.” Shen Xiang was shocked.

“Dragon Elephant Sect’s spies have a communication jade, and the communication jade is smelted into Space Spell, which can quickly send messages. If they are directed to me, my mother will know immediately and then stop me.” Xiao Xianglin Said.

“Change appearance is just fine.” Shen Xiang said: “How big is it!”

“The spies are very powerful. Even if they change appearance, they can recognize me.” Xiao Xianglin shook her head and she was obviously caught by these spies many times.
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