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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3395

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The city was built, and people and Soul Demon are getting more and more, and Shen Xiang feels it is time to go to the depths of Soul Demon Sacred Forest.

“Xuanfei, are you sure you want to go with us?” Shen Xiang asked. “If you really go, you don’t know when you can come back.”

“Well, I have already confirmed.” Peng Xuanfei has already made a decision.

There was a loud noise outside, and Peng Xuanfei hastily walked out of the house and saw that there were many Great Pengs flying in one direction, and there was a whistling sound there!

“This is the call from the old Ancestor mother.” Peng Xuanfei was shocked: “I have to go see!”

After Peng Xuanfei finished, he vacated and flew in the direction of the sound.

Shen Xiang hasn’t reacted yet, Peng Xuanfei has already flown far away, he hastily entered the Divine Mirror of Six Paths and followed.

At this time all the Great Pengs in the city are flying in that direction.

“What exactly is this Old Ancestor mother? So prestige!” Shen Xiang thought in the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

“Probably the guy who gave birth to the entire Great Peng family, you should know how Soul Demon was born,” Feng Ke’er said. “This Old Ancestor mother appeared, I think it was created to solve the current contradiction. Maybe it’s Peng Kunyao, they called it.”

The gathering place is 1st Stage away from the Great Peng ancient land. When Shen Xiang went there, I saw a large platform with many huge trunks. On the high platform stood a white-haired old Grandma with a cane and a little hunchback. Wearing a plain gray coat, although she gives a feeling of great changes, the skin on her face is very delicate.

Shen Xiang guessed that this is the grandmother of the Great Peng family.

“Xuanfei is there!” After Shen Xiang came out of Divine Mirror of Six Paths, she quietly came to Peng Xuanfei, and Peng Xuanfei and her parents were together.

“I have heard about your business, and it’s not too small! You are really disappointed with this group of younger generations.” Great Peng Old Ancestor sighed and his voice was helpless.

“Grandmother, since you know it, then you said how to deal with Peng Kunyao, they colluded with 蟒Demon Clan.” Peng Guquan glared at Peng Kunyao Several of them: “Collaborate with the evil 蟒Demon Clan, frame the compatriots Can you let them go?”

“Grandma, don’t listen to him, he just wants to do Patriarch himself, so he made such a lie.” Peng Kunyao said with a sneer: “This is just a word of his side, don’t listen to him.”

“Yes, Peng Guquan is making up for us by using Soul Defying Sacred Pearl and my good reputation in the Great Peng family!” Patriarch said: “Peng Guquan is not poisoned at all, he just pretends, with his own The wife and the daughter united to deceive us!”

Great Peng Old Ancestor screamed: “You all shut up!”

Peng Kunyao Several of them have already planned to die and refuse to admit it, because there is no evidence, so they believe that they will certainly have nothing to do.

“I remember that you have already had snake venom, but now you can get rid of it. What is this?” Great Peng Old Ancestor looked at the eight old man who had been detoxified by Shen Xiang.

Hearing Great Peng Old Ancestor, Peng Kunyao, these few carefully looked at the eight old man, because this eight old poisoned for a long time, has been frozen in the cold room, so that Peng Kunyao and Great Peng Patriarch almost forgot, now take a closer look, actually standing here!

Peng Kunyao picked them up in their hearts, because Peng Guquan has mastered the way to understand the poison, so Peng Guquan can detoxify after poisoning, which makes sense.

“This is mainly thanks to the little friend that Xuanfei knows. He has Detoxification Dan, which is what he helped us to read.” An old man said: “Grandma, you must know that Guquan is the little friend who rescued from the snake’s nest. Out, so I will give him Soul Defying Sacred Pearl.”

Peng Kunyao They looked at Shen Xiang, and they were angry at it, because Shen Xiang destroyed all their plans, and the brat that killed the knife made him hate it.

“Grandma, now you should believe that I was taken away by Demon Clan. I have been poisoned for many years. It is Shen Xiang who detoxified me.” Peng Guquan said.

“I decided to do this.” Great Peng Old Ancestor nodded and looked at Shen Xiang: “I don’t know if I can give me a Detoxification Dan, let me?”

“Of course!” Shen Xiang immediately threw a pale green Detoxification Dan.

After eating Great Peng Old Ancestor, his face was a little surprised, and then nodded again and again: “Not bad, actually this is the idea of ​​refining Detoxification Dan. Why didn’t I think of it? It was a very simple thing, but I will I think it is complicated.”

After the frozen eight old poisoned, the Great Peng Old Ancestor came out to detoxify them, but did not succeed, and then worked hard on Detoxification Dan until now, there is still no breakthrough.

“Guquan, can you come up with solid evidence to prove that Kun Yao collaborated with Demon Clan? If not, this will be done.” Great Peng Old Ancestor said that she is now somewhat embarrassed.

“I…” Peng Guquan gritted his head at the catching Peng Kunyao.

“I know you didn’t! Hey, now everyone should see it, I am innocent, Peng Guquan has framed me.” Peng Kunyao pointed to Peng Guquan angrily said: “You destroy my reputation, you must be held accountable. responsibility.”

“Well, Peng Kunshan wants to snatch my Soul Defying Sacred Pearl that day. Why? The two elders can prove that not only Peng Kunshan wants to snatch Soul Defying Sacred Pearl, but Patriarch has several elders who want to stop me! Soul Defying Sacred Pearl is my thing. I also said it when I gave it out. I can take it away at any time.” Peng Guquan asked Peng Kunshan and Patriarch a few of them.

The two elders stood up and took all the sights they saw on the same day. They were not with Peng Kunyao. When the family split, they both went to the Great Peng Old Ancestor for the first time. After that, they did not contact Peng Kunyao and Peng Guquan at all, and their words were very credible.

Peng Kunshan couldn’t explain this. At the beginning, he did fight and grabbed it, and he also killed intent Dasheng. The most difficult thing to explain was Patriarch. They surrounded the two juniors, Shen Xiang and Peng Xuanfei.

“It’s all because they’ve been saddened by the fact that Soul Defying Sacred Pearl fell into a human hand and made a fuss, no wonder they, Soul Defying Sacred Pearl is very useful for our Great Peng family, for the benefit of the whole family, Patriarch I will make this mistake.” Peng Kunyao said loudly.

Black is said to be white, which makes Peng Guquan angry!

“Peng Guquan, what else do you have to say? We are loyal to the Great Peng family, but you are framed by this villain!” Peng Kunyao said with a sneer, my heart is very haughty.

“Wait, I have evidence!” Shen Xiang suddenly said.

He took out a big crystal ball, and he controlled the crystal ball to float to the sky so that everyone could see it.

I saw a few figures in the crystal ball, and it was Peng Kunyao and the old poisonous cockroaches…

“It’s an old fellow of Demon Clan, I haven’t seen them for a long time!” Great Peng Old Ancestor squinted and stared at the crystal ball.

Then, crystal ball sends out the sound…

“Three old, when can you help Peng Guquan get rid of the poison at the earliest?” This is the voice of Peng Kunyao.

“It takes at least five months! We have helped him detoxify with the fastest speed… This guy is too strong. If we didn’t use it as poisonously, we will definitely lose a lot of money. Demon Clan will definitely lose a lot. He is not dead. Very powerful.” This is the voice of the old drug lord.

“Oh, now is very urgent. If you don’t hurry, I’m afraid I can’t get Soul Defying Sacred Pearl! If I take Peng Guquan back now, I have a higher status in the Great Peng family and I can get Soul Defying Sacred Pearl immediately. After Peng Guquan was poisoned, Yuan Qi would definitely be hurt and it would be difficult to compete with me for Patriarch.”

“Don’t you say that you want to kill the little girl? Also sacrificed a little demon.”

“Don’t mention it! It’s a wicked door. It can’t be successful twice. It can obviously poison her, but she can always detoxify herself…say, your poison is not going to work? Why is she always not dead?”

All of the above were discovered by Shen Xiang on the same day. I heard it from the ear and he extracted this memory with the secret method for everyone to watch.

Peng Kunyao stunned. He didn’t expect Shen Xiang to have this hand. At this time, he was sweating, and Patriarch was the same.

After seeing the two elders, they were anxious and immediately rushed over, engulfing Peng Kunyao, and more than a dozen old men in the Great Peng family rushed to surround them.

“Peng Kunyao, what else do you have to say!” Peng Guquan took a deep breath, Shen Xiang but helped a lot.
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