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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3365

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Originally, Shen Xiang was going to cross the river, but now that he has such a thing, he can only wait and see.

To determine this, he entered the Divine Mirror of Six Paths and left the Divine Dragon Lake with a few women to the small town outside. There are all kinds of people here and you can learn a lot from it.

Sure enough, Shen Xiang just came here shortly and learned about Violent Soul Calamity. A large group of Violent World Defying Soul came out of the World Defying Soul River and slowly floated.

However, many people don’t panic because they all know that the solution is to hide under the ground or hide in the cave. This is the experience accumulated in the last Violent Soul Calamity.

Violent Blade Clan and Soul River God Clan are definitely very familiar with Violent Soul Calamity, and everyone knows that this news is also through them.

“Go, let’s try it. Can you catch some Violent World Defying Soul during the day?” Shen Xiang said: “I don’t know these Violent World Defying Soul from World Defying Soul River, and when we practiced it, What is the difference between the spirit and the sense?”

Shen Xiang has captured a lot of Violent World Defying Soul through mental stimulation, but those Violent World Defying Soul will not devour.

Two days passed. At night, a large glimmer of fog appeared in the sky. The Violent Soul Calamity had covered the entire Divine Dragon Lake. Shen Xiang did not return to Divine Dragon Lake at this time. He knew that Long Zhiyu had a way to deal with it. Maybe Divine Dragon Lake’s barrier can withstand these Violent World Defying Soul.

Shen Xiang has long been to an uninhabited area far from the city. His Divine Mirror of Six Paths is also hidden deep below. Now he is not sure whether Divine Mirror of Six Paths can withstand the devour of Violent World Defying Soul.

After a night, Shen Xiang came from a deep underground surface and found only the original Hua Hua green mountains, unexpectedly becoming bare, all the flowers and trees were gone, and there may be only the roots buried deep in the ground.

“It’s terrifying!” Shen Xiang releases the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, rides above the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon and flies to the sky.

He overlooks the earth from a high altitude, and there is no shadow of the green leaves below. All of them are given to devour by Violent World Defying Soul. I don’t know when it will be recovered after this natural disaster.

The Snowlet Fire Divine Dragon released by Shen Xiang is not very big, so it will not be too conspicuous and will allow him to fly above the sky.

In the sky, there is a Qi mist that releases a faint golden light. From below, it looks like the whole sky is covered with golden clouds. It is very beautiful, except that the golden mist is composed of countless Violent World Defying Soul. At night, these Violent World Defying Souls will become very terrifying, devour everything.

When Shen Xiang came to the sky and touched the Violent World Defying Soul, he felt a burst of violent strength pouring into his body, but if he could resist this strength, it would have no small impact on him. .

“These Violent World Defying Souls are not independent individuals, but a large group of large groups.” Shen Xiang just touched these Violent World Defying Souls and felt that many strengths were attacked.

He took out Heaven Creation Cauldron Stove, took more than 10,000 spots into it, and then went deep into the ground. Now he just has to wait until the night to release a small amount of Violent World Defying Soul to see how it is devour.

Only a few Violent World Defying Soul, even devour, Shen Xiang can control.

One of the deepest attempts below, Long Xueyi asked Shen Xiang to make a few Violent World Defying Soul from Heaven Creation Cauldron Stove, which looks like a few shiny rice.

“I want to try and look good.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, looking at the palm of the light, these are the Violent World Defying Soul, how to look is not like a good thing.

“You have been eating dragons for so many years, you are still as usual.” Shen Xiang vigorously twisted her lovely face.

Su Maiyao Qin Shuang They also looked around.

“The Violent World Defying Soul on the World Defying Soul River is really different. The Violent World Defying Soul we felt at Divine Soil Forbidden Land was not like this,” says Su Maiyao.

“Well, it’s violent!” Bai Youyou touched one of the light spots with his fingers and felt the pain like a mosquito bite.

“Is there no problem to eat?” Su Maiyao is a little worried: “Xueyi, you still don’t want to eat, I am refined into Dan to eat for you!”

“I just want to try.” Long Xueyi has swallowed the few Violent World Defying Souls, then frowned and waited for a response.

Qin Shuang is also very curious about what it would be like to eat these Violent World Defying Souls directly.

“Is there any reaction?” Shen Xiang patted her face.

“I was refining, the energy released by these little things is still very good, can enhance the Saint World Defying soul, although it was very violent at first, but when it touched the soul of Saint World Defying, it was devour by Saint World Defying. “Long Xueyi happily said with a smile : “If we fly to the high-end devour, it will definitely improve quickly.”

Shen Xiang said in front of her eyes, “When it is dawn, I will let my Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon go up and eat enough.”

“We ate Soul Defying Saint Pill that’s alright.” Su Maiyao said: “We don’t have the trick of you.”

The Violent World Defying Soul in the sky is indeed very much, not countable.

At this time, during the day, Shen Xiang came to the ground, released the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, and made the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon the biggest, opened the huge mouth and released a suction, like the super whirlpool in the sea. , devour those Violent World Defying Soul.

“Be careful, don’t let your Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon squat, if you get indigested, it will be very troublesome.” Long Xueyi saw Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, and was scared, she thought it was more than she thought. There is still more exaggeration.

“When did you have such a dragon!” Su Maiyao had only seen Shen Xiang riding a Little Dragon before, but now that Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon has become the biggest, the release of the might has scared her.

“This dragon is different from the dragon in the Nine Firmaments Dragon City. It has a special feeling and gives you some feeling of fear!” Bai Youyou frowned.

“What do you feel?” Shen Xiang asked, he didn’t feel it.

“Death!” Long Xueyi said.

“Destruction!” Bai Youyou said.

“Evil!” said Qin Shuang.

“Kill!” said Su Maiyao.

Shen Xiang groaned, he looked at the four women, their faces were serious, not like laughing, but he could not sense these breaths.

He was suddenly remembered when he met Long Zhiyu in the blood of the sea of ​​fire. Long Zhiyu once told him to let him know, don’t be killed by Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, let him control the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon!

“Is this a good thing?” Shen Xiang groaned and asked.

Bai Youyou shook his head: “I don’t know, if you are in control, it’s not a bad thing! But if you get out of control, it’s hard to say!”

Shen Xiang controls the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon to continue to swallow a large number of Violent World Defying Soul, which, like the sea, rushed into the mouth of the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon.

“I can control him.” Shen Xiang frowned and said, his fists were tight and tight.
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