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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3331

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Lei Yichen was just a short-lived fight, which caused him a little injury. Nowadays, several powerful World Defying Sacred Realm old man is crazy about killing Shen Xiang. He feels very weak, but he still struggles to rush.

Seeing that Shen Xiang is about to be killed by the iron man of an old man, Shen Xiang suddenly disappeared!

After Shen Xiang disappeared, he immediately appeared behind Lei Yichen. He grabbed Lei Yichen and brought Lei Yichen to Divine Mirror of Six Paths!

Divine Mirror of Six Paths has become a wheel.

Violent Blade Clan This group knows that Shen Xiang has a fast-moving wheel, so they react very quickly, and they are blocked at the gate the first time. They think that Divine Mirror of Six Paths will fly out, but Divine Mirror of Six Paths suddenly disappeared out of thin air, then appeared outside the lobby door and flew up at a very fast speed.

Shen Xiang can use space power, but it can’t be long distance teleport, short distance is no problem!

Divine Mirror of Six Paths flies up within the Ancient Fire God Sect, a group of people chasing behind…

“Dean, this Shen Xiang is really full of tricks, actually making things like this, we are too small to see him.”

“Yes, he owns Gu Tong’s World Defying divine tool, we… are you going to get this World Defying divine tool back!”

“I oh, that’s not Gu Tong’s refining, it just looks like it. It should be Little Lei. This guy is made according to Gu Tong’s style.” The Old Lady also followed, and she frowned and said: “Weird The World Defying divine tool in Shen Xiang’s hands seems to have a touch of dao creation saint stone.”

Only Qin Shuang knows what happened. Shen Xiang has an ancient bronze plaque. She guessed that Shen Xiang asked Lei Yichen to help him transform Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Lei Yichen also extracted dao creation saint stone from ancient bronze gongs. Inside the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

“You are really a bunch of idiots, Shen Xiang, this brat is a treasure, you actually want to let an outsider, it is so ridiculous.” Old Lady hehe smiled; “Well, let your juniors encounter a bit of squatting, then adolescence … … In short, Shen Xiang is now impossible to return to Ancient Fire God Sect.”

“Senior Master, we can still grasp Shen Xiang’s, how strong the ancient Fire God Sect’s barrier is, you don’t know, he can’t run out.” Ancient Fire God Sect’s Dean is very confident.

“Yes? If you grab Shen Xiang, what are you going to do? Give them to Violent Blade Clan and let Shen Xiang be the Inner Disciple of Ancient Fire God Sect,” Old Lady said.

“We have an agreement with the Violent Blade Clan, of course, to the Violent Blade Clan! If Shen Xiang didn’t kill the juniors, maybe I will leave him,” Dean of Ancient Fire God Sect said.

“Now if you stay with him, he won’t be willing. You don’t know that he just looked at your eyes, full of contempt, you are a group of waste in his eyes, haha…” Old Lady with a sneer, with Qin Shuang Leave, don’t chase it anymore.

Qin Shuang was forcibly taken away by Old Lady, and her strength could not resist.

“Grandma, don’t you help Shen Xiang? Without him, I can’t come here, I can’t see you at all! Just help my granddaughter once.” Normally cold and proud Qin Shuang, like a little young Lady is like a spoiled.

“Dead gimmick, you and him together, don’t you know this brat? I have to shoot a few times, but he can always be dangerous. You see, just after killing a group of little rascal, you can still run with him. Off, this Ancient Fire God Sect can’t stop him.” Old Lady hehe smiled: “This brat can get your grandfather’s crystal emperor, can get the recognition of God Altar’s Spirit, it is no accident that he has certain ability, no need worry.”

This Old Lady is Qin Shuang’s grandmother, because she knows that Dean of Ancient Fire God Sect wants to sell Shen Xiang and Lei Yichen, so she will come out to join in the fun, see the opportunity to help Shen Xiang escape, who knows Shen Xiang does not have to help!

Shen Xiang controls the Divine Mirror of Six Paths. The chasing people can’t catch up. They can only continue to bombard in the distance. Although the strength is strong, they can’t hit the fast-moving Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

“Master, how do you get out?” Shen Xiang in the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, looking at Lei Yichen, Lei Yichen was only slightly hurt.

“Ancient Fire God Sect all around has a barrier, but it’s not a breakthrough!” Lei Yichen frowns: “Try it, can you open them, and then hide a period of time, we will find a way to break the barrier.”

“it is good!”

Shen Xiang accelerated the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, making the Divine Mirror of Six Paths a bit faster, but the people who chased after them were also very fast, and they were very tight and difficult to open.

“It’s not the way to go this way,” says Shen Xiang, who can see the people chasing him from the Divine Mirror of Six Paths. The Dean and Elder of Ancient Fire God Sect also chased them up, and they knew they were going to help. Violent Blade Clan them.

“Ancient Fire God Sect is a group of idiots.” Shen Xiang couldn’t help but swear.

“This group of old fellows is a dead brain.” Lei Yichen felt very angry at the moment, because he looked at it and felt that Shen Xiang stayed at Ancient Fire God Sect, which was the most beneficial to Ancient Fire God Sect.

Ancient Fire God Sect is very big inside, they are chasing for a long time, they are still as usual.

Suddenly, there is a voice coming from the sky.

“I am not in the Ancient Fire God Sect a period of time, how can it become messy? What are you doing?”

This voice made Lei Yichen full of surprises. He was shouted to Shen Xiang hastily: “It’s my Master, my Master is back! We are going out, my Master will definitely protect us.”

Shen Xiang has great trust in Lei Yichen nature, so he immediately went out with Lei Yichen.

After going out, Lei Yichen hastily shouted: “Master, someone kills me!”

At this time, Violent Blade Clan, they have already hit a large wave of energy in the distance, they will cover it, the sky will flash with a blue light, and a blue old man will appear in front of them, gently swinging the sleeves and put that A large wave of energy groups is all open.

Seeing this blue old man, Dean and Elder of Ancient Fire God Sect are a bit unsightly.

The blue old man is the master of Lei Yichen, Lei Bingyun, the previous generation of the ancient Fire God Sect.

“Old Lei, things are a bit complicated… you listen to me.” Dean hastily of Ancient Fire God Sect flew over and briefly described the story.

Violent Blade Clan and Soul River God Clan did not even shoot because they were not the opponents of Lei Bingyun.

After listening to Lei Bingyun, he turned to look at Shen Xiang and Lei Yichen.

“Master…they are all wrong.” Lei Yichen said: “Shen Xiang is my Disciple, your grand disciple, you must keep him!”

“This brat does have the ability, but… As a member of Ancient Fire God Sect, I naturally want to use Ancient Fire God Sect as the foundation, so today I won’t keep him, you go with me!” Lei Bingyun Swinging his sleeves, he released a light blue mask to cover Lei Yichen and then left with him.

“Master, what are you doing, you were old son of a bitch, how could you!” Lei Yichen did not think his Master actually stood Ancient Fire God Sect Dean over there, so that he was angry break cursed.
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