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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3232 - Sun Descends

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Bai Ximing did not expect Shen Xiang to bring the antidote pill back right after he left, this made him admire his a lot.

He had stayed in the Bai Mansion for a day, and had also used his Time field to obtain one month's worth of time to give birth to more than a hundred Poison Cleansing Pills. Only then did he relax.
The resulting detoxification pill had been verified by Shen Xiang using the Mouse Man, and the detoxification effect was the same as before. Now that he had so many detoxification pills, he was no longer afraid of being poisoned by the white bones anymore.
"I want to go back to forbidden land of the divine earth to take a look." When Shen Xiang came out and saw Bai Ximing, he asked.

"Ah, if you're free, then come here. Now our Bai Family is about to rise from the ashes. We've already invited the two proud Fierce Fighting God s out." Bai Ximing said.
"What's that, Fierce Fighting God?" Shen Xiang had never heard of it, but he felt that this must be a very powerful existence. Otherwise, Bai Ximing would not have said that.
The reason they are able to become a proud Fierce Fighting God is mainly because when they search for World Defying Berserk Soul in their World Defying Berserk Realm, they go out of their way to search for that kind of Awesome World Berserk Soul. Every realm will fuse with this kind of World Defying Berserk Soul, and in the end, they will be able to become a powerful proud Fierce Fighting God. Bai Ximing said.

"So that's the case. That must be very powerful, right?" Shen Xiang exclaimed, this was the first time he had heard of the Awesome World Berserk Soul.

"Of course they're powerful. They are very powerful existences in a single power. They will only be dispatched when there are special circumstances. Of course, other clans have them as well." Bai Ximing said.

"Then they must be very old. Every single time, they have to search for Awesome World Berserk Soul s from the AoShi Soul River. This requires a lot of time." Shen Xiang himself had searched for World Defying Berserk Soul before, so he thought so.

"Some are old, some are young … It's actually not as difficult as you think, because it's their first time fusing with a Awesome World Berserk Soul, so every time they do it, they'll find it easier to find a Awesome World Berserk Soul. " Bai Ximing said.
"If there's a chance, I must take a look. I'll be leaving first."
Shen Xiang left the Bai Mansion and returned to the forbidden land of the divine earth. At this time, Chen Cai was still refining his cauldrons with the Spirit of Divine Alter, so in order to make them faster, Shen Xiang had released his Time field to envelop them.

Half a month had passed before Shen Xiang's Tianchuang furnace was completely transformed!
"The danger in Bai Family has passed, they are now our allies. If sword race acts, he will help us stop him." Shen Xiang said to the Spirit of Divine Alter.

"That's good. Next, I will use the Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals with Chen Cai to refine some weapons for the Divine Soil Race people." Spirit of Divine Alter said, "I want to turn them into the powerful Sun War God, hehe!"
"How strong is it? How are you going to make it? " Shen Xiang was very curious, the Spirit of Divine Alter seemed to have a very good way to help the Divine Soil Race become stronger.

"I will melt the Myriad Tao Divine Soil and place them in a pool to let the Divine Earth people jump in and let them temper themselves in the pool." The Spirit of Divine Alter said, "Even though the process won't be very pleasant, it's a way to make them strong."

Shen Xiang took a deep breath, how was this not feeling good, it was simply killing him!

"It's scary just thinking about it." Shen Xiang shook his head.
"Spirit of Divine Alter, have you heard of the arrogant Fierce Fighting God?" Shen Xiang asked: "Bai Family has two of these guys, they are said to be very strong existences."

"Of course I know this guy. They are indeed very strong!" Shen Xiang, right now, you are only at the early stage of World Defying Berserk Realm, but if a normal mid stage World Defying Berserk Realm meets you, they might not even be your match. " The Spirit of Divine Alter said.
"Yes!" Shen Xiang was extremely sure of his own strength.

"However, if you meet a Fierce Fighting God in the early stages of World Defying Berserk Realm, you will lose without a doubt." Spirit of Divine Alter said: "Of course, if you use that divine sword and Six Realms mirrors, you can still win."
"That is to say, if we're only comparing strength, I am definitely no match for them?" Shen Xiang frowned, these proud Fierce Fighting God seemed to be more powerful than he had imagined.

"If it's a Fierce Fighting God in the middle stage of the World Defying Berserk Realm, I feel that even if you use your Six Realms mirrors and divine sword, it would still be difficult to take them down." Spirit of Divine Alter said: "This guy has a very high status, and it's also not easy to become a Fierce Fighting God … … If you want to have that kind of power, then you can only do it with Sword Blood s. "
"My Nine Heavens Divine Sword and Six Realms mirrors are very strong." Shen Xiang was a little unwilling, he felt that there were two things, even if they were to encounter late stage World Defying Berserk Realm, he would still dare to go against them.
"However, the arrogance of the Fierce Fighting God s themselves are extremely terrifying, moreover, they have a very high status, their own weapons are definitely not weak." Spirit of Divine Alter said: "If you don't believe me, you'll know if you meet a Fierce Fighting God."
"Alright, I'll go and have a look now." Shen Xiang was extremely interested in the Fierce Fighting God, he wanted to see if they were really as powerful as he had said.
Shen Xiang left the forbidden land of the divine earth, and returned to the Bai Family.
"Shen Xiang, it's great that you're here!" Seeing that Shen Xiang had arrived, Bai Ximing was very anxious.
"What's wrong?" Shen Xiang asked.
"Something big has happened to solar world …" Bai Ximing looked at the sky, pointed to a sun, and said: "Suddenly, a ball of red something shot out from a sun, and then fell into the solar world.
"What could have fallen?" Shen Xiang asked curiously.
"I don't know. That's why Xue Lan went to take a look." Bai Ximing sighed: "I was a bit worried about her, so I had an arrogant Fierce Fighting God accompany her."
"They are all very strong, you don't have to worry." Shen Xiang patted Bai Ximing's shoulder, and laughed: "Brother Bai, what do you think the things that fall from the sun are usually?"

"Disaster!" Bai Ximing sighed: "Anyway, it can't be anything good, but Xue Lan feels that it is extremely necessary to go and see, and I can't stop her … You should know that after she became a true Sword Blood, her personality changed greatly. "
Shen Xiang nodded his head: "I understand, I will go look for her now."

"If you go, I'll be a lot more at ease." Bai Ximing pointed in a direction: "It's over there, I think many people have seen it, the other powerful families in sun-god race will definitely go as well."
Shen Xiang looked in that direction and anxiously walked out of Bai Mansion, quickly teleporting over.

Shen Xiang's teleportation was extremely fast, and it didn't take him long before he saw the object that fell from the sun. It was actually a huge mountain that was thirty thousand meters tall.
This huge mountain was entirely black, with extremely violent flames burning outside. When Shen Xiang saw this mountain, he felt that it was extremely hot, if not for him being able to control the Sun madness fire, it would not be so comfortable.
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