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The Alchemist put on her gloves and said, "Mn, if that won't do, we can just rebuild our body. Although it will take us a lot of time, it's still better than dying."
Bai Ximing and Shen Xiang walked out of the house, Bai Ximing looked at Shen Xiang and asked: "Are you going to look for blue sky poison king now?"

Shen Xiang nodded his head, "Mn, I am also very interested in this kind of poison, I will definitely get the antidote from him."
He had already obtained a sample of this poison. The blood he had obtained would be the same. After using the derivation method to refine it, he would be able to obtain limitless amounts of blood.
With regards to poison, Shen Xiang wasn't really proficient in it, it was just a hobby. Especially that poison he just met, it made him very interested in it, so he wanted to store it and let Du Xiaoling, Bai Ziqian and Lv Qinlian study it in the future.
"Are you confident that you can get him to give you the antidote?" Bai Ximing said: "blue sky poison king's cultivation is at the late stage of the World Defying Berserk Realm, although not at its peak, he is an expert at using poison, and has grasped many different kinds of strange poisons."
"I'm confident." Shen Xiang only had a rough plan.
"Let's not talk about this anymore!" Oh right, I gave you two pieces of Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals before, how do you plan on using them? " Shen Xiang asked.
"Of course it's to refine a sword for Xue Lan … But it's not easy to smelt these Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals. " Thinking about this, Bai Ximing couldn't help but have a headache.

"I heard that the people from your sword race can condense their own sword." Shen Xiang asked curiously: "I heard that the swords you guys cultivated with your own bodies are even stronger than the ones you refine in Myriad Tao Divine Soil."
"That's right..." This is a Destiny Sword from the sword race, and normally only the Peak of the Arrogant Realm have such a level, but it requires a large amount of materials. " Bai Ximing said.
"Xue Lan can now control the Sword Blood. If she can release the Sun madness fire, let her use those Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals to refine a bunch of Destiny Sword." Shen Xiang said: "If that's the case, then it can also save me a lot of things."
"En!" Bai Ximing nodded: "When are you leaving?"
"You should leave now. Xue Lan's condition has stabilized. Your Bai Family should be able to return to its peak soon." Shen Xiang wanted to quickly find the blue sky poison king.
"Alright, I'll tell Lan Family how to go." Bai Ximing escorted Shen Xiang out and told him some things about Lan Family.
After Shen Xiang left the Bai Mansion, he used the Counter Power to conceal himself, it was to prevent the people hiding in his surroundings from following him.

After using the Counter Power, he immediately teleported in the direction of the Lan Family.
Bai Ximing told him that the Lan Family was in charge of a very vast area. There were hundreds of huge cities there, and their area of influence was very wide.

Because his strength was weaker than before, Bai Family could only swallow his anger.
… ….

After half a day, Shen Xiang arrived at the area of the Lan Family. On the city walls, there was a large flag with the word "Blue" written on it, proving that this was the city that the Lan Family was in charge of.
Just as Shen Xiang arrived at the city gate, he saw a familiar figure, it was Lan Lei!
Lan Lei and the other disciples of Lan Family entered Yang Dong City.
"There is still an old man behind him, could it be the blue sky poison king?" Shen Xiang didn't dare be sure either. There were definitely a lot of elders in Lan Family, and blue sky poison king was just an old man.
Bai Ximing had only told him that the blue sky poison king was called Azure Sky, and was an old man. Bai Ximing had never seen the blue sky poison king with his own eyes, and although the three Alchemist s that were poisoned, although they were being chased by the blue sky poison king, they did not see the true face of the blue sky poison king.

At this time, Shen Xiang was still using the Counter Power Invisibility, he anxiously followed behind.

There were a lot of people in the city, so Shen Xiang was not afraid of being discovered.

"Elder Qing Yun, I didn't expect to meet you here … Are you going to deal with Bai Family? " Although Lan Lei was walking on the main street, he was not afraid of others finding out that the blue sky poison king was here, and did not try to cover up his words.

"No, I'm here to pick herbs, but I met a few Bai Family s. Even though they were here to pick herbs, if I were to meet them, I would definitely not let them off." blue sky poison king remained expressionless, his tone cold.
Shen Xiang was now certain that this old man was blue sky poison king. blue sky poison king was gathering herbs in Bai Family's territory, yet he dared to go so far just because Bai Family was weak.
"Sigh... Even the Alchemist that destroyed them was useless. Their Bai Family had a very powerful guest elder who was able to use the Frenzy sword method, so the godly sword that my clan gave me for temporary use was broken by that guy? " Lan Lei was furious.
"What's going on? How do guests know about Frenzy sword method? Isn't the Frenzy sword method only used by Sword Blood s? " blue sky poison king was very shocked: "How come I didn't know about this?"
"You are already gathering herbs outside. If you return to the Blue Palace, you will definitely know in more detail. In short, the Bai Family now is not so easy to bully." Lan Lei was extremely vexed. Although the Lan Family did not blame him much because his divine sword had been destroyed, the young disciples of the Lan Family had used this matter to ridicule him.
The blue sky poison king did not speak as they arrived at a very luxurious hotel.
Lan Lei chose a private room and welcomed the blue sky poison king with a welcoming party. He began to eat and drink to his heart's content and he was even floating beside the windows of the private room, eavesdropping on their conversation.

The room was on the tenth floor, and it had even opened a window. There was no soundproofing array, so Shen Xiang could easily hear the conversation going on inside.
"Patriarch Blue Sky, what do you think of this matter? Could it be that the Bai Family was hiding some power, and suddenly revealed a guest with a Sword Blood? " Lan Lei asked. He was curious about this matter, but the clan elders did not say anything to him.

"I only want the Sword Blood." The blue sky poison king said, "It's very obvious that those Sword Blood contain a great secret. If I were to obtain them, I could also become the person of the Sword Blood, and then, awaken the Frenzy sword method, I would be able to control the Sun madness fire. If I were to use the Sun madness fire to refine poisons, my poison would be even stronger."
Shen Xiang's heart trembled, the blue sky poison king was so passionate about the Sun madness fire, he was worried about Bai Xuelan, if he knew that Bai Xuelan had recovered, if he were to meet Bai Xuelan, he would definitely ignore everything.
"Next time I see Xue Lan, I have to teach her how to defend against poison." Shen Xiang thought.
blue sky poison king drank a cup of wine, then sneered: "I have already made a move against the three Alchemist s, and the people of Bai Family have always been loyal and loyal, they will definitely think of a way to cure the three Alchemist s of the poison, but they will never be able to do so no matter what, because only I can cure the poison. At that time, they can only have two options, one is to use Sword Blood s to exchange them for poison antidotes, and the second is to make them give up their physical bodies."
Shen Xiang had to respect that this blue sky poison king had some ability. He did not kill the three Alchemist s, but instead poisoned them with a strange poison. This way, he would be able to obtain some benefits from the Bai Family.
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