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World Defying Dan God Chapter 3186

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Song Yichen brought Chen Xiang and flew out of the lake, into a mountain forest. The environment here was not bad, and Chen Xiang was very satisfied.
"It seems to be quite large in here." Chen Xiang and Song Yichen had flown for a good half a day just now, but he did not see the boundary of this sealed land.
"Yes, it's very big. This place is a large area of Heaven Old Super Realm." Song Yichen sighed: "It's a pity that they were sealed up, all those fellows back then went all out in order to obtain the Myriad Tao Divine Soil, and now they are preparing to reap the rewards."

Not only was their race sealed inside, they had even become Tiangu beast s. Only a small number of their clansmen were able to retain their memories after turning into Tiangu beast. The other weak ones had all become wild beasts, and their memories had all been erased.
"Don't worry, you'll definitely get revenge." Chen Xiang patted Song Yichen's shoulder. If it was a natural disaster, then it would be fine as long as a clan encountered such a huge change. However, this was just a trap, another clan had persecuted them for the sake of obtaining the Myriad Tao Divine Soil.

"I'll continue my closed door cultivation." Chen Xiang had already heard the Mei Jing Sisters calling out to him, because the Strong strength Dan spirit had moved, telling him to quickly go take a look.

"Alright!" Song Yichen immediately opened up a tree hole for Chen Xiang to cultivate inside.
Chen Xiang walked into the tree cave and anxiously took out the Strong strength Dan spirit. After taking a closer look, he discovered that the Strong strength Dan spirit had already cracked, and although the fetus inside was small, it was filled with spirit energy. It had already opened its eyes and stared at Chen Xiang, as it began to cry out.
"Looks like I'll be able to grow up very soon!" Chen Xiang laughed and then handed the Strong strength Dan spirit over for Mei Jing Sisters to look after.
At this moment, the two sisters had already started to play with the large amount of life force being poured into the Fierce-transformation Dan Spirit.
Chen Xiang ate the remaining Strong strength Dan, and when he was refining, the Mei Jing Sisters called for him again.

"He actually came out! This is too fast, and he even grew so big!" Chen Xiang looked at the baby inside the You Yao Mountain Villa. It looked to be one or two years old, and not long ago, it was just a baby in a crystal.

"She was able to absorb all of the crystal energy. Now, she can start to refine it herself." Jiang Simei said: "I wonder how much energy these Medicine crystal are able to provide for her."

"Just wait and see." Chen Xiang laughed: "It shouldn't take long."
It was just as Chen Xiang had guessed, in just two days, she had grown into a slim and graceful girl.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with curiosity, making her look even more lovable. She had always used her clear and sweet voice to ask Mei Jing Sisters and the others some questions, which made the You Yao Mountain Villa even more joyous.

Mei Jing Sisters liked her a lot. After all, she was raised by the two sisters using the power of rebirth. This girl was born to be very close to them, and right now, they were like good sisters.
"Let's call it Jiang Lisi, Lili!" The name that Jiang Sijing had given her could not be called Strong strength Dan Spirit, right?

Jiang Lisi liked the name very much. She was also very lively, skipping and playing inside the You Yao Mountain Villa. Although she looked like a girl, she looked like a child.
"A pretty good pill spirit is much better than that man in Heavenly Dan Landlord." Feng Ke'er was playing with her inside.

Of course, Jiang Lisi knew that she had a master, she knew that she had to listen to her master's orders, Chen Xiang did not ask her to call him master, she only asked her to call him big brother.
"I'll send her some memories and let her understand some things about the pills." Chen Xiang entered You Yao Mountain Villa to meet the little girl Jiang Lisi.

After Jiang Lisi saw Chen Xiang, he was a little afraid, lowering his head and not daring to raise his head.
Chen Xiang caressed her face, at the same time passing over the memories of the medicinal pellets, allowing her to understand more about the medicinal pellets and her own origins.
After Jiang Lisi found out about all of this, he had no choice but to use a period of time to digest everything.
"I was actually that powerful!" Jiang Lisi could not condense Strong strength Dan now, but after obtaining the memories that Chen Xiang transferred to her, under Chen Xiang's guidance, she was able to condense Strong strength Dan.
To Chen Xiang's great surprise, she was able to condense over ten Strong strength Dan in two hours. Her speed was very fast and she did not consume much energy.
The Strong strength Dan she created was also for the Mei Jing Sisters and the others to eat. After they ate it, they praised the quality of the Strong strength Dan.
"Lili, try and see if you can form higher quality Strong strength Dan." Chen Xiang said: "It's just like the memory that I gave you, which was trying to concoct the super high quality pill. Try using this method, and see if you can condense it!"
"Elder Brother Shen, I'll start now." Jiang Lisi replied as he closed his eyes and began to condense the pellet.

Chen Xiang didn't want to disturb her now, so he patiently waited for Jiang Lisi.

"Alright!" Two hours later, Jiang Lisi managed to condense a Strong strength Dan.
Chen Xiang took it out to have a look and could not help but smile, "The quality is very high. It seems like she only needs time to condense something of higher quality!"
"Lili, are you tired?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Not tired at all!" Jiang Lisi said sweetly.

Although the quality of the Strong strength Dan was not bad, Chen Xiang felt that it was still not enough for him to use.
At this time, the three girls were in Chen Xiang's Time Domain, the Mei Jing Sisters and the others were using their power to nurture Huakuan Dan, while Jiang Lisi was refining his Strong strength Dan.

Chen Xiang asked her to control it for a bit. She would condense one pellet in the ninth heaven and then rest for a day.
Because the Time Domain he used only covered the three of them, after Chen Xiang waited outside for a day, a month passed.

"It's done!" Jiang Lisi held three bright white Strong strength Dan s in her small hands. Although they looked white, they emitted a white light, which was different from before.
After Chen Xiang received the three pellets, he carefully examined them and took a deep breath: "The quality is very high. If this continues, perhaps she will also be able to condense a pill spirit!"

He only had this thought, but for the time being, he did not plan to let Jiang Lisi do it.
He ate these three Strong strength Dan and then began to refine them. In order to prevent Song Yichen who was outside from waiting for too long, he used a Domain to envelop him.
Jiang Lisi also began to condense Strong strength Dan s. Chen Xiang instructed her to condense one pellet for nine days, and give it to the Mei Jing Sisters and the rest after she was done. This was extremely useful to them, it was about time for them to level up.

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