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The huge flying disc was soaring high in the sky. Although it was huge, its speed was very fast. Even when standing on top of it, it didn't feel like it was blown by the wind.
Chen Xiang and Chen Cai could hear someone discussing about the poison pill in a low voice. Other than Chen Xiang and Chen Cai, everyone else had been poisoned by the poison, they knew how dangerous this great power was, and that it would definitely be controlled by them for a long time. Many people who heard the discussions were furious, but they did not dare make it too obvious, as they were worried that they would be discovered.
Chen Xiang was currently seated cross-legged on the ground. He had already entered his own Divine Sense Sea World to refine the Poison Detoxification Pill, he could dissolve this pill, and then use the derivation method to refine it, which would be able to produce a greater amount of detoxification power. If he were to clash with the antidote again, he would be able to obtain a large amount of medicinal power, and at that time, he would be able to condense a large amount of the antidote.
"This pill can only be temporary relief. If its quality is high, it should be able to be removed in one go." Chen Xiang thought, and estimated how much pills he would need.

He had to use his experience to determine this.
"The time of the poison's onset should be around one day." Chen Xiang looked at everyone's expressions, there was nothing abnormal, it had already been two hours since they had eaten the antidote pill.
The flying disc was still flying, and although its flying speed was fast, it still needed a lot of time to reach the Myriad Tao Forest. During this time, it was also convenient for Chen Xiang to observe.
Soon, a day had passed. By the morning of the second day, the crowd had become listless and their bodies were trembling. This was the same situation as yesterday.

"It's indeed one day!" Now that Chen Xiang had determined the time of the poison's onset, he could calculate how much strength it would take to purge the poison in one go based on the quantity of the detoxification pill.
At this time, the butler started to distribute antidote pills again. This time, he gave each of them three pills. This way, the pills could last for three days.
At this time, everyone was very sure that they had been poisoned. They never thought that a dignified He Clan would actually use such a despicable method to harm them. This made them even more furious.
At this moment, the flying discs were enveloped in an extremely oppressive atmosphere. Everyone was suppressing their anger, because the people of the He Clan were on the flying discs, and they were very strong as well. Even if the people of this place worked together, they would still not be able to defeat the elder of the He Clan.
"Everyone, as long as you cooperate with us, after this period of time, I will definitely help you cure the poison." The old man from He Clan felt terrified when he was stared at by the crowd's resentful gaze and quickly said.

The crowd did not say anything as they silently closed their eyes. They did not know what to say as they knew that as long as they resisted, only death awaited them. Now, they could only accept it.
"He Clan these bastards, I will definitely not let them have a good time." Chen Cai clenched his teeth, and sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Once there's a chance, attack He Clan, these people are too despicable."

Even the Heaven Old Orcs Chen Cai couldn't stand it any longer, it could be seen that Chen Cai was still very righteous in his heart.
"Of course, I already have enmity with the He Clan, I won't let them succeed." Chen Xiang replied. At the moment, he was still concocting pills, but he had used the power of the Time Laws three times inside the Divine Sense Sea World.
Two days had passed and the flying discs had already flown into the Myriad Tao Forest.
The Myriad Tao Forest had become very beautiful, even though Cheng Sheng had just arrived here, he could not help but exclaim in shock, he had not been here for a long time, although he had heard of the changes from Chen Xiang, he did not see it with his own eyes, so he did not know the exact details.
"The change is really huge!" Chen Cai sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Those people from the Heaven Old Divine Race should be gathering here. They have already occupied the territory of the Heaven Old Orcs."
"They're actually hiding in here, I was just strolling around here before." Chen Xiang could not help but be shocked, if he had met these people from the Heaven Old Divine Race before, there was a possibility that they would have clashed.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already refined the Detoxification Pill, but he only had around 100 pills.

After the Frisbee flew into a mountain range, there was an empty square in the mountain range. The Frisbee landed on top of the square.

After they got off the flying discs, they got three more antidote pills.
While they were waiting, several other flying discs came flying over and landed on the ground. Many people that were recruited came down from above and obtained three antidote pills.

At the moment, there were more than ten thousand people gathered here, all of them were poisoned, and all of them were controlled by the World Defying Stage Clan.
"These fellows sure have good methods." Chen Cai could not help but exclaim: "This way, they'll be able to obtain a lot of slaves."
"Yes." Chen Xiang never thought that these World Defying Stage Clan would be so shameless as to do such a thing.
"The Heaven Old Divine Race is here." Chen Cai suddenly said to Chen Xiang.
Chen Xiang looked in one direction, and everyone looked in that direction too.
The people of Heaven Old Divine Race were extremely mysterious. They were dressed in beautiful golden clothes and had a beautiful golden mask on their face. There was a golden headband on their heads, making them look extremely aloof.
The people of Heaven Old Divine Race were indeed strong, once they appeared, everyone was shocked by the power that they had released. They could not help but lower their heads, afraid that people would think that they were being disrespectful and cause a fatal disaster.
"World Defying Stage Fierce Power!" At this time, Chen Xiang also pretended to lower his head, secretly surprised. The people from the Heaven Old Divine Race had already cultivated this kind of World Defying Stage Fierce Power to become very pure, and the aura they released was very strong.

"When will I be able to cultivate it?" Chen Xiang already felt that with his current strength, if he wanted to deal with these powerful Heaven Old Divine Race people, he would not be able to defeat them.

"Prepare to enter the Natural Law World!" One of the Heaven Old Divine Race people shouted out softly, it was a young man.
Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a very strong spatial ripple. When these Heaven Old Divine Race people entered, they could directly open a very large spatial tunnel that was connected to the Natural Law World.
"Does Natural Law World really have Tiangu beast?" Chen Xiang looked at the black vortex that was slowly growing larger in the sky. That was the entrance to the Natural Law World.
"You can go in now!" After that, the few Heaven Old Divine Race s were the first to go in, followed by the various World Defying Stage Clan s who controlled the flying discs, flying towards the gigantic black vortex.
After entering the black whirlpool, Chen Xiang quickly felt the aura of the Natural Law World.
"Motherf * cker, this is my territory." Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart. He was the god here, controlled by the Natural Law World, and now he was actually forced to do whatever he wanted by this group of people. He had to do something.
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