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Just when he was deaf, Hu Wenyun once again roared a few times. That sound wave was extremely terrifying, not only did it dissipate the power of his fists, it even pushed him back like a wave.
"My ear is damaged, Sijing. Beautiful, quickly release all the energy you have in your body." Chen Xiang immediately shouted out, at the same time, he used the World Defying Stage Divine Power to protect his ears, to prevent them from being attacked.
He didn't know that Hu Wenyun would use a sonic wave attack, and that he was extremely proficient at it, causing him to be caught off guard.
But Hu Wenyun knew of his strength, and had watched his battle with Yuan Xufeng before.
"I got taken advantage of by this guy." Chen Xiang was extremely unhappy, and he scolded himself. At this time he had gradually regained his senses, but Hu Wenyun was actually constantly running around him, occasionally attacking him with sound waves, and every time he roared, he would become extremely strong, able to shake Chen Xiang's heart, causing him to feel pain in his bones and muscles.

"Is this guy attacking from afar?" Chen Xiang clenched his teeth: "Fine, since I like to waste time, it's fine to delay."

Chen Xiang's goal was to stall for time, so the opponent had no intention to attack in a hurry.
It had to be said that Hu Wenyun's current methods were extremely powerful. Every time he roared, he would inflict a little bit of damage, causing his body to continuously feel pain.
It was a good thing that he had the power of regeneration that the Mei Jing Sisters provided him with, otherwise, his own recovery would not be able to keep up. If this went on for too long, his body would be crippled by the sound waves.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. When Hu Wenyun saw that Chen Xiang was still spirited, he couldn't help but to be suspicious. He felt that even if it were an expert at Yuan Xufeng's level, after being continuously attacked by the sound wave for three days, they would definitely be injured.
In these three days, it was not only Hu Wenyun who kept on attacking Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang kept on attacking him, so Hu Wenyun also needed to scatter Chen Xiang's power.
"Quite impressive!" Hu Wenyun laughed coldly: "Whatever, next I'll let you see my strongest."

Hu Wenyun became serious at this moment. It looks like he also hid some powerful methods.
At their level, they would need to leave a few moves behind in order to not let their opponents understand them too well. This way, when they fought with their opponents in the future, they would be able to use their overwhelming techniques to turn a defeat into a victory.

But now, seeing that Chen Xiang was so hard to deal with, Hu Wenyun's previous plan was already unworkable. Furthermore, he himself had consumed a lot of energy, so he could only use his own unique moves.
Chen Xiang saw the other party's serious expression and started to worry, but he still did not stop his attacks. His attacks were simple, even with such violent techniques like the Meteor immortal power, it was able to intimidate his opponent, and the opponent would need a lot of strength to defend, so if he accidentally got hit, he would suffer more serious injuries.

Hu Wenyun looked at Chen Xiang, his mouth suddenly opening wide, his entire body trembling extremely quickly, no one knew what he was doing!

"Another sonic wave attack?" Chen Xiang saw that Hu Wenyun looked like he was roaring, but he did not hear a thing.
Just when he was puzzled, he felt a sudden pain in his head. This made him turn pale with fright, because his vision had already turned slightly black.
"Not good, what attack is this?" It had only been a slight pain before, but it was soon replaced by an excruciating pain, causing him to be unable to focus.
"Ha ha!" Hu Wenyun's complacent laughter rang, Chen Xiang only felt his own heart involuntarily ache. Hu Wenyun had already attacked over, and had even used a very powerful force to directly attack his heart.
"Pu" Chen Xiang spat out a mouthful of blood. At this time, his vision was still black and his head was still aching, he did not know what method the other party used to attack him.
"This is a spiritual attack, this guy's mental energy is extremely strong!" Feng Ke'er said: "Even I feel attacked!"
"How?" Chen Xiang could not understand, because his defense was good enough, but he was still hit.

Chen Xiang heard the sounds of the second transformation, it was the sound of Hu Wenyun's fist smashing on him, hitting his face hard, sending him flying, causing his head to go on a rampage again.
"He mixed in with a strange sound wave. This sound wave can create a ripple that can directly send the attack power of his mind into your mind." Feng Ke'er said: "This is a very good technique!"
Chen Xiang immediately took out the Six Realms mirrors. The Six Realms mirrors had become very small now and was placed under the clothes in front of his chest. He let Feng Ke'er activate a defensive formation inside to prevent it from being attacked by the enemy's mind.

The regenerative powers provided by the Mei Jing Sisters were extremely strong, and it was as if two great rivers had poured into his body, healing his injuries.
Chen Xiang crawled up from the ground. Feeling a burst of aura being used, Hu Wenyun attacked him again. He suddenly took a few steps back, and very dangerously avoided Hu Wenyun's attack.
Hu Wenyun never thought that Chen Xiang would actually be able to dodge it!
He immediately used that strange mental attack on Chen Xiang!
This time, Chen Xiang blocked it, but he pretended to be attacked as he laid on the ground.
Seeing Chen Xiang's current state, Hu Wenyun laughed out loud and immediately rushed over, wanting to directly slap Chen Xiang's face. Unexpectedly, the moment he struck out, Chen Xiang also sent out a palm, directly striking him.

What was worse was that Chen Xiang had used the Heaven Blasting Palm, and had even used the power of the Bone-melting magic palm, his palm strike power was much stronger than Hu Wenyun's. Hu Wenyun did not dare to kill him, so he had a sense of propriety when he attacked.
Therefore, after Hu Wenyun struck out, he did not expect that Chen Xiang would still be able to retaliate.
"My hand!" Hu Wenyun was panic-stricken, the bones in his arm were all gone, his arm dropped down.

Their bodies were the most powerful when cultivating without a path, and their bones were also incomparably tough. However, at this moment, they suddenly disappeared. They had never seen this kind of method before.
Chen Xiang stood up, and laughed mischievously, "The same trick, don't even think of using it on me a second time!"

As he said that, he walked over to Hu Wenyun with a few steps. Hu Wenyun was startled, and used his spirit attack on Chen Xiang again, but to no avail.

And Chen Xiang had already slapped his palm across, bringing along Heaven Blasting Palm power and Bone-melting magic palm power!

Pa!! Hu Wenyun's old face was struck hard by Chen Xiang, the wrinkles on his face immediately dropped, the bones on one side of his face had already melted, following that, Chen Xiang smashed his other arm, and melted the bones of that arm away!
"You … "You …" At this time, Hu Wenyun was already unable to speak clearly, let alone opening his mouth wide, even the bones in his mouth had been melted by Chen Xiang.
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