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Some of them could even use Time and space power s, but because the Mu Rong family had always been pursuing benefits, their development had become problematic! The reason why they could develop so quickly was because of Murong Tianqing. However, after Murong Tianqing was heavily injured, they gave up on him because they felt that they had to pay a huge price to cure him.
Now, the reason why the Mu Rong family had fallen into such a predicament was because of their ancestors who were in charge of the Mu Rong family!

The people of the He Clan asked them to use the power of space to get Chen Xiang out at this moment, but they were a little unwilling because the tone of the He Clan was very bad.

"Didn't you already submit to our He Clan? What? Are you disobedient now? " An old man from the He Clan sneered: "Hurry up, wait for Chen Xiang to escape, you guys will have it easy!"

The people of the Mu Rong family were furious, because right now, they were like slaves in the eyes of He Clan, the people of He Clan did not plan to treat them nicely.

"Alright, let's begin now!" If they angered He Clan, their fates would be even worse, because He Clan blamed He Huang's death on them.
"What are they going to do?" Chen Xiang only saw them discussing something from afar, he did not hear anything, but seeing how the faces of the Mu Rong family's old ancestors were tensed up, he felt that something was amiss.
"This is bad!" Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt a fluctuation of energy in the space around him, he was shocked, wanting to escape from the energy of the space. However, even with the Time and space power, he was unable to successfully escape.

"Chen Xiang, come out!" One of the ancestor of the Mu Rong family roared. The reason their Mu Rong family had such an ending was all because of Chen Xiang, they hated him so much.

A few of the Mu Rong family's ancestor successfully teleported Chen Xiang out!
When Chen Xiang was kicked out of the Myriad Tao Forest, he was extremely shocked and terrified. What made him worried was that the space he was in was still sealed by the powerful Time and space power of the Mu Rong family's ancestor.

These ancestor's cultivation level was originally much higher than his, but now that he was trapped inside, he was unable to use his own Time and space power to leave.

"Xiao Ke'er." Chen Xiang anxiously shouted.
Feng Ke'er immediately released the Six Realms mirrors and it appeared under Chen Xiang's feet. It exploded into a ray of white light and enveloped Chen Xiang, and at the same time, the people from the He Clan also began to make their moves, especially the ancestors.

The people from the He Clan did not dare to get closer. They gathered their powerful World Defying Stage Divine Power into a ball of light and shot it towards Chen Xiang's energy shield.
The Six Realms mirrors had carved an array inside it, so the energy shield was able to protect Chen Xiang while absorbing the energy from other people's attacks.

"Chen Cai can't get out of Myriad Tao Forest, this is troublesome, do I need to release the Red fire dragon?" Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, looking at the protective shield released by the Six Realms mirrors, he felt that it would not last long.
"Don't let them go for now. Their ancestors are all so powerful, and if you let them attack you together, they will probably suppress you." Feng Ke'er also felt that the situation was extremely serious, but she remained calm. "Continue to wait, I think I can hold on for a little longer! There is a very strong space-time domain here, and should be released by the ancestors of the Mu Rong family. They are currently using all their might to release their Time and space power, just to trap them here. "

Chen Xiang looked at the few ancestors of the Mu Rong family and grinded his teeth in his heart: "This bunch of old bastards, I will kill them sooner or later, there isn't much I can do about it now."

If the other party was an ordinary Divine Ranked World Defying Stage, he would dare to release the Red fire dragon but there are many Patriarchs of the World Defying Stage Clan here today. Once the Red fire dragon is released, they will definitely receive serious injuries from their combined attack.

"This guy's divine artifact is really scary. It can actually block our many attacks."

"Should we go closer and use Divine Weapons to attack him?"

"Do not go near him. This guy is very strange and we have to slowly deplete his energy bit by bit. He definitely needs a lot of power to use that divine tool to protect himself. As long as we drag it out, they will collapse sooner or later."

"You bastards!" Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly Alchemy Emperor seal and injected its power into it, then he pushed it towards the group of ancestors. He released the power of the World Defying beast and formed a seal made from Red fire dragon, which he sent towards them.

The Red fire dragon roared and rushed forward, scattering all the World Defying Stage Divine Power s that were coming at them.
The patriarchs of the World Defying Stage Clan were powerful indeed. When they saw the Dragon Seal Seat, they immediately attacked together and destroyed it in an instant.
"Chen Xiang, you have to hold on!" Chen Cai was also very anxious inside because he could not come out. He was the Heaven Old Orcs, and he would not be able to come out without Chen Xiang.

The group of ancestors attacked consecutively, but it seemed as if they were not tired at all as they crazily attacked Chen Xiang, wanting to break his protective shield or exhaust all of his strength.

They had adopted a very conservative approach, because they already knew that Chen Xiang being able to kill Murong Dihua meant that Chen Xiang already had the strength to defeat warriors of their level, so they didn't dare to get too close.
Chen Xiang was extremely furious. Being surrounded and attacked by this group of old fellows, he could only be forced to defend, unable to retaliate at all!
"One day, I will make you all die under our Red fire dragon." Chen Xiang roared in his heart, the current situation was completely forced out of him by the World Defying Stage Clan.
A series of muffled sounds came from behind him, a burst of berserk barrier energy surged over. This caused Chen Xiang to be extremely happy, because the mysterious barrier that sealed the Myriad Tao Forest had already been broken.


The roar of a beast shook the earth as it came crashing over. The black fog that had previously covered the area had already swept over, enveloping everyone within.

"Hurry up!" One of the ancestor shouted in shock, the aura of the countless Heaven Old Orcs s had already scared them stiff, they could not care less about dealing with Chen Xiang, because if they did not leave now, they would not have the chance to.
None of them expected that the Myriad Tao Forest was hiding such a terrifying power. The He Clan knew that there were very strong people inside, but their kind of gold-robed Slave in Purple Costume was not many. Furthermore, once they met one of them, they would be eaten.

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