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The golden needles in Feng Ke'er's hands were so powerful that it made Chen Xiang want to obtain more of these ingredients.

"Ke Er, where did you get this golden needle?" Is there anything else? " Chen Xiang asked.

"There's no more, there's only this one in the entire Myriad Tao, it's very hard to find any more, it's something that I have spent many years of hard work to refine." Feng Ke'er said proudly. "Am I very powerful?"

"You actually know how to refine this kind of thing!" Chen Xiang did not expect that Feng Ke'er had actually refined it himself.
"Of course, it's very boring to guard that Myriad Tao Treasure all day. I have to find something to do, okay? And I knew how to forge artifacts. " Feng Ke'er flapped his wings a few times, and said: "The wings on my back were also refined by me, is it nice to watch?"

"Good!" Chen Xiang laughed, this Feng Ke'er was a seal set up by someone else, because after experiencing many years, this seal slowly produced a spirit, and then after many years of cultivation, the spirit finally became spirit.
Moreover, she definitely knew some refining methods. After all, the person who placed the seal on her knew how to forge artifacts. Who knows?

"Do you have anything powerful? I can stay in there. " Feng Ke'er said.

"Yes, I just don't know if you like it." Chen Xiang took out his Six Realms mirrors.
When Feng Ke'er saw it, her cute little eyes immediately lit up, and she rushed in.
"This is really a good place …" "It's just that the formation here is too weak. I'll help you change it." Feng Ke'er said: "Anyway, I have nothing to do now."
The Six Realms mirrors's mirror could record multiple great formations, and these great formations were all extremely powerful, but in Feng Ke'er's eyes, they were too weak.

After Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, he was also very happy, because Feng Ke'er could help him improve his Six Realms mirrors even more, and increase his strength.
felt that this little demon girl would definitely make Xue Xianxian and the others fall for her. At this moment, he wondered if he could bring this little demon girl to the Hundreds of Flowers Village in the future.
"Now you are going to the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect. Once you are outside, I will see if I can sense that large rock. If I can sense it, I will let the big rock run out and you can go get it." Feng Ke'er said: "Be careful on the road. Those guys might have other ways to find me."
Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was not afraid. He could dodge using the Time and space power, but even now, the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect and the others did not know that he was able to use the Time and space power.
"Alright!" Chen Xiang had already rushed to World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect.
The World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect was located in a place that was covered in dense clouds all year round, just above the clouds. At this time, he was already here, but he did not go up.

"Xiao Ke'er, I'm already at the bottom of World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect!" Chen Xiang said: "Didn't you say that you could let that boulder escape?"
"Yes, I'll start now." Feng Ke'er ran out from Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors.
She looked at the thick clouds in the sky and could immediately tell that the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect was there.

"I feel it!" After Feng Ke'er finished speaking, she closed her beautiful transparent butterfly wings and her petite body started to tremble.
"Oh no, World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect will definitely know that this little girl has caused such a commotion." Chen Xiang's face changed. He had to prepare to take this little demon girl away anytime he wanted.

Not long after Feng Ke'er started, Chen Xiang sensed an aura from below. Without saying a word, he immediately put his arms around the little girl and used the Time and space power to teleport away.

However, the moment he left, several white-robed old men appeared in the air! They were all Original Ancestor s inside the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect, so they could obviously feel the aura below. Furthermore, it made them extremely shocked; they never thought that Feng Ke'er would actually come here himself.

Chen Xiang brought Feng Ke'er and teleported to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum with a few moves. He felt that it would be safer here, but he was still very worried.

He had met one of the Original Ancestor s before, and it was Luo Jianhao's grandfather who had cultivated the Primordial Divine Body.
And now, he saw other Original Ancestor s. These Original Ancestor s were actually all experts who had cultivated the Primordial Divine Body.
"You reacted so fast, we were almost finished." Feng Ke'er's white and cute face was also filled with shock, and looked as if she was still in a daze from the shock. Previously, when she was in the middle of cultivating, she did not consider all these, but when she did, it was already too late, allowing Chen Xiang to react in time.
"It's good that you're safe. I thought you'd be able to complete the mission quietly. I didn't think that there would be such a big commotion." Chen Xiang said.
"I forgot... I can sense the big rock. After I sensed it, I wanted to see if I could control the big rock to leave. I wanted to try it. Feng Ke'er frowned, and said softly: "I'm sorry, I was wrong!"
"It's fine, it's safe now! I also did not expect those old Original Ancestor s to actually cultivate an arrogant divine body. " This discovery made Chen Xiang even more so unable to look down on the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect.
As the descendant of the strong warriors who were executed by the Myriad Tao back then, the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect still possessed a lot of power.
"Now I can only wait. In another month, the boulder will gather enough power. When that time comes, I only need to get close. With a thought, the boulder will escape by itself." Feng Ke'er said.
"They have so many World Defying Stage Gods. Will they be able to break the seal on the boulder?" Chen Xiang was a little worried, the great stone was the treasure of the Myriad Tao, he did not wish for the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect to obtain it.
"Don't worry, they won't be able to break the seal." Feng Ke'er said with complete confidence, "I understand … It's just that I don't know why they were so clear about this matter, they seemed to know of my existence, and even wanted to capture me.
"I want to know as well. I was planning to ask you!" This was also something that Chen Xiang was extremely suspicious of. The fall of the Myriad Tao's most precious treasure, was actually obtained by the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect.
Afterwards, the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain also knew that they had sent people out to find Feng Ke'er. It was clear that they were very clear about what was going to happen with the Myriad Tao's treasure.

"I'll let your Six Realms mirrors become stronger first. At that time, if you encounter a dangerous situation, the Six Realms mirrors can also help." Feng Ke'er was very serious at this moment. She also knew that the World Defying Stage s were very strong, and Chen Xiang wasn't their match.
He still had to wait for another month, and this made Chen Xiang a little impatient.

"I have to hurry up and grow the Tianyuan holy body Dan's medicinal ingredients."
Chen Xiang anxiously used the power of time to change his own time. This way, he could change one month into thirty months.

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