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Ao Shi Forest had always been peaceful. Now that there was such a big commotion, all the old guys hiding inside were alarmed. Those who were brave immediately ran over to take a look.
Not long after Chen Xiang left, there were a few dozen elders floating in the air, looking down at the forest that was growing and recovering quickly.

"What the hell is this guy? He actually fought like this!"
"Yeah, it's been a long time since there's such a commotion. I feel like there's only us guys who have such strength. Could it be that we've just arrived?"
"Even the World Defying artifact have appeared … Could it be that he used the World Defying Stage Divine Power Orb to activate the World Defying artifact to fight? Only the Forget-me Divine Race will have World Defying artifact! "
It should be the Forget-me Divine Race, there's still some of their Qi left, but it seems like they have been killed, who was it!

"There's going to be a good show, the Forget-me Divine Race and other Emperor Stage Venerable Ancestor will definitely come in one by one, hehe!"
"Who exactly is the Forget-me Divine Race heated up? He actually ate so much that even his World Defying artifact was killed by someone else. That fellow is also incredible!"
Chen Xiang, who was far away from the battlefield, heard the conversation of these Rankers through the Heaven devouring rat hiding in the vicinity. He was secretly surprised, he never thought that there were actually so many old fellows in the Ao Shi Forest, and it seemed like he did not even have any good impressions of the Forget-me Divine Race s.
Furthermore, the trees in the forest were very strange. They had already been destroyed during the battle, but now they were regrowing again. Even the soil that was blown away by the battle qi was gradually recovering!
It was just that not long after, the battlefield which was riddled with wounds just now, had already changed to its original state. It was impossible for Chen Xiang to see how much damage had been done, which made Chen Xiang very surprised.
Fortunately, these Heaven devouring rat could still be nurtured from the Dragon Beast. As long as he infused enough energy into the Dragon Beast Rat emporer beads, it would be able to give birth to a steady stream of Heaven devouring rat.

The Heaven devouring rat had given him a lot of convenience, so he continued to release the Heaven devouring rat to investigate the Yellow Rank ancestors.
"Those fellows will definitely return. They have lost a World Defying artifact and a Emperor Stage Venerable Ancestor! We might have to send out more powerful forces, so it's unlikely that someone will deal with me alone. " Chen Xiang thought.
The World Defying artifact was not of much use to him right now, because he was unable to activate it. He would need the World Defying Stage Divine Power to activate it.
"I don't know when it will come, but I have to be on guard." Chen Xiang was a little depressed at the moment. He also wanted to try out that World Defying artifact, but he couldn't step into the World Defying Stage yet.

"Yes, if Sijing and the others stepped into the World Defying Stage, they would be able to obtain the World Defying Stage Divine Power and directly provide it to me. That way, I would be able to use that World Defying artifact." Chen Xiang was now really looking forward to the moment Jiang Sijing stepped into the World Defying Stage.
The fact that Jiang Sijing had stepped into the World Defying Stage meant that Jiang Simei would be coming soon, and then would be Long Qiumu!
If Long Qiumu managed to cultivate to World Defying Stage, her strength would definitely increase. After all, she had a lot of experience in battles.
Chen Xiang was currently hiding inside the tree cave and was using the Counter Power to conceal himself. As long as he did not emit his aura, the Emperor Stage Venerable Ancestor would not be able to sense him.
"I wonder how Old Tang is doing, don't look for him for now." Chen Xiang planned to wait inside till the World Defying Stage Divine Mausoleum opened, and then go see Tang Zhongjie.

When Tang Zhongjie was with his friends at this time, he had already heard that Chen Xiang had defeated Emperor Stage Venerable Ancestor and even snatched away the World Defying artifact in the Emperor Stage Venerable Ancestor's hands. This made him extremely happy, and he could only silently hope that Chen Xiang could smoothly pass through the Forget-me Divine Race's chase.
… ….

After a few days, Chen Xiang who was hiding in the tree cave suddenly shivered, his Heaven devouring rat sensed a few extremely terrifying auras, they were already close to the type that belonged to World Defying Stage, if he was not sure that the World Defying Stage was unable to enter the Everlasting Forest, he would have thought that the auras were released by the World Defying Stage Warriors.
"Their speed is beautiful, my Heaven devouring rat can't even see their figures." Chen Xiang was even more surprised: "Could he be heading towards me!?"

Although the Heaven devouring rat could not see the experts flying at high speeds, it could sense that they were heading towards him. However, he also felt that it was impossible, because he had obviously concealed his aura. Even if the other party had that secret technique, they would definitely not be able to discover him!
"Do they have other secret skills?" Chen Xiang could only guess, after all there were those in the Forget-me Divine Race who knew how to use the Heaven extended method s.
He flew out of the tree hole. The moment he flew out, he sensed that the auras were nearby!

"So powerful, are they really from World Defying Stage?" Chen Xiang felt a tinge of fear in his heart, but he then suddenly teleported. Just as he teleported, he sensed a scorching Qi at the place he was previously at, following which a wave of flames surged towards him.
A large portion of the trees in the Everlasting Forest were enveloped in flames, and Chen Xiang was right in that area just now!

Chen Xiang turned his head to look at the raging flames and couldn't help but shiver in his heart. If he was the one at the center of the flames earlier and was struck like this, he wasn't sure if he would have been able to withstand it.

At this moment, he heard another rumbling sound, accompanied by waves of violent thunder and lightning aura!
"They didn't notice that I had already left, so they made their second attack." Chen Xiang took a deep breath, the people Forget-me Divine Race had sent were extremely powerful.
"Not good, they're coming!" Chen Xiang didn't know why, but the other party would always be able to discover him.
He immediately teleported away and quickly left the area!
Just like before, just as he left, the place where he was previously at was met with a thunderous barrage of attacks. Luckily, this forest was able to quickly restore itself, otherwise, the entire forest would be destroyed.

Chen Xiang was currently teleporting away nonstop, not daring to stay where he was. Otherwise, he would be in danger!
Although the old men in the forest were surprised, they did not find it strange. They seemed to already know that someone had offended Forget-me Divine Race and was currently being chased by him with all their might.
"There are actually seven of them. Moreover, they are all very close to each other, so they should be able to pinpoint my location. I can't sneak attack them at all, and their own defenses are very solid as well!" Chen Xiang could be considered to have met his match this time, "The late stage Ancestors are truly frightening, each of them possessing such powerful strength, just what background does this Forget-me Divine Race have?!"
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