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After Chen Xiang woke up, the Time Ghost immediately shouted, "You rascal, why did you suddenly come to my place to sleep? What was going on? "You scared me to death! I thought you were going to die here!"

"You're in Time Ghost, and you're afraid you'll be scared to death? You're a scary person yourself, okay? " Chen Xiang said snappily: "Oh right, how's Well-informed Ghost doing recently? I want to visit him. "
"He's been bored lately. You can go find him." Time Ghost said: "Right, are you going to make a deal with me this time?"
"Of course, but not now, I have to find Well-informed Ghost first!" Chen Xiang said: "I'll be going now, I'll be back soon!"
Chen Xiang teleported to Well-informed Ghost's room. Seeing that Chen Xiang had arrived, Well-informed Ghost was immediately overjoyed.
"Big Boss, you're finally here, hehe." The Well-informed Ghost laughed: "You aren't just here to see me right?"
"Of course not, it's not like I can't see you!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I just want to ask something. I want to give you two hundred billion Dao crystal.

Two hundred billion was not a small amount, Well-informed Ghost immediately agreed. It had been a long time since he had earned so many Dao crystal s and he was willing to pay the price.
"Have you heard about the Myriad Tao Dan God?" Chen Xiang asked.
"I've heard that this person is very mysterious. I've only heard of him before, but I'm not sure about his origins. I only know that our Ghost Emperor is very afraid of him, and is always very respectful towards him!" This Myriad Tao Dan God has built something called an Everlasting Pellet Academy in the Colorful Forest. " The Time Ghost said.
"What about the Yuan Family?" Chen Xiang asked again. The elders of the Yuan Family wanted to capture him and even wanted to take revenge.

"Yuan Family? This is a huge family, and one that is very close to the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable. There are many outstanding Alchemist in the Yuan Family, and these Alchemist all seem to come from the prideful Pill Academy. " The Well-informed Ghost then continued, "In short, the Yuan Family is a huge family that is very close to the Flying Dragon Ghost Realm and the White Bones Imperial. The two of them are taking advantage of each other!"
"It's actually this powerful!" Chen Xiang never thought that the Yuan Family would have such a position.
"How much do you know about the Yuan Family?" The more useful it is! " Chen Xiang said: "The Yuan Family has pissed me off, I want to take revenge on them."

"This... "This is not a wise move. After all, the Yuan family is very powerful. Without absolute power, you can't act rashly." Although he understood Chen Xiang a lot, he knew that Chen Xiang still had a certain level of strength.
"I know, that's why I'm here to ask you about it. I'm here to find out about the Yuan Family!" Chen Xiang asked, "Is there anything else that's powerful in the Yuan Family?"

Well-informed Ghost thought for a moment, then said: "I heard … I heard that the strongest person in the Yuan Family already belongs to the World Defying Stage. This was all because he obtained a half crippled World Defying soul with the help of the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable. "
Chen Xiang had heard that the World Defying Stage Evil Ancestor was everywhere to cultivate his strength, but he didn't think that a power like the Yuan Family would be in his sights.

"This is not easy to deal with!" Chen Xiang sighed, now, only by entering the World Defying Stage would he be able to take care of the Yuan Family.
"Not bad, not easy to deal with." Well-informed Ghost replied, "Is there anything else you want to ask?"
"Is your Ghost Emperor also a member of the World Defying Stage?" Chen Xiang asked.
"Yes, this is all due to me obtaining a half crippled World Defying soul." The Well-informed Ghost sighed, "Our Ghost Emperor's life is not so good now. After all, the Half Crippled World Defying soul is someone else's, it's not something that he can get for nothing. He has to pay a certain price."
"I know that!" Chen Xiang could understand the feelings of the Well-informed Ghost. The Ghost Emperor was, after all, the strongest person in their hearts, but right now, he was being controlled.

Chen Xiang did not have a good impression of the Ghost Emperor, he had already sold them to the Dragon Demons.
"Well-informed Ghost, how much do you know about the Primordial Pill Academy? "For example, the Vice Principal of the Empyrean Pill Academy." Chen Xiang said: "Do you know him?"
"Of course I know that this Vice Principal is very famous. He claims to be the last disciple of the Myriad Tao Dan God, and the only disciple of the Myriad Tao Dan God as well." Of course I know that this Vice Principal is very famous, he claims to be the last disciple of the Myriad Tao Dan God, and he is also the only disciple of the Myriad Tao Dan God. Well-informed Ghost said: "This guy is not someone who is easy to deal with. He is very cunning, but on the surface, he looks very good."
"This guy is a bastard." Chen Xiang coldly snorted: "Sooner or later, I will let him know the outcome of offending me, Chen Xiang! Don't you dare spout nonsense like I'm hiding here. "

"Of course not, you are a big customer of mine and Time Ghost's! Furthermore, we have no interest in selling you out, so those guys never put us brats in their eyes. Well-informed Ghost said, as long as they did not say anything, no one would know that Chen Xiang was here.
"That's good! This 100 billion is for you, as long as I get stronger, I will earn even more Dao crystal, and I will definitely not treat my partner unfairly. " Chen Xiang gave the Well-informed Ghost another one hundred billion Dao crystal.
He felt that it was a great pity. If he could stay in the Ascendant Pill Academy, he might be able to earn even more. However, that place was already under the control of the vice principal.
"Oh right, Chen Xiang, I heard one thing, I don't know if it's true or not." Well-informed Ghost suddenly said: "You might be more concerned about this matter!"

"Tell me about it!" Chen Xiang said.

"I heard that the High Priest has entered." Well-informed Ghost's words shocked Chen Xiang.
Before the High Priest had helped the World Defying dragon demon to break the seal, he should not have entered this Myriad Tao Mausoleum, but now he had!

"Is this true?" Chen Xiang did not dare believe it.

If the High Priest came in, then the World Defying dragon demon might have already broken the seal.

"I just heard that... I'm not sure if it's true, but I'll ask around. Come and ask me later. " The Well-informed Ghost said.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang had thought that he could quickly step into the World Defying Stage and get rid of the High Priest.

When Chen Xiang returned to Time Ghost's room, he thought to himself, "Don't worry, this Well-informed Ghost has only heard of it, and has not confirmed it yet!"
Previously, when World Defying Stage Dragon Ancestor had counted, it was not easy for World Defying dragon demon to break the seal. However, he could not help but be worried, if the World Defying dragon demon came out, it would pose a huge threat to him.

Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths, then gave Time Ghost some Dao crystal. He wanted to buy some time, so that he could quickly refine a large number of Heaven and Earth infinite Dan that were refined using the Crash method.
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