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Chen Xiang arrived at the villa, found the room that Lin Jitian lived in, and went in. Inside, he saw Bat Super Venerable sleeping soundly on the ground, while Lin Jitian was also exhausted.
One look was enough to tell that they had all been infected by Dragon magic poison!

"What's going on? I remember that they all have Dragon Magic Dan s! " Chen Xiang hurriedly took out two Dragon Magic Dan s and stuffed them into their mouths.
They recovered their spirits immediately after eating it!

"Chen Xiang... You gave us Dragon Magic Dan s to eat? " Lin Jitian sighed: "What a waste! We're already safe now anyway, so we just need to sleep. This time, we suffered greatly from the battle with the Dragon Demons, and this is because our Dragon Magic Dan s are not enough. "
"Oh? Tell me about it! " Chen Xiang asked anxiously. When he first came in, he saw many people like Lin Jitian.

It had to be known that Lin Jitian and Bat Super Venerable were both Supreme Realm late stage Rankers. They were all extremely tired, so there was no need to talk about the rest of the Six Gods Stage s.
"The Dragon magic poison of the Dragon Demons are even more powerful now. The current Dragon Magic Dan can't hold on for long. The moment we went to the Transmission array, it rained the moment we started fighting the Dragon Demons." Lin Jitian said.

There was no need for him to continue speaking, Chen Xiang could guess.
"Are those rain clouds Dragon magic poison?" Chen Xiang asked.
Lin Jitian and Bat Super Venerable nodded their heads, "Then we will immediately retreat. We will protect the Six Gods Stage with our Tai Zun realm, and distance ourselves from the Transmission array before the poison breaks out."
"Afterwards, we were like this several times in a row. We didn't even see many Dragon Demons before we immediately retreated." Bat Super Venerable said: "The current Dragon Demons are very smart, and their overall strength is very strong. They are also very good at using the advantages of Dragon magic poison s to deal with us."

"Our Dragon Magic Dan will be back soon after it is used up. After this, the price of the Dragon Magic Dan will definitely skyrocket." Lin Jitian said in an extremely displeased tone: "This Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect is really something, why not be a bit more generous and sell it off at a low price? To disciples of us who are not Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, we are actually selling them at one hundred million. I bought ten of them, but all of them have been used up. "
"Me too!" Bat Super Venerable was also helpless: "I really want to snatch the guy that sold Dragon Magic Dan!"

Chen Xiang immediately laughed: "Don't worry, I have refined all of the Dragon Magic Dan here, and their effects are even stronger! The next time you guys go, I will give you even better Dragon Magic Dan s. I promise you all, even if you drink a whole jar of Dragon magic poison, you won't sleep. "

"Really? How come I heard that the Dragon magic herb is controlled by the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect's Zhao Clan? Furthermore, that kid from Zhao Clan has a grudge with you. " Lin Jitian said.
"This is my secret, so don't spout nonsense. But when the time comes, you'll need the help of Little Bat." Chen Xiang said: "Little Bat, didn't I enter the Dragon Devil Dead Land with you back then? At that time, if Zhao Clan asks me about the origins of the Dragon magic herb, you can just say that you found a lot of golden grass with me in Dragon Devil Dead Land! "
"Good!" I like doing these kind of things the most. If this Zhao Clan uses this chance to raise the price, you must definitely kill them all. " The Bat Super Venerable said.
"It's unlikely for me to kill him, but I can still cripple him." Chen Xiang laughed.
There was a certain cost for Zhao Clan to cultivate and refine Dragon magic herb. Once they could not compete with Chen Xiang, they would lose a lot of money.
"Alright, I will go and see the price of the Dragon Magic Dan now!" Chen Xiang said.
Before, he had already understood that Dragon Magic Dan s required a hundred million Dao crystal even if they were disciples of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect s. Previously, it was only fifty million.

After this event, the price of the Dragon Magic Dan would definitely skyrocket!
When Chen Xiang was in the Villa, he had met people from the Zhao Clan. They had actually come to sell their Dragon Magic Dan, and they had called a price of four hundred million Dao crystal for one pellet!
When many people heard this price, they immediately cursed and did not buy it!
When the people of the Zhao Clan saw that many people were so angry, they also lowered their prices, selling it for three hundred million! This was acceptable for many people, but they didn't buy it because they had used up most of the Dao crystal and didn't have much Dao crystal left.
Furthermore, they were going to fight to the death and even had to use their own Dao crystal. This made them very uncomfortable.

At this time, many people were happy that Chen Xiang had arrived, but they were also disappointed. The only thing Chen Xiang could refine was the Six Shenprofound Dan, and the fact that he had cheated Zhao Clan once made many people feel that he had done a good job.
"I have Dragon Magic Dan, and only sell them for one hundred million!" Chen Xiang suddenly said, he felt that the one hundred million Dao crystal was more suitable, many people previously bought two hundred million.
When the middle-aged man from the Zhao Clan heard that, he sneered: "Chen Xiang, do you have that many Dragon Magic Dan in your hands? And the Dragon Magic Dan you refined is authentic? "
"How could you question my, Chen Xiang's, reputation?" Chen Xiang laughed heartily, "How bad is the reputation of your Zhao Clan?
"Chen Xiang, you really have Dragon Magic Dan. How many are there now? If it was only one hundred million Dao crystal, we would definitely buy it. " Someone suddenly said.

"I only have a thousand pills right now, and my Dragon Magic Dan's effects are twice that of the Zhao Clan's, so whoever eats it will know." Chen Xiang anxiously took out a jade box. Opening it, there were a thousand black pellets, these were all Dragon Magic Dan s.

When many people saw this, they all shouted that they wanted to buy it.
Chen Xiang restricted everyone from buying more than two pills, and at the same time, everyone here was queuing up to buy more pills, while the people from Zhao Clan beside them were extremely furious, Chen Xiang actually stole their business.
A thousand grains were soon sold out.
"No rush, no rush. I can bring out another batch very soon. Everyone, wait patiently." Chen Xiang laughed: "However, when the time comes, I hope that everyone will help me publicize the effects of my Dragon Magic Dan, so as to not let some people mock me."

"Your Dragon Magic Dan is really good, its effects are not only twice that of the Zhao Clan's!" An old man said. He was from the Late period of Tai Zun realm, and knew a lot about pills, so after he ate one, he could feel the strong medicinal power: "Your Dragon Magic Dan still contains the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power, and this Heavenly Alchemy immortal power is also resistant to Dragon magic poison!"
"Senior, thank you for appraising it." Chen Xiang immediately said gratefully: "You guys should still have to rest for another month. Wait a month for me, I will refine even more Dragon Magic Dan as soon as possible, so that everyone will be able to buy even more effective Dragon Magic Dan with just a few."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he hurriedly left. All of them were here to represent the sect, although they were currently using their own Dao crystal to purchase Dragon Magic Dan, their sect would definitely compensate them with Dao crystal s.
"Zhao Clan, let's see how you will die this time!" Chen Xiang whistled and flew back to the small island, waiting for the Golden Dragon Magic herb to ripen again.
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