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Chen Xiang had tried using the Six Realms mirrors, but he couldn't fly. Previously, when he was in Primitive Land, he could also fly with the little Vermillion Bird, but he couldn't do it here.

"Because that broken bird has the law of flight, so it can fly." The sword spirit said with a smile, "If you want to fly, then find a way to practice the Law of Flight. However, the Law of Flight can be considered a very rare Law."
"There is actually such a law." Chen Xiang was very surprised at this.
"Because the law limits the flight speed, so there is the law power to break through the flight limit." The sword spirit said, "If you were to find the Myriad Tao Divine Stele, you would have found out how difficult it is to obtain the Law of Flight, so many people chose not to fly."
Chen Xiang actually wanted to go to the Myriad Tao Divine Stele to take a look, but he was in a dangerous area now, so it was impossible for him to return. He had already walked for more than half a year on this road.

Therefore, he could only brace himself and continue forward.
"According to the map, as long as we pass through the forest with Dragon wolf, we would be able to reach a desert." Chen Xiang recalled the map: "If they took a detour, they would definitely pass through that desert, and if I passed through the forest faster, I would be able to catch up to them."
Passing through the forest was the same as walking straight to the desert. If one took a detour, they would need to walk in a big circle to reach the desert.
Several days had passed and Chen Xiang didn't discover anything within the forest. That Elder Zhong had only entered the forest for a few days before meeting those Dragon wolf and returning with heavy injuries.
"Could it be because I used Counter Power Stealth, that I was not discovered by the Dragon wolf?" Chen Xiang felt that it was very possible that the Dragon wolf could not detect him. This was a good thing for him, he wouldn't need to worry about encountering danger in this forest.
Chen Xiang was carefully running in the forest. Because he could not fly, and because his Shrinking step could more or less make a lot of noise, when he was running frantically, he made quite a few noises. At first, Chen Xiang was worried that he would attract Dragon wolf, but after running for a few days, he did not discover anything.

However, about ten days after he entered the forest, he suddenly heard a wolf howl.
Hearing the voice, Chen Xiang subconsciously jumped onto a nearby big tree, and jumped up and down a few times.

Not long after he climbed up the tree, he saw a wolf covered in golden dragon scales pounce at the spot where he was just standing.
"Is this the Dragon wolf?" Chen Xiang held his breath. When the Dragon wolf came over, its aura was extremely terrifying.
There was only one Dragon wolf here, he was sniffing the smell on the ground.

Chen Xiang gulped down his saliva. This Dragon wolf was indeed very strong, just its head alone was enough to frighten him, especially those terrifying waves of dragons.

Although he was afraid, Chen Xiang wanted to kill the Dragon wolf more.
This Dragon wolf was as big as a horse. Compared to many other savage beasts, this one was considered very small. However, the aura it exuded was extremely powerful, similar to that of a dragon's.
The Dragon wolf was very cautious, it caused him to be sure that his senses were not wrong. Just now, he had been running frantically here, but when he called for his comrades, he suddenly disappeared.
Chen Xiang carefully took out the Heavenly magic sword, and then changed it into the Nine-Xiao Divine Bow.
"Senior Sword Spirit, I saw the Dragon wolf. I have already turned the Heavenly magic sword into a bow." Chen Xiang said to the sword spirit: "Can you always give me a bit of strength? I'm worried that my arrows will not be able to pierce through this guy's body."
The sword spirit immediately sensed his surroundings, after discovering the Dragon wolf, he exclaimed: "So this is the Dragon wolf, there's a very strong primal dragon way energy in your body."
"Primordial Dao of Dragon Energy." Chen Xiang felt that this should be something similar to the ancient Dragon Power, but the way they were addressed was different.

"This is the power of the Original Tao, the power of the Primordial Ancestral Dragon, in other words, the Dragon Path. Be it humans or beasts, they can all cultivate in the Dao of Dragon, but the power of the Dragon Path is not an ordinary power of laws, only the people from the Original Tao have this power, it's especially powerful."
"The Dragon wolf should be a wolf-type savage beast that has absorbed the primordial dragon's dao energy."
"Going to the Myriad Tao Divine Stele is unable to exchange for Primordial Dao of Dragon Energy?" Chen Xiang asked, "You even have the power of the Law of Flight?"
"No, if there was, Original Tao would not have formed one of the three great Daos, and although he was the weakest and had a small number of disciples, neither the Heavenly Dao nor the way of the sword dared to bully him. It can be seen how strong he is, and most of their power came from this Primitive Tao Power."
"If you want to pierce through this fellow's scales, you will need to condense an extremely strong God Slaying Sword Force in order to break through his defense. This is not a difficult matter for you or me." The sword spirit said.

"Alright, I'll condense the God Slaughtering Sword's power right now."
Chen Xiang used the mental cultivation method from the God Murdering Sword Techniques to condense the sword force. At this time, he could also feel the sword spirit releasing a very strong sword force, fusing with his and condensing an arrow.
"This guy shouted just now. He should be calling for his companions. We have to get rid of him as soon as possible." Chen Xiang immediately pulled the bow open, and shot out an arrow, which pierced the Dragon wolf's head.

"Done." Chen Xiang immediately went over, grabbed the Dragon wolf's corpse and threw it inside the You Yao Mountain Villa. Then he hastily jumped away from the place he was at and arrived at a tree.
He did not need much strength to kill a Dragon wolf just now, which made him very excited.
"Senior, do you think we can continue?" Chen Xiang asked. Although he had already gotten one, he felt that it was not enough.

"Up to you. Just be careful." The sword spirit said.
Very quickly, five Dragon wolf came over, all of them were relatively close, and were able to make it here in time.
Chen Xiang took a deep breath and condensed five arrows from the Nine Heavens Divine Bow, each of which was aimed at the five Dragon wolf s.
The five Dragon wolf seemed to know that their companions had died, and started howling in anger. Just as they were howling, the five arrows from the Nine-Xiao God Bow shot out, piercing through the heads of the five Dragon wolf.

The Dragon wolf instantly fell to the ground. Chen Xiang went over and put the Dragon wolf's corpse away, then very carefully left the place. As long as he used the Shrinking step to slowly walk, there would be no sound.
When he used the Counter Power, not only did he become invisible, he also completely concealed his aura. As long as he did not encounter something like the Heavenly spirit crow, he would not be discovered.
Before Chen Xiang left, he encountered more than ten Dragon wolf, but he did not make a move. There were far more than thirty of them, or at the very least, a few hundred.
Therefore, he decided to stay away from this place to avoid any unexpected incidents that might cause him to fall into a predicament. This book came from the 17K section, so the first thing he did was to look at the original content!
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