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"My father is already preparing. Right now, the only thing we can do is to increase our defense, lay a powerful Spirit Formation, and then develop it." Long Shuangru said: "Other than that, there is no other way, we are not a match for the evil way."

"I've already asked the wargod team to return. A while ago, your master was captured and threatened. We were worried about this, so we asked them to come back. They are all your weakness." Long Huishan laughed helplessly.
Chen Xiang pondered for a moment, then asked: "Sister Feng, are you able to concoct the second Crash's middle grade Emperor Stage pills?"

"Third, but I need the cooperation of three people. Currently, I will divide them all into small groups of three to refine the super high quality Dao god emporer Yuan Dan and Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core." Feng Yujie said.

When you guys train in Tao profound Door, try to open it up to 50 times or even higher. Chen Xiang said.
Chen Xiang had asked Du Xiaoling to pass the message earlier, so Lv Qilian and the others knew the importance of cultivating in the Tao profound Door.

Chen Xiang was completely opened by the Tao profound Door now, but they didn't have the conditions that Chen Xiang did, because they needed a lot of Dao god emporer Yuan Dan.
"Don't worry about that, we've already agreed on it. It's still difficult to completely open the 80 points like you, but 80 shouldn't be a problem, but it will take some time." Feng Yujie laughed: "You don't need to worry about us refining pills, we can do it ourselves."
"Good!" I plan to make a trip to the Devil Wasteland, the gate to the Great Way of the Evil Heaven is probably right inside, I need to check it out first! Chen Xiang said.
"Is there any danger? Why don't you accompany Elder Sister Xiao Ling!" Lv Qilian said: "She went to Devil Wasteland with Ziqian before."

"No need. It's better if she stays here." Chen Xiang said. If Du Xiaoling was here, even if Heavenly Dragon City and Hundreds of Flowers Village were to be surrounded and attacked, with her and Great Landlord working together, they would definitely be able to handle it.
Seeing that Chen Xiang wanted to take the risk and explore the Devil Wasteland, Long Huishan tactfully pulled Long Shuangru out of the room, allowing Feng Yujie and Lv Qilian to accompany him for a while.
As soon as Long Huishan and Long Shuangru left, their faces flushed red, and they snorted lightly.
"What are you laughing at, quickly come in!" Lv Qilian rolled his eyes at the Chen Xiang who was currently laughing naughtily, and then walked into the room.
"Little Scoundrel, you got Ziqian in your hands, sure!" Feng Yujie lightly pinched the flesh on Chen Xiang's arm.
Chen Xiang carried Feng Yujie with a smile, and then came to a large bed. He began to play with the two girls on it.
"Damned little scoundrel, why do you have the faint fragrance of an emperor's lotus on you …" It can't be, you even harmed Qinlian! " Lv Qilian was her sister, she never thought that this would happen so suddenly.

"Yeah, do you want to call her in? You sisters …" Before Chen Xiang could finish, he was pinched painfully by Lv Qilian.

After that, Chen Xiang had a good time with the two girls.
… ….

Outside, Long Huishan and Long Shuangru heard the voices from inside and secretly looked down at Chen Xiang.

"This guy, relying on his own impenetrable, ate both Qinlian and Ziqian. What a little scoundrel." Long Shuangru laughed softly. Back then, Chen Xiang had also teased her before, when Chen Xiang was still very weak back then, but he did not care about his life as he teased her, this dragon.
"Hmph. You don't know. I've been taken advantage of by this little scoundrel before."

Long Huishan also felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. Previously, Chen Xiang had kissed her, and she had known him for a long time, even though the two of them had addressed each other as brother and sister, they had a very special relationship.
"We should hurry up and delay Xue Yi. If she finds out that Chen Xiang is inside, she would definitely join in the argument. At that time, it wouldn't be good." Long Huishan laughed.
Long Shuangru also smiled, then nodded and went to look for Long Xueyi with Long Huishan.

… ….
It was already past midnight after Chen Xiang finished being happy, but Xue Xianxian and the others did not rest as they were still busy studying array formations. Chen Xiang had already found out that the Great Landlord had given him some things related to array formations, so they had been completely immersed in it.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to chat with them, but after seeing them researching array formations so enthusiastically, he decided to kiss them, and then leave the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

Devil Wasteland, there is a very strong barrier here, much stronger than the previous one, but Chen Xiang can still enter! What surprised him the most was that Du Xiaoling could actually enter the Devil Wasteland as well. She had previously brought Bai Ziqian and Lv Qinlian to the Devil Wasteland to look for the Black Hairs Human.

On one hand, Chen Xiang was here to investigate the Great Way of the Evil Heaven, and on the other hand, he was here to see how powerful the Primordial Profound Gate was!
He had kept the matter of the Primordial Profound Gate a secret and never told anyone else. When Lv Qinlian and Feng Yujie had been making love with him, he had also discovered that strange power on his body.
After Chen Xiang entered a deeper part of the Devil Wasteland, he rubbed his hands together and secretly brought out a few Primitive Tao Power s from the Primordial Profound Gate, and then controlled them to pass through the first layer of the profound door!
Just as the Primitive Tao Power entered the first layer of the profound door, Chen Xiang's entire body was in intense pain, as if the Divine Sense Sea was going to collapse.
"Ahh …"

He roared, forcing the Primitive Tao Power out of his body. At this time, the earth also violently trembled, the surrounding thousands of miles of earth started to crumble, following the eruption of the Primitive Tao Power, the surrounding thousands of meters of soil were all turned into dust, causing a very deep place to suddenly appear.

Chen Xiang was sweating profusely as he floated in the air, panting. The Primitive Tao Power was only able to pass through the first layer of the gate, yet it already possessed such terrifying power, and the energy it could burst out was extremely violent as well. If he could control it, then it would be even more powerful through the method!
"This is too terrifying. My current physical body is unable to withstand this power!" Chen Xiang immediately used Counter Power to make himself invisible. With how loud the commotion was just now, he would definitely be noticed.
When he had first passed through the Tao profound Door while using the Infinite Dao power, he had this experience as well!
"The Primitive Tao Power has already fused with the Infinite Dao power, so it's even more frightening! I need to hurry up and raise my physical body, otherwise I won't be able to control such a terrifying power. "

Chen Xiang planned to not pass through the Tao profound Door the next time he used it. His Tao profound Door was already completely open, so the time he passed through the Tao profound Door, it became extremely terrifying, causing his body to be unable to endure it.
He could use it even if he did not use the Tao profound Door s, but he did not know how strong it was.

He continuously moved forward, and suddenly saw a red ring of light in front of him. He approached and discovered that it was a very large red screen. At this moment, there were many people walking out from the red screen!
"Evil Heaven's Gate!" Chen Xiang thought.

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