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"You won't steal it yourself, will you?" Chen Xiang asked again. Looking at Huang Jintian's current expression, no matter how you looked at it, it looked like he had eaten something.
"Absolutely not. I say, you brat, why don't you trust an old man like me that much?" Huang Jintian said snappily: "These few days, in order to help you spread the news, I've been going everywhere."
Because of Chen Xiang's Shengdao Dan, he suddenly levelled up by a lot, and Jiang Xian stayed there all day and fought on the fighting stage, he won a lot of battles, so his reputation was very big, and now that Jiang Xian's cultivation had increased by so much, it was very useful for publicizing the Shengdao Dan.
These days, Chen Xiang did not really refine many Shengdao Dan s, but Chu Hongqing, Feng Yujie and Xia Bailing who was in You Yao Mountain Villa were refining around a thousand of them.
Feng Yujie had also eaten a lot of Shengdao Dan in the You Yao Mountain Villa, and had long reached the tenth level of Dao Dan realm, causing Chu Hongqing to also step into the Dao Po realm.

"Master, how many Jade money do you think can be sold for one pellet?" Chen Xiang asked.
"Thirty million won't be a problem, but Jiang Xian told you to sell it for fifty million, and if no one buys it, then you can go down bit by bit." Huang Jintian said: "This Three Money Divine City has many rich people, they have a lot of Jade money, if they urgently need to use Shengdao Dan to help their own juniors raise their cultivation, they do not care about the number of Jade money."

"Yes." Chen Xiang nodded, it was already late, so he returned to his room.
Feng Yujie also came out from You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Sister Feng, did you miss me?" Chen Xiang hugged Feng Yujie and whispered into her ear, while also kissing Feng Yujie's cheeks.

"Little Scoundrel, I just wanted to warm up with you." Feng Yujie pouted coquettishly. Then, she hugged and kissed Chen Xiang before stepping onto the bed …
After a carefree night, Chen Xiang woke up very energetic the next morning. However, Feng Yujie woke up early in the morning and entered You Yao Mountain Villa, together with Chu Hongqing and the others, to find something to eat.
After Chen Xiang finished eating, he came to Eternal Life Native Bank.
He had come to find Eternal Life Native Bank's Third Master, Fan Shixin. After he had come to Eternal Life Native Bank, the shopkeeper had warmly welcomed him and brought him into the VIP hall, telling him to wait for Fan Shixin.
The last time Fan Shixin met with him, was not a small achievement, so when he heard that Chen Xiang had arrived, he immediately came to see him.
"Villa Master Fan, how are the Heavenly Dragon City's three great native bank's doing?" Seeing Fan Shixin, Chen Xiang anxiously asked, and did not bother to say any formalities.
"The higher ups have already agreed to it, and have communicated with Long Jiuxiao, the three great native bank s have been constructed there, and before long, they will introduce Jade money over there." Fan Shixin had a faint smile on his face: "On the other hand, you have disappeared for such a long time, I went to look for you, but your master said that you're not here, you're not refining pills are you?"

"Of course not." Chen Xiang shook his head: "I'm not in the city at all."

"Your master is also a strange person. He seems to be from the Undead Divine Race." Fan Shixin had been to Chen Xiang's villa and had also seen him.
"Yeah, but he's not that kind of bad guy. He's just crazy sometimes, but he's a lot better now." Chen Xiang laughed.
"I know about that, there were originally two factions in Undead Divine Race, but the moderate faction was relatively rare." Fan Shixin smiled and nodded: "Oh right, I heard that you recently refined a kind of Shengdao Dan that can help your Dao Dan realm increase its realm quickly."

"Yes, Manor Lord Fan is interested." Chen Xiang took out one and threw it over.
"I am indeed very interested, but I don't know if you can make it in bulk and sell it to us." Fan Shixin went to find Chen Xiang just to discuss this matter.
"The price is fine." Earlier, Huang Jintian and Jiang Xian had spread the news everywhere, so he could guess that Chen Xiang was planning to sell this pill.
"Fifty million pills." Chen Xiang said, Eternal Life Native Bank was the one who made Jade money, he would not kill anyone if he didn't want to.
"It's a little expensive." Fan Shixin took a deep breath: "How about 4500 Jade money, we will take all of them, and we will also resell them, and we will only earn a little bit of money. We have a little more Dao Dan realm in our Three Money Divine City, so if we have a large number of these Shengdao Dan, it will be able to motivate more people to go and earn more Jade money, which will also increase the overall strength of our city."

Chen Xiang thought, this was also good, he didn't need to sell it.
"I have a thousand." Chen Xiang said: "Can you take all of them now?"

"Quite a few." Fan Shixin exclaimed, he felt that what Chen Xiang was afraid of was not his cultivation level, but his ability to refine pills. He guessed that Chen Xiang must have grasped a method to quickly obtain medicinal ingredients, as this was also very heaven-defying.
"45 billion Jade money." Although Fan Shixin did not see Chen Xiang's Shengdao Dan, he took out a piece of jade and said, "You can obtain the Jade money from the three great native bank s at any time."
Chen Xiang took out a jade case, handed it over, and then received the jade slip. "The way to open the native bank is different.
Fan Shixin laughed: "You now have so many Jade money, how do you plan to spend them, no matter how you look at them, they don't seem like you are lacking."
"Purchasing medicinal ingredients, buying pill formulas, this will allow me to concoct even more types of pills." Chen Xiang said: "Your native bank will not collapse right? I have so many Jade money here."
"It definitely will not collapse. If our native bank were to collapse, this entire wasteland would be over for sure." Fan Shixin said: "At the moment, Undead Divine Race and that Evil Spirit Race are still unable to threaten us. We are actually worried about the power that comes from other sources."

"Strength from other aspects." Chen Xiang frowned: "In what way?"
"It's ancient and ancient. According to what I know, there are a few problems in the Ancient Wastelands, and the three great native bank s on top have all been destroyed. Those Ancient Wastelands have powerful barriers too, and currently, none of us from the three great native bank s are able to go in and investigate." Fan Shixin said: "So we have to be prepared, the sudden appearance of the Ancient Desolation is definitely not a coincidence, it was all arranged by some mysterious power."

Chen Xiang knew that the Spirit Wasteland was stable now, but the upper echelons were also in turmoil. For example, Xia Bailing and the other two Dao Sovereigns' cities would often face attacks from the Beast Race, and these were all instigated by mysterious powers.
"Manor Lord Fan, I would like to see what kind of problem has occurred in the Ancient Desolation." Chen Xiang suddenly said, he had the White Tiger's jump, he wanted to see if he can cross those enchantments.
"profound Wasteland, Devil Wasteland, and Evil Wasteland. These three Ancient Wastelands have always been unable to enter, and this has always been the case for the mysterious Divine Wasteland." Fan Shixin said.

"Do you know the location?" Chen Xiang asked.
"I know, you need to go in. This is extremely dangerous. These three creatures from the Ancient Wastelands are all very savage." Fan Shixin said.
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