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Qiao Kun had performed the best in refining Dao mark Dan this time, so he believed that its quality would definitely be very high.
"It seems like the overall quality is quite scary this time." Qiao Wushuang laughed, he could not wait to see how high the quality would be.
The three elders from the three great native bank s also walked up. They first took out other pills to test their own equipment to confirm that it was correct.

Xie Qiaoyan also walked up and took out his own pills to test the three instruments.

"Dad, this time, the quality will definitely be very high. It will be the highest in history." Qiao Kun was very confident.
However, he was still unable to take the test, because Chen Xiang was not done yet. If he took the test now, it would affect Chen Xiang, so he was not allowed to.
"Mine is good too!" Chen Xiang let out a long sigh. He opened the pill furnace and took out a deep purple pellet. It didn't look like a Dao mark Dan in the slightest, but it was indeed made from Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients.

The color of this super-high quality pill was also different, so no one felt it was strange. They were only concerned about the quality.
"You can start the test now. The first one that you refined is the one you tested." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright!" Qiao Kun walked over and placed his shining Dao mark Dan onto a pit.

"Eight thousand!" Jiang Yingqi shouted in shock.

A single pellet for eight thousand, this caused the people in the hall to let out a startled cry. Previously, when Xie Qiaoyan and Qiao Yu was competing, the total number of Dao Gu Dan that was refined had reached five thousand, this was already considered very high.
But now, Qiao Kun had reached eight thousand, which was more than Xie Qiaoyan by three thousand!
Qiao Kun had tested them using three native bank s' test discs, and all she had received were 8,000 points. Xie Qiaoyan had also taken out her test discs, she was only thinking for Chen Xiang's sake, it would make her feel more at ease.
Even using Xie Qiaoyan's testing equipment, it was still worth eight thousand points!
"The first eight thousand!" Qiao Kun waved the pellet towards the people on stage and placed it into another jade box. Then, he picked up the second pellet to test its quality.
"Nine thousand!" This Qiao Kun was Qiao Wushuang's son, but the pill he refined was of such high quality. This was definitely because of that Jutian Dan Ding, he finally understood why he lost to Qiao Wushuang all those years ago.

The second pill cost nine thousand yuan, and there was another commotion in the audience! It seemed like the four pellets Qiao Kun refined were not of the same quality.

These pills had also been tested on the four array discs. They were all of the same quality!

Xie Qiaoyan's face became even colder, she was very worried that Chen Xiang would lose!
The third pill was still 9000!

At the time of the fourth pill, it had actually reached 10,000 pills!

"The total quality of the four pills is thirty-six thousand!" Qiao Wushuang smiled at Chen Xiang: "The entire process of the test was very fair, you saw it yourself."

During the second competition between Xie Qiaoyan and the inner sect disciples, the quality of the Dao mark Dan that Chen Xiang had refined was over twenty thousand, which was still around fifteen thousand away from Qiao Kun's. And now that he had joined the Sublimation refining method, it was unknown just how much it had increased.
Chen Xiang nodded his head: "With such high quality, even if I lose, I am convinced of it!"

"It's your turn now!" Qiao Kun smiled, as if the Six Realms God Cup was already theirs.
"It's my turn!" Chen Xiang's expression was calm, so much so that it was hard to tell if he was worried or not.
Chen Xiang was very confident in his own pill. He could refine more than 20,000 Magic method furnace before, but now, after adding the Sublimation refining method, he would definitely level up by a lot.
"How high can a single grain be? So what if it's twenty thousand? " Ning Quan sneered.

"If we give him 30,000, he won't even be able to win!" Huang Tian also nodded his head: "Chen Xiang only has that much power, he only knows how to refine single pills!"

"Huang Tian, to think that you are a Alchemist. How can you not know that a single pill is the hardest to refine?" Hearing his words, Chen Xiang smiled faintly and then placed the purple Dao mark Dan in his hand onto the pit.

Very quickly, the quality was shown. The numbers left everyone dumbfounded!
Fifty-seven thousand!

Chen Xiang was also shocked. He felt that 40,000 was enough, he didn't think that there would be that much more!

The first one who did not believe him was Qiao Wushuang, which meant that he would lose his beloved Jutian Dan Ding. He quickly picked up Chen Xiang's pellet and placed it on another testing machine, showing that he still lost fifty-seven thousand!
He was unwilling to give up. He tried a few more times but they were all the same, and later he even took out his own. It was still 57,000 yuan.
"Impossible, impossible …" Qiao Wushuang read these words as he shook his head. He could not accept this reality.
"You've lost!" Chen Xiang gave a bland laugh, "According to the blood contract, you two are going to give me the Jutian Dan Ding and the ten billion Jade money!"
In the quiet hall below, a wave of exclamations and discussions broke out!
Huang Tian and Ning Quan were so angry that their hearts were bleeding. Chen Xiang had two Heavenly artifact now, compared to the ten billion Jade money, it was even more eye-catching.

"Grandmaster Wushuang, hurry up!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Xie Qiaoyan was already stunned beside Chen Xiang, and was unable to say a word. Although she was not the one who won, she felt excited just thinking about it, Chen Xiang alone had two Heavenly artifact, and the quality of the single pill he refined was actually so high.
Long ago, Chen Xiang had felt that no matter what pill it was, there was no limit to the quality of it during refinement. At the very least, he was constantly breaking through his so-called limit.

Qiao Wushuang's hands trembled as he handed the Jutian Dan Ding over to Chen Xiang. His face was filled with depression, and so was Qiao Kun.
Just one Jutian Dan Ding had fallen, even if they lost 100 billion, they would not do such a thing, but this Jutian Dan Ding had taken half of their lives.
Although Infinite Master was expressionless, he was still overjoyed in his heart. He decided to wait for this matter to pass and then challenge Qiao Wushuang. Because the last time Qiao Wushuang defeated him, she was relying on this Jutian Dan Ding.

However, Infinite Master was still very jealous of Chen Xiang. The two Heavenly artifact in Chen Xiang's hands were both his dreams, yet they were both actually in his possession.

Chen Xiang smiled as he received the Jutian Dan Ding and the ten billion Jade money. At this time, Qiao Wushuang and Qiao Kun both wished that they could kill him, but they did not dare to.

Thank you, you two. If you two get another Heavenly artifact, we can have another round. Chen Xiang laughed.
Again? They didn't even come if they were beaten to death, was what Qiao Wushuang and Qiao Kun had said to them! Even though they really wanted to kill Chen Xiang, under the control of the three great native bank s, doing so was undoubtedly equivalent to committing suicide. If they left the city controlled by the three great native bank s, they would definitely not hesitate to make their move.
"Elder Jiang, this is a congratulatory gift for you!" Chen Xiang passed the purple Dao mark Dan over to Jiang Yingqi, and laughed: "This Dao mark Dan isn't very useful, I hope Elder Jiang does not dislike it!"

"Why would I mind? This pill has a huge meaning! " Jiang Yingqi sighed. In his heart, this was already considered a great gift, to have nearly sixty thousand quality Dao mark Dan in his hands was already very heavy.
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