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Chen Xiang was not interested in the location, but the old man felt that it would be better to be away from the center of the city. Chen Xiang did not think that way, rather, he wanted to stay far away from the busy city.

"How many Jade money?" Chen Xiang asked. He had already planned to go down to the house and the shop with the villa.
"2 billion!" The old man said.

"So expensive! Can you reduce it? " Chen Xiang asked.

"That's not a small price. This is a very generous price …" You have to understand that buying this house is a bonus. For example, you will be very safe inside, and you will also be given all kinds of array formations. In addition, you will also get the jade tablet that will allow you to enter this place at the rate of twenty. " The old man said.
"In other words, if I buy this mansion, I can bring twenty people in? Is there no limit? " Chen Xiang asked, this was not bad.
"There are no restrictions … Of course, if you buy the ones in the middle, you can bring in 100 or 500 people! Of course, the one in the middle would be a bit more expensive. " The old man said.
"I'll buy this place first!" Chen Xiang took out two billion Jade money. This Jade money was something he had won from Ning Quan.
"When can I move in?" Chen Xiang asked again. He couldn't let go of his hands and feet living in the Immortal Building.

"We'll be done in three days. We're still in the process of building it." The old man smiled. "We will inform you when the time comes. As long as you come here, there will be someone to lead you there. This is the key to enter that mansion, as well as 20 passes." The old man handed over a box to Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang received the invitation, he asked: "Who did the three great native bank s invite in? Are there many of them? "
"Definitely, many big powers will give face to the Three Great native bank s, furthermore, this place is not bad, and we can gather more strong warriors to communicate here." The old man said, "Rest assured, we will definitely make you satisfied."
Chen Xiang nodded his head, then asked: "This Eternal Life City does not have any training grounds, although it is very safe inside, but sometimes you will have to move your limbs."
The old man told Chen Xiang that there was a huge competition on the fifth floor of Eternal Life Native Bank. If he wanted to fight, he could go there.
Chen Xiang went to the sixth floor and asked a woman. He learned that the first floor was where the cultivators of the Dao Yuan realm competed, and that the Dao Dan realm was located.
Chen Xiang arrived at the eighth floor and this was a battle arena of the first to third stages of Dao Dan realm.
"There are also people with Dao Po realm s! But above that! " Chen Xiang said, this was something Yang Xiangyin did not know either.
"Hongqing, when I was cultivating the Dao Dan realm, why didn't my Bones merge with the Dao Pellet?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You must have remembered incorrectly. When Divine Deity condenses into a dao pill, Bones condenses into a dao spirit …" However, the divine soul within the Bones will be assimilated into the divine pellet. " Chu Hongqing said.
"Too many things have happened recently. I was wrong." Chen Xiang laughed and then walked towards the stage.

Chen Xiang looked at the people around him. There were more than two hundred in total, all of them were Dao Dan realm s, and some of them were even quite a few levels. However, he had just stepped into the Dao Dan realm, and was a cultivator at the first level of the Dao Dan realm.

Chen Xiang understood that if they wanted to fight on the stage, they had to sign a blood contract, they could not injure or kill people, this was a very strict rule, they could only exchange pointers.
There were a lot of battle maniacs watching the battle, if not they would not have come to this place. Chen Xiang saw that someone was staring at him and that person was an average looking man.

During the time that Chen Xiang had come up, he had been keeping an eye on him. Just when Chen Xiang felt that something was strange, he discovered that there were two people not far away talking to each other.
Of course, during their battle, it was not just a simple sparring, but a gamble. The loser would have to pay quite a number of Jade money s.
"A single gamble with ten million Jade money can be considered a lot." Chen Xiang heard the two discuss the outcome and understood why there would be people staring at him. It seemed like they wanted to duel with him.
The reason why Chen Xiang came here was to see how strong he was after entering the Dao Dan realm, so he was looking forward to someone challenging him.
The man walked over and said softly: "Chen Xiang right!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That's right, what can I do for you?"

The man gave him a friendly smile and asked: "What was the Dao Dan realm level just now?"

Chen Xiang answered truthfully: "Level one, I just broke through a bit, so I wanted to try it out."
"What a pity, I'm at the second level of Dao Dan realm." The man was a bit disappointed and sighed.
"What is there to regret? Aren't you a level higher than me? We can give it a try. Since we have nothing better to do, we might as well try. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"That won't do. You might forge pills often, so you don't know anything about cultivation!" In the Dao Dan realm, there is a large difference of one level. " The man said.

"Why? I've challenged them before, and I've even won! " Chen Xiang was a little confused. Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin had never told him such a thing.
"That is because you have just stepped into the Dao Dan realm and do not understand it. The special characteristic of the Dao Dan realm was that it could use the invisible power of the laws of the world. You had only broken through just now, you definitely have not experienced it yet.

Chen Xiang had also heard Chu Hongqing say that if it was used together with the Dao mark, it would be even stronger, but he had never tried it before.
"I am Jiang Xian, brother Shen is an expert in alchemy, you should be able to catch up to me soon, at that time we can have another round." Jiang Xian cupped his hands towards Chen Xiang.

"Wait a minute, it's fine if we're competing in a match. Are you worried that you'll beat me to death?" Chen Xiang immediately pulled him.

"I am indeed worried about that. After all, you have just stepped into the Dao Dan realm, so you haven't even felt the power of the Dao Dan realm." Jiang Xian said.
"Let's give it a try. I won't die that easily." Chen Xiang hardened her heart to compare it with his: "This way, I'll be able to deeply experience the power of the Dao Dan realm."

"Alright, let's register there together." Seeing Chen Xiang being so persistent, Jiang Xian could only agree, he would never reject others.
Chen Xiang and Jiang Xian came to the side of an old man's table. After they carried out the test, Jiang Xian was in the second level of the Dao Pellet, and there were two spots of light on the test crystal ball.
"You have just stepped into the first stage of Dao Dan realm, are you sure you want to compete?" the old man asked.
Brother Shen just had a breakthrough, so he wants to test his strength. However, the rules here are quite strict. Jiang Xian laughed.

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