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Chen Xiang only refined three pellets per furnace so that the Elder Tree would not know he had taken too many, but even so, it was still very shocking.
They never thought that Chen Xiang would actually have such a high level of alchemy skills, being able to refine ten batches of pills at the same time. This was the highest quality of their Alchemist, if they were to focus on refining for a few months, as long as they had enough medicinal ingredients, they would be able to refine a lot more Qiyuan Dan than their entire Fang Family.
Right now, the Fang family felt even more threatened by Chen Xiang. If Chen Xiang could do the same to them when he was refining high and middle grade Heaven Stage, then their Fang family would be in even more danger.

Of course, Chen Xiang was the most skilled at refining with his eyes, he could concoct one furnace in an instant.

"You guys saw it just now. I can refine a lot of Qiyuan Dan by myself." Chen Xiang said. He did this so that the Elder Tree would no longer need to be bothered by the Fang family in the future.

Now that Elder Tree had finally seen how Chen Xiang concocted pills, he felt more at ease and happy about working with Chen Xiang.

The Fang family's elders could not say anything at this point. Originally, they had planned to come here and cause a ruckus, but they did not expect such a thing to happen.

"Let's go." The Fang family's elders were furious, and quickly left with their men.

At this time, the Fang family knew that Chen Xiang was determined to take revenge on them, which was why he had cooperated with the Spirit Demon race, and that the Spirit Demon race also had enmity with the Fang family.

Otherwise, the Fang family would not have come looking for them. Chen Xiang and Elder Tree looked at each other and smiled, then returned back to the big tree.
"Little brother, I really didn't expect your alchemy skills to be so profound, much more so than I imagined." The Elder Tree chuckled, then handed over a Storage bag to Chen Xiang and said, "This is over a hundred sets of King Stage lower tier Qiyuan Dan. This King Stage Qiyuan Dan is extremely expensive."

"Oh, what's the usual price?" Chen Xiang asked. King Stage Qiyuan Dan s were extremely useful to many people with high cultivation.
"A million Jade money. Usually, it's only the Fang family's minority who come out to auction." Elder Tree said: "If you can refine a hundred pellets, I will pay you back with five hundred thousand Jade money." Elder Tree said: "You should refine this kind of high level Qiyuan Dan. I'm worried that if we refine it, we will expose ourselves and the Fang family will see through us."

"Alright." Chen Xiang nodded. He felt that if he were to refine it himself, these hundred portions of medicinal ingredients would not only be able to refine a hundred pellets, there would definitely be a lot more of them.
Chen Xiang entered the secret room and immediately started refining the pills. He gave Chu Hongqing more than ten portions of the ingredients to try.

The Three lotus Dan that Chen Xiang had refined before was of a very high level, and he had refined so many Qiyuan Dan before, so it was very easy for him to learn how to refine low rank king level Three lotus Dan now.

It took him six hours to produce one furnace and five pills.

"A low rank king realm Qiyuan Dan is indeed quite difficult." Chen Xiang laughed: "But after getting used to it, it will be completed very quickly."

Chu Hongqing was not as fast as Chen Xiang, she was still concocting.
"Hongqing, what realm are you at now? The Qiyuan Dan is of great use to you." Chen Xiang asked.
"Right now, I am at the seventh level of the Dao Dan realm. The first major stage of the Heavenly Dao Realm is the Dao Ti realm, the Dao Yuan realm and the Dao Dan realm." Chu Hongqing said: "Qiyuan Dan are still rather useful to me, especially this kind of high level Qiyuan Dan, because Dao Dan realm still needs to cultivate."
Chen Xiang nodded his head. Right now, he had only just stepped into the Dao Ti realm, so he needed to cultivate till there were ten marks on his body before he could enter the Dao Yuan realm.

"You should be able to enter the Dao Dan realm very quickly. If you can refine Dao mark Dan, with its help, you can easily comprehend the ten Dao marks, and the Dao Yuan realm is even easier as well. The Qiyuan Dan can very easily let you cultivate and produce a strong Daoyuan immortal power." Chu Hongqing said: "The most difficult part is the Dao Dan realm, when you reach this realm, you will understand."

Fang Heng was at the peak of the Dao Yuan realm and he still could not step into the Dao Dan realm no matter what, so he could tell from this.

"As long as enough Jade money are present to purchase the Qiyuan Dan, the Dao Yuan realm will quickly reach the great perfection stage." Chu Hongqing continued: "Right now, you need to cultivate Dao marks. Of course, don't think that the Dao Dan realm is already very strong, since there are still many realms above the Dao Dan realm."

Of course, Chen Xiang understood. He asked, "What are the realms of the Fang family's elders?"
"They are all experts at the Great Circle of the Dao Po realm and have been stuck at the Dao Po realm for many years. After the Dao pill comes the Dao Po realm, and every step forward is extremely difficult." Chu Hongqing said: "That would require a very long time to finish."

"It seems that the Dao Ti realm and the Dao Yuan realm in front are very easy, but the Dao Dan realm and the Dao Po realm at the back are very difficult." said. As long as he could wait another month, he would be able to obtain the Dao mark Dan s and herbs that the Tree Demoness had helped him cultivate. By that time, as long as he could refine them, he would be able to step into the Dao Yuan realm very quickly.

"Hongqing, is there anything special about the Dao Dan realm?" Chen Xiang asked again: "The Dao Ti realm cultivates a Dao mark. The Dao mark possesses a very strong power, and the Dao Yuan realm can be used to cultivate and produce a Daoyuan immortal power. When the Daoyuan immortal power is used in combination with the Dao mark, it should also be very terrifying, right?"
"The Dao Dan realm mainly condenses a dao core. This dao core is a single source of power, everyone can only condense one. The dao core can make the dao energy stronger, but the most obvious thing is that when the Daoyuan immortal power is activated by the dao core, it will obviously improve." Chu Hongqing knew that Chen Xiang did not know much about cultivation, so he patiently explained: "Of course, when the Dao pill is used with the Dao Soul, it will be even more powerful."

"Doesn't that mean when the time comes, Divine Deity will condense into a dao pill? Usually there will be two Divine Sense Sea s and two Divine Sense Sea s will condense their Divine Deity into a dao pill." Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, the Divine Deity will condense into a Dao-Core and the Bones will condense into a Dao-Soul. You'll know when the time comes." Chu Hongqing said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. This was still a bit far away from him, he continued to refine lower tier king level Qiyuan Dan s.

Very quickly, a month had passed. When Chen Xiang came out of the secret room, the Elder Tree found out that he had come out, and hurried over to see him.
"These are the ingredients for a hundred Dao mark Dan s." Elder Tree passed the medicinal ingredients to Chen Xiang: "Take a look, I'm not satisfied."
"Very satisfied." Chen Xiang laughed and then handed a hundred low-grade king level Qiyuan Dan over to Elder Tree. Elder Tree took a look at them and paid him with the Jade money.

Chen Xiang refined a total of three hundred and fifty low-grade king level Qiyuan Dan s. He kept two hundred and fifty of them, and after giving Elder Tree fifty Energy Gathering Beads of the Counter Power, he chatted with the Elder Tree for a while, then went to the secret room to refine pills.
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