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Chen Xiang used two days of time, and used ten Bone level fruit to refine a Nine Bone Divine Pill. It was much higher than the one refined by the previous Bone level fruit! He did not know how many Bone level fruit were equivalent to, but he still needed Xu Youqing to test it first to know.
After Xu Youqing's divine soul consumed one Nine Bone Divine Pellet, she had already successfully condensed the seventh Bones. Now, Chen Xiang was letting her consume the divine pellet refined by the ten Bone level fruit s.
"If only I can successfully condense the eighth Bones. I can probably guess how many Bone level fruit s are needed to refine the Bones." Chen Xiang said.
Xu Youqing continued to try, in the short span of a few days, her divine soul had created two consecutive Bones, which made her extremely happy, and she was naturally very willing to try it right now. Furthermore, her second Divine Sense Sea had already finished cultivating, and the two Divine Sense Sea were already slowly fusing.
At that time, she would be able to use both her divine soul and her body's Bones at the same time.

Chen Xiang began to refine the Nine Bone Divine Pill again. This time, he was going to try hard to refine five hundred Bone level fruit into a single pellet!

Right now, he only wanted to use this Nine Bone Divine Pill to break through his current bottleneck, and let himself condense his ninth Bones!

Refining all five hundred Bone level fruit into pills required a lot of time. After all, five hundred of them, even one of them, required a lot of time!

"I've succeeded, my divine soul has successfully condensed the eighth Bones! It's too fast, am I dreaming!"
Xu Youqing's surprised voice could be heard, Chen Xiang also nodded in satisfaction: "What I want is this kind of speed!"

"Darling, you're so awesome!" Xu Youqing praised: "Following you is really not bad!"
"Of course!" Chen Xiang laughed proudly: "I have expended a lot of thought and scheming to become stronger for the sake of the little lady beside me!"
Two months had passed and Chen Xiang had finally refined five hundred Bone level fruit into a Nine Bone Divine Pill. This Nine Bone Divine Pill was only as big as a peanut, but it was extremely heavy.
"Five hundred pellets condensed from Bone level fruit, almost fifty kilograms!" Chen Xiang weighed them in his hand, a hundred kilograms was nothing to him.

"Can you successfully condense the ninth Bones? "Hurry up and try it out!" Xu Youqing knew that Chen Xiang had been stuck at this bottleneck for a long time.
Chen Xiang could not wait any longer, he anxiously consumed it, and the medicinal power immediately melted away. He suddenly felt very comfortable, and then fell asleep!
Seeing Chen Xiang falling asleep, Xu Youqing and Yue'er immediately cheered, because they knew that Chen Xiang had succeeded. This was a sign that the Bones would manifest after consuming the Bone level fruit or the Nine Bone Divine Pill!

Chen Xiang himself did not know that he was sleeping, so he did not know that the time outside was passing by...

… ….

"Leader hasn't come out yet?" Feng Wu came to the villa and asked Dai Donggong.

"Not yet. It hasn't been a long time since he went into closed-door training!" In the past, the longest time I spent in seclusion was over a thousand years. " Dai Donggong laughed: What urgent matter do you have to find him for?

Feng Wu had been following Imperial Concubine Lian and the others the entire time, and it had already been a year. At this time, the entire Hundreds of Flowers Village had already moved to the top of the Great Heavenly Star. Feng Wu came here obviously to tell Chen Xiang the good news.
"It's just that his friends and wife have all moved here. I want to tell him this news!" Feng Wu said: "Elder Dai, if he comes out from closed door cultivation, tell him to hurry up and head to the Great Heavenly Star."
"No problem!" I also want to go to the Great Heavenly Star later on. I heard from Wu Zhi and the others that the Four Great Divine Beasts of Nine Heaven World are all here, and are as powerful as the Four Great Divine Beasts of Star Law Divine Realm! " Dai Donggong laughed.

Feng Wu smiled and nodded: "I can go to Elder Dai anytime!"
Now that Feng Wu had also joined the Hundreds of Flowers Village, she knew that many of the women in the Hundreds of Flowers Village had a good relationship with Chen Xiang. She did not dare to ask which of them were Chen Xiang's wives, and only knew that Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and Long Xueyi were his wives, while Dongfang Xinyue and Hua Xiangyue were his little maid. She wasn't sure about this, but she felt too embarrassed to ask.
However, when she was in Hundreds of Flowers Village, there were many women who asked her about her relationship with Chen Xiang, and they all thought that Chen Xiang had eaten her!
The moment Feng Wu walked out of the Villa, he saw a beautiful woman in white clothes walking over with a smile.
"Xue Yi, why did you come!" Feng Wu was very surprised. She knew that Xue Yi was a White Dragon and it was very dangerous for Divine Dragon Race to wander around randomly.

"Why can't I come? I'm not afraid, but hasn't Little Scoundrel come out yet? " Long Xueyi asked, following behind her was Ge Long, who had brought her here.
Ge Long said helplessly: "She insisted on pestering me to bring her over! I have no other choice. This ancestor is stronger than me, so you don't have to worry about her. "
"Not yet!" Feng Wu anxiously walked over, she was extremely worried about Long Xueyi, at that time Chen Xiang had said that she was looking for the Three lotus Dan's divine medicine, precisely to cure Long Xueyi's poison.
"I'll leave it to you when I go back." Ge Long ran off as soon as he finished his words.
"Feng Wu, bring me around here. Little Scoundrel's power has been here for a long time, he must have controlled this place well, so it should be very safe." Long Xueyi laughed.

"En!" Feng Wu laughed, then held Long Xueyi's hand as they walked down the street.

Along the way, Long Xueyi caught all the fruits at the stalls, and every one of them was more than half full. Feng Wu was in charge of buying the fruits for the Shen Yuan stone, so the fruits were very cheap.

"Xue Yi, is Elder Brother Shen really that bad? Why do you keep calling him Little Scoundrel! " Feng Wu asked with a smile.

"Sometimes this guy's bad to the bone, and sometimes he's so honest!" Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "He's not really broken. Otherwise, you would definitely have been eaten by him to the point where not even your bones would remain."

"So it's like that! Was he home to a lot of women? I always feel that his relationship with those girls is very good. " Feng Wu asked again. Because Long Xueyi seemed to be more mischievous and easygoing, she dared to ask about this matter. After all, she was also very curious.

"Not much, most of them are pretty close to her!" Of course, many of them are interested in him and have received great favours from him. " Long Xueyi said. She understood all the women around Chen Xiang a little.
Long Xueyi took out a snow-white fruit and wanted to take a beautiful bite, but unexpectedly, the fruit was snatched away. She was just about to go crazy with rage, when she saw Chen Xiang standing in front of her, smiling as he ate the fruit.
"Little Scoundrel, you actually dare to steal my food!" Long Xueyi laughed and started playing with Chen Xiang.

Back then, when Chen Xiang had just met her, she was robbed and eaten by Long Xueyi. When Long Xueyi thought back to it, she couldn't help but feel sweet in her heart.
When Chen Xiang came out of closed door cultivation, he knew that Feng Wu had come to find him and that Long Xueyi had come from behind as well.
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