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Chen Xiang walked over with a giggle and caressed the smooth and beautiful face of the Fire Dragon Girl, laughing: "I already said that I'm a foreigner, yet you refused to believe me!"

"Die!" Fire Dragon Girl roared in anger. He actually dodged it and threw a punch at Chen Xiang's face.

This Fire Dragon Girl's fist carried the flames of an enraged dragon. When it smashed onto Chen Xiang's face, it exploded with a strong flame that blasted Chen Xiang flying.
Although Chen Xiang was sent flying, it was only his face that was in pain. He currently had sixteen Bones and an extremely strong physical body, so even if the Fire Dragon Girl didn't have a single Bones, it still wouldn't be able to harm him.
"Touch my face, I'll give it back to you." Fire Dragon Girl snorted.

"Alright, now that we're even, can we have a good talk?" Her punch actually did not make Chen Xiang vomit blood. She suspected that this fellow before her was really a human, and from what she knew, a human's body was as weak as mud.
Just a moment ago, she was still worried that she would beat Chen Xiang to death.
"How did you get in? Our Dragon Emperor said that it would be difficult to get in and out. " Fire Dragon Girl's current attitude was much better. She was sure that Chen Xiang wasn't from that Evil Spirit Race, otherwise she would have died a long time ago. She could clearly feel the difference between her and Chen Xiang.

"Isn't that the exit from Starry Sky Blood Devil? I used the Art of Change to turn into a wisp of smoke and then drilled my way in. Chen Xiang pointed to the direction in which Starry Sky Blood Devil was gushing out continuously.
"You can see those things?" The Fire Dragon Girl had a lot of questions, and then he asked: "The Transformation Techniques are also a secret of our Divine Dragon Race, and only Bai Long understands, the White Dragon Lineage has disappeared for a long time, where did you learn them from?"
"One of my wives is Bai Long, where do you think I learned that from? She taught me. " Chen Xiang laughed mischievously: "In the past, she always followed me, I miss her a lot too. A while ago, she fell for a Black dragon flower poison, I spent a lot of effort to refine a divine pill to cure her of the poison."

"Then how did you see that? I can only see it with this. " Fire Dragon Girl took out a transparent crystal and gave it to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang could see the Starry Sky Blood Devil through the crystal.

"The method I'm cultivating can make my eyes extremely sharp, so I could see that you don't have Bones on you." Chen Xiang asked: "What is this crystal?"

"What our Dragon Emperor has refined is very precious! I only got my reward after killing many strange beasts. " Fire Dragon Girl hurriedly put it away. It seemed like the crystal was incomparably precious in her eyes.

"I really didn't expect that White Dragon would actually marry a human." Fire Dragon Girl snorted.

"That's nothing, you can marry me too. My White Dragon wife definitely won't object. She might even be very happy to have a Fire Dragon Sister." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Don't even think about it!" Fire Dragon Girl snorted: "Also, why do you have Evil Spirit Race's aura on your body?"
"I found a lot of Starry Sky Blood Devil on the way, and then I caught a million or so and refined them into pills to eat. Then, I would have that ability on me." Chen Xiang was also very curious, "How did you find out that aura on my body? Why didn't I sense it myself? "
"This!" Fire Dragon Girl took out a red pearl. "This was originally transparent, but when you approached it, it turned red! Our dragon race have suffered at the hands of the Evil Spirit Race, and they had humans who infiltrated our dragon race, but in order to prevent such a thing from happening, our Dragon Emperor refined this kind of thing. "

Chen Xiang nodded, closed his eyes, and completely hid the piece of Counter Power on his body deep within the Divine Sense Sea.
"It's not red anymore!" Fire Dragon Girl was a little surprised: "I never thought that you could actually control Evil Spirit Race's power so easily! Oh right, you have the power of the Evil Spirit Race, what abilities do you have? "

"You get me a little fireball." Chen Xiang laughed.

Fire Dragon Girl flicked his finger and released a small ball of fire.
Chen Xiang hurriedly caught it and released the Counter Power. The ball of fire hit his palm and turned into a pool of water.

"Reversal." Fire Dragon Girl nodded: "This is indeed Evil Spirit Race's power." Then she looked at the bead and it turned red again.
Chen Xiang laughed: "Impressive! Do you want this power? I can go capture some Starry Sky Blood Devil s right now and refine them into pills for you to eat.
"There's no need. If they find out, I will be chased out of the dragon race and treated as a traitor." Fire Dragon Girl immediately shook his head.
"You have the ninety-five Bones, and will soon be full. With nine more Bones, you will be at the peak!" Chen Xiang said: "Could it be that you lack a lot of Dragon Clan Bone level Dan? Why haven't you eaten a single pellet? You have ninety-five Divine Deity, which means that your talent is not bad. "

Speaking of this matter, Fire Dragon Girl snorted, and used the whip in his hand to beat the grass on the ground: "I'm a girl, if they don't give me food, they will waste their Bones, and they will even say that we're responsible for laying the eggs."

"You are the God of Pills, will you give the Bone level Dan to your White Dragon wife to eat?" It seemed like she was very unhappy about his position in the dragon clan.
"Of course! "She ate my divine pellet as if she was eating beans. She ate the pellet that I made to become stronger." Chen Xiang laughed: "You can follow me. There are plenty of Bone level Dan."

Chen Xiang liked this kind of beautiful dragon with great potential very much. After bluffing it over, he would give it to Lv Qilian. In that way, Lv Qilian's Hundreds of Flowers Village would have another powerful Divine Dragon in the future.
"By the way, what's your name?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Long Peijin, how about you, human?" Long Peijin had almost agreed to follow him around in her heart, but she was still more rational. She knew that she still wasn't completely clear of Chen Xiang, and she didn't completely believe in his words either.

"Chen Xiang!"

"Do you want to return with me to the Dragon Pearl? If you know how to refine pills, our Dragon Emperor might really welcome you. " Long Peijin said.
"Well... I'm going, what will you do if the dragon clan bullies me? " Chen Xiang said worriedly: "I'm worried that I might clash with them, so I don't plan to go for now! I just want to ask you, about the Evil Spirit Race … And why are the dragons trapped here? "

Chen Xiang was very sure that the Azure Dragon's mausoleum was right here. It was just that the star was so huge, and it would not be easy for him to find the Azure Dragon's mausoleum.

Moreover, he was certain that the Dragon Clan knew where the Azure Dragon's mausoleum was. They were responsible for protecting the Azure Dragon's mausoleum here.

Chen Xiang was here to dig a grave, he definitely could not ask the Azure Dragon's mausoleum directly, as that would arouse the dragon race's suspicions.
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