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Chen Xiang thought about how he ate the Bone level fruit and started to look for the Bones he had just condensed. Not long after, he exclaimed in surprise.

"He really condensed it!" Chen Xiang himself felt that it was inconceivable. In the past, when he was condensing Bones, he would always suffer a pain worse than death, but this time, he was able to condense it so easily.
Previously, Ge Long had told him that it would be extremely easy for him to eat this Bone level fruit condensed Bones. Now, Chen Xiang completely believed in Ge Long's words, he only felt that it was a bit incomprehensible, this kind of good thing was extremely precious, yet Ge Long took it out to exchange!

"This guy took out such a good item. Could it be that he has a lot of these things himself?" Chen Xiang said, he could only think of this reason.
"He really condensed Bones? Where is it? Your arms and legs, chest, back and even your eyes, all seven of them have Bones! " Yue'er also did not expect Chen Xiang to actually condense Bones after waking up from a comfortable sleep. She also could not understand why but she knew that this kind of Bone level fruit was just too great.

"Yue'er, the Bones is in the head, is this okay?" Chen Xiang said: "My head now has four Bones s! Before, two of them had congealed in his eyes, but now there are another two in his head! "
"That's not strange, even a bone could condense Bones! Generally speaking, legs are the most common places, and these things will definitely appear, but I am not clear about other places, even if it is only on one's finger, Bones is still able to unleash a very strong power. " Yue'er laughed: "You don't have to worry, at least your head is pretty good, at least it can make your head very hard. Also, your head is connected to the Divine Sense Sea, it can strengthen your Divine Sense Sea."
"Where do you want to go to find a good divine soul to go with the new one?" This was Chen Xiang's eighth condensed Divine Deity, and also the same Double bone level. It had been like this the previous seven times, so he did not feel that anything was amiss.
"Why not ask Wu Zhi? Just tell him directly, this is your eighth Divine Deity, and it's at the head. Let him help you see what kind of divine soul you want to find. " Yue'er laughed: "Even though Wu Zhi isn't at his peak, his terrifying body splitting technique is extremely useful. Moreover, he also knows about Heaven extended method."
Chen Xiang had only been in closed door cultivation for a few days. After he left, he quickly found Wu Zhi.

"Elder Wu, what are you busy with?" Chen Xiang walked over and saw that there were many names written on a piece of paper on Wu Zhi's table.
"These are the cultivation techniques that I gathered through my avatar. I plan to make a detailed record to let our disciples learn according to their own circumstances. There are a lot of cultivation techniques, so I'm busy." Wu Zhi laughed, he had a lot of clones, so he was able to enter and study in those sects. He learnt many good techniques in those sects, and all of them could be recorded by Wu Zhi.

"Elder Wu, tell me, what kind of divine soul would be considered appropriate if it was condensed on top of your skull? I don't know much about that. " Chen Xiang asked.
"Bones condensed in the skull? This is a very rare sight, you actually managed to form it? " Wu Zhi was shocked, and hurriedly put down the work by his hand, saying: "Quickly sit down, let me help you take a look, I do have a lot of research into Bones, although Bones will appear in the bones in various parts of the body, but they will rarely appear on the head."
Chen Xiang sat down and carefully caressed his head. He frowned his old eyebrows and tried to sense the Bones on Chen Xiang's head.

"What's going on? Could I have sensed wrongly? There are actually four Bones s! " Wu Zhi was shocked, and shouted: "How is that possible?"

"Shh!" Chen Xiang immediately made a gesture: "Why is that impossible?"

"Leader, how much Bones do you have now? Could it be that all four of them were stuck in his head? This situation is even rarer! " If Wu Zhi had not personally witnessed it, he definitely would not believe that a person would actually have four Bones s in their head.

Wu Zhi also felt the two Bones s in Chen Xiang's eyes, adding the one Chen Xiang had just condensed, there were four of them!
"Well... It's my secret, don't you dare talk about it randomly, Elder Wu! " Chen Xiang said softly, he trusted Wu Zhi quite a bit.

Wu Zhi nodded: "I know, Bones condensed in your head, do you have any other feelings? Or perhaps there have been other reactions that I have not seen in the past. "

Chen Xiang shook his head. Other than the Bones in his eyes, the two Bones that he had condensed just now were extremely secretive, causing him to be unable to find them after he woke up.

"When I formed it, I had to look for it myself. It could be said that there was no reaction at all, but I tried it, and it can be used to absorb the God Power in my Divine Sense Sea." Chen Xiang said: "Elder Wu, how do I usually use the Bones in the head?"

"I can't possibly be like the Bones of fists and legs! When I am fighting, shouldn't I use my head to hit him? " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course not. It would look very stupid." Wu Zhi laughed: "The Bones in the head is rather special. After it appears in the head, there will be a few special abilities that the Bones of other parts do not have."
"First of all, it can make your head even harder. This is the same as the other Bones, it can strengthen the location of your Bones! Also, the Bones at the head can also absorb and transform the divine power within the Divine Sense Sea, making it very strong and transferring it to other parts of the body. "
"It's similar to the Bones of your legs. Because it's convenient to attack, it's more direct in terms of usage!" Chen Xiang said. The Bones in his eyes could also absorb the power of the Divine Sense Sea just like the Bones in other places.
"Yes, and the front and back of the chest are also places where Bones are usually condensed. This is mainly used as a defense." Wu Zhi nodded, "And the Bones on the head can not only protect the head, it can also protect Divine Sense Sea! Many Peak Divine Lord s know how to attack, so they have to protect their own Divine Sense Sea s whenever they fight! "
"If you have Bones at your head, then you don't even need to deliberately protect yourself to be able to play an extremely powerful defensive role! This is a great benefit from having a head full of Bones. "
Wu Zhi patted Chen Xiang's head and continued to speak, "The protection of the Divine Sense Sea is extremely important. For example, if your body was destroyed, and your Divine Sense Sea was well-protected, then it would float along with your consciousness, and others wouldn't be able to kill your Divine Sense Sea! This way, you only need a little time to cultivate and be able to form your flesh once again, and your body will be as strong as it was before, and you will even have Bones! "

"This is recorded in an ancient book of our Undead Divine Race." This is recorded in an ancient book of our Undead Divine Race.

"Is there any other use for it besides this?" Chen Xiang felt that his Divine Sense Sea's defense was already very strong. This was because he had the Bones of his eyes from before.
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