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World Defying Dan God Chapter 2202

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The instant the white-clothed man's sword stabbed forward, a cold Qi shot out. This was an extremely strange type of divine force, but it was extremely powerful, causing the sword to appear even more terrifying.
The sword tip pierced Chen Xiang's chest!

However, once it touched Chen Xiang's clothes, it would be difficult to penetrate in the slightest, and Chen Xiang's chest could actually directly block this terrifying sword strike!
The white clothed man was stunned, even if Chen Xiang had an extremely powerful divine robe to protect himself, then Chen Xiang would at least retreat a few steps, but he stood there unmoving like a mountain!

Although he did not condense an extremely strong power in his sword just now, even if Third Rank Divine King were to be pierced by that sword, he would not feel too good either, to think that Chen Xiang was actually fine.
"Just this little bit of strength! Isn't this Third Rank Divine King of yours too weak!? " Chen Xiang laughed, then used his blazing hand to grab onto the Immortal Sword, he used his strength and broke it.
"This sword is also very weak, but it is still a bit stronger than you. At the very least, this sword can still remain in this world after receiving one of my attacks, but as for you …" As Chen Xiang spoke, the white clothed man had already revealed a face of fear. He did not expect that this little demon who was not even in the Supreme God Realm could actually block his powerful strike and even break his sword that easily.
"Get rid of him!" The white clothed man saw Chen Xiang walking towards him and roared. He did not know why, but when he was enveloped by the killing intent released by Chen Xiang, he started to tremble. He wanted to stay away from Chen Xiang, but he found that he was unable to move his legs.

When they saw Chen Xiang break the white clothed man's sword, they immediately activated their divine power. Now that they had attacked, their divine power was extremely fierce, shaking the air as they rushed over, releasing waves of explosive sounds.

Chen Xiang dodged the two's attacks and arrived behind the white clothed man. His arm was wrapped in flames, and at this moment, he raised his long arm high up, like a burning godly axe, and hacked down fiercely. The white clothed man's body was actually hacked into two halves by his arm.
He could destroy the Third Rank Divine King's body with his bare hands. This kind of savage power caused the two men to tremble in fear.
Chen Xiang had previously used sixty Divine Deity s and twelve Bones s to fuse together to produce a power. Adding to the fact that he was currently cultivating the Six Realms' Power, even though these Third Rank Divine King had more than seventy Divine Deity, they were still no match for him.
Just like he had expected, the Divine Deity that he painstakingly cultivated out was indeed enough to grant him extremely terrifying strength, especially his current physical body. Even if he didn't use divine weapons, it would still be comparable to Divine Weapons.

"What, you want to run?" Chen Xiang chuckled, and immediately released two Fire Vines to encircle them, then teleported to a man who was still alive, and directly used his hands to tear apart the man's body.
A loud sound rang out! The real Third Rank Divine King was like a piece of scrap paper, being torn into pieces in a few moves. Those pieces of Third Rank Divine King were all being burned by the flames and turned into ashes little by little.
"Save me!" Then, he waved the long blade in his hand, hacking at his bound legs. Just as his long blade was about to touch his legs, Chen Xiang threw a fist out from afar, striking out with Meteor immortal power.
He hadn't even used these techniques before, but now that he did, the power was boundless. Just the searing waves of air that erupted had turned the man into ashes.
"You overestimate yourself!" Chen Xiang clapped his hands in fear, then walked towards Xiao Hongque with a smile.
Just a moment ago, she was still telling Chen Xiang to run away, but she didn't expect Chen Xiang to be so terrifying. Killing this kind of Third Rank Divine King was as easy as cutting grass.
"You … "What are you doing? This is our battlefield. Get the hell out of here. If you join, you'll break the fairness." An old man roared. When Chen Xiang walked over, step by step, his heart was trembling non-stop, they had all personally witnessed Chen Xiang killing the three Third Rank Divine King s.
Chen Xiang laughed, laughing heartily: "You guys are currently fighting four men against one woman, is this really fair?"
His laughter was still reverberating in the distance when he had already disappeared. He had already arrived behind the old man, and with a fierce thrust of his flaming hand, he pierced through the old man's chest.

After the old man screamed, the flames that surged into his body swelled and exploded into bits of black fragments.
When the other three saw that the old man had been killed, they became extremely terrified and wanted to escape. This also gave Xiao Hongque an opportunity to stab one of the big sized man in the throat.
"Go help Imperial Concubine Lian, leave these two to me!" Chen Xiang said, while the two Third Rank Divine King s ran off into the distance.
Xiao Hongque immediately ran over to Imperial Concubine Lian. With her, Imperial Concubine Lian felt much more relaxed.

Chen Xiang looked at the two fleeing men and smiled faintly. Then, he used the power of space to teleport the two men in front of him.
The two men were originally running for their lives. They also felt that they had run far away. However, they didn't expect that they would actually run back in a flash.
"It's the power of space. You actually grasped the Space Laws …"
"What good eyesight. Unfortunately, you are going to die." Chen Xiang laughed, and then both his palms struck out, striking the two in the chest. Meteor immortal power gushed out from his palms and made a loud sound, the two people's bodies were also smashed into smithereens under the explosion.
"Retreat!" When the four men saw that four more had died, they felt even more terrified and uneasy.
Chen Xiang immediately activated a Space Domain, enveloping these four Third Rank Divine King s within and making them unable to run out.

When the four of them were trying to escape, two of them were killed by and the Imperial Concubine Lian!
"Spatial imprisonment!" After Chen Xiang executed his technique, those two people could not move at all. Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque also immediately flew over and killed them.
"Alright!" "How fast!" Chen Xiang giggled: "You guys aren't very powerful!"
"Brat, how much Divine Deity do you actually have?" Imperial Concubine Lian ran over and pinched Chen Xiang's chest: "You actually acted weak. You little liar, you made me worry for you."
"You have at least eighty Divine Deity! Only a second tier Celestial King would be able to easily deal with these ten or so fellows. " Xiao Hongque said. She herself was only a Third Rank Divine King with seventy odd Divine Deity.
The Imperial Concubine Lian was a little stronger than her and her Bones was a little higher, but to deal with four of the stronger Third Rank Divine King s at the same time, at most, they wouldn't be killed, and it wouldn't be easy for them to defeat them.

Yue'er ran out from the ring. "That was a pretty good fight, I thought I was going to make a move too!"

"Is Little Cat very strong too?" Imperial Concubine Lian touched her and asked.
"I'm also good at this, don't look down on me!" Yue'er laughed. "I am stronger than all of you."
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