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After Chen Xiang sent the message to Xiao Baifeng, Xiao Baifeng did not think much of it, and just agreed to let Huang Yantian and the others enter the Imperial Nine Palace. Previously, Chen Xiang and Xiao Yulan had already reached an agreement, but not only did Xiao Yulan not have any doubts about Chen Xiang, he had become even more trusted and valued, so Xiao Baifeng felt that it was nothing to let Chen Xiang's master and friends come in.
After Xiao Baifeng agreed to Chen Xiang's terms, Chen Xiang brought Huang Jintian and the other two down the inn. Before he left, Huang Yantian and Huang Jintian, this pair of strange brothers, were still arguing with each other about how to pay the bill …. Chen Xiang was worried that they would fight, hence he had no choice but to pay for it.
After getting on Xiao Baifeng's carriage, Chen Xiang repeatedly reminded the crazy brothers to not do anything.
"Master, there are crouching tigers and hidden dragons inside the Imperial Nine Palace. The strong are as numerous as the clouds. Chen Xiang said in a serious tone.
"Don't worry about that, even if I cause trouble I won't implicate you!" To be honest, I really am not afraid of them after Imperial Nine Palace's Divine Lord scram. " Huang Yantian laughed.
"Kid, I will take a liking to this fellow. Don't worry about him." Huang Jintian laughed.
Chen Xiang suddenly felt that bringing the two into the Imperial Nine Palace was the wrong decision!
"Little girl, who are your parents?" Huang Yantian looked at Xiao Baifeng and suddenly asked.
"I don't know. I was raised by the princess. I'm an orphan!" Xiao Baifeng shook his head: "Why do you ask, senior?"

"I also have some understanding of the Divine Cauldron Nation, but I never thought that there would be a person beside a princess in the Divine Cauldron Nation who is so powerful. You seem to have thirty Divine Deity already, at such a young age, so I think your parents are definitely not normal people." Huang Yantian said.
"We brothers know how to tell a fortune. Do you need us to help you calculate if your parents are still alive or not?" Huang Yantian laughed: "Miss, when we brothers work together, there is nothing that cannot be calculated. Moreover, we are both Chen Xiang's masters, you don't need to worry about us lying to you."

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that it was weird, Huang Yantian and Huang Jintian had already teamed up, and actually agreed to cooperate to tell Xiao Baifeng's fate!

Chen Xiang nodded at Xiao Baifeng: "Elder Sister Bai Feng, they indeed know some kind of divine ability or technique. You can try it!"
"How?" Xiao Baifeng trusted Chen Xiang and asked immediately.
"Just one drop of your blood." Huang Jintian took out a white jade bowl. Seeing this jade bowl, Chen Xiang's pupils shrank, he had a pair of Dao heart Eye s, so he could see that this jade bowl was extraordinary.

Chen Xiang suspected that they obtained some treasures after returning to the Star Law Divine Realm.

Xiao Baifeng dripped a droplet of blood on the jade bowl, and then, under Huang Jintian's control, that droplet of blood merged into the jade bowl. Huang Jintian closed his eyes, and started chanting a strange incantation from his mouth as the jade bowl also emitted multicolored light.
"So your parents were both the Divine Monarchs by the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's side. However, they died in battle a long time ago because of the powerful divine beast's defense." Huang Jintian said, and then he said two names.

"Thank you, senior!" Xiao Baifeng memorized the name and planned to look up it in the future. She had experienced a lot in the past few years and was mentally prepared for it, but after knowing that her birth parents had already died, she couldn't help but feel hurt.

But now, knowing his roots was not bad either. At the very least, he could know who his parents were and where he came from!

Chen Xiang did not understand why Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian would suddenly do such a weird thing, and immediately used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell them: "What are you guys doing, to suddenly do such a thing?"
"We were looking for Undead Heaven Spirit. I calculated that a Undead Heaven Spirit was right above this Divine Cauldron Star, but I don't know where, but when your master came by and worked with me, I finally figured that the Undead Heaven Spirit was within the Imperial Nine Palace. But we can only calculate it to this point! Then, we figured out who her parents were, and found out who her parents were, so we confirmed that she wasn't Undead Heaven Spirit. " Huang Yantian replied.
There was actually a Undead Heaven Spirit in the Imperial Nine Palace! Chen Xiang was also shocked, in his eyes, the Undead Heaven Spirit must be very powerful.
"Oh right, this Undead Heaven Spirit is a female, I wonder if we can find her, we have to let her know about the calamity that has befallen our Undead Divine Race." Huang Jintian said.
Undead Heaven Spirit is a woman! A person immediately surfaced in Chen Xiang's mind. It was the Imperial Concubine Lian!
When the mysterious Imperial Concubine Lian entered the Imperial Nine Palace, he brought his daughter in! Although she had a useless son, it was rumored that she had stolen this son of hers. Because she had a son, she was able to raise her status in the Imperial Nine Palace.
Xiao Baifeng had told Chen Xiang about the Imperial Concubine Lian not too long ago, which was why he suddenly remembered it! He did not understand why the Imperial Concubine Lian was hiding inside the Imperial Nine Palace. Was he trying to find something?
If Imperial Concubine Lian was a Undead Heaven Spirit of the Undead Divine Race, then she was definitely strong. She must have her reasons for being hiding in the Imperial Nine Palace and following Xiao Yulan!

Xiao Baifeng had said that Xiao Yulan had investigated the origins of the Imperial Concubine Lian before, but he did not come to any conclusion!

Chen Xiang told Huang Jintian and the others what he knew about the Imperial Concubine Lian. After they heard it, they also thought that it was very possible.
Xiao Baifeng helped Huang Jintian and the others get three jade plates, then he continued to drive them to his house.
"Is this the inside of the Imperial Nine Palace?" Huang Yantian jumped up high, and looked around: "It's about the same as an entire city, but there are many powerful auras here, and it's not simple at all."
Huang Jintian urged Chen Xiang to quickly find the Imperial Concubine Lian to confirm, so that they could finish what they were doing here, and then leave.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, I want to see that Imperial Concubine Lian. I hurt her and hit a little too hard, I want to accompany her." Chen Xiang said to Xiao Baifeng: "Can you help me arrange it? I feel that both she and I are currently working for the Jade Cauldron Divine King and there shouldn't be too many conflicts between us. I want to resolve those conflicts between us. "
If it wasn't for Huang Jintian, Chen Xiang wouldn't even bother to go see Imperial Concubine Lian, but there was nothing he could do. Huang Jintian was his master, and this matter concerned Undead Divine Race.
"Are you really going to do this? If we can smoothly resolve this conflict, Princess would definitely be very happy. What she hates the most are her subordinates scheming and scheming against each other. " Xiao Baifeng said.

"Of course, I want to find her now, and also bring a gift to atone for my sins!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Then we will use the Bone level Dan!"

Four low rank Bone level Dan s were nothing in Chen Xiang's eyes, he had refined them in an instant!
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