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The first Dan Hall was also very famous, and the hall master present was the same as Luo Tianjun, they were both extremely outstanding Pill Gods! This time, the hall master said that there was a problem with the Regeneration Dan, this caused the people who just bought the Regeneration Dan to feel a chill in their hearts, and they had already said that they were leaving.
"Liang Gaoyi, you have to be responsible for saying those words!" When the oldest Gu saw the crowd shouting for him to return, he shouted loudly.
Liang Gaoyi was the hall master of the first Dan Hall, so his words were obviously very authoritative. Therefore, those people all suspected that there was a problem with the Regeneration Dan.

"You guys were able to create so many Regeneration Dan in such a short period of time, and their quality is also top-notch. This is definitely impossible, so there must be a problem! You must have done something to these Regeneration Dan. " Liang Gaoyi said with certainty. He thought that if something impossible happened, he would never accept it, which was why he said that.

The oldest Gu panicked. This Liang Gaoyi was a famous Alchemist in the Super God Realm, if he said something like that now, he was obviously here to ruin the competition.
Feng Yujie was actually very calm. She asked softly: "Hall Master Liang, then how do you want us to prove that there are no problems with this Regeneration Dan? We are willing to take out ten Regeneration Dan s from the remaining forty pellets to prove ourselves! "
Chen Xiang watched on the side. Feng Yujie was the same as Lv Qilian, there was a very good way to deal with this kind of thing, but oldest Gu and the others obviously preferred a more violent method. oldest Gu had threatened Liang Gaoyi verbally just now, but Liang Gaoyi did not eat his method.
"I don't know how to prove it, but I just think that there's a problem with your Regeneration Dan!" Liang Gaoyi's words immediately made oldest Gu jump over, and his fist smashed over.

"You're obviously here to cause trouble!" After oldest Gu's fist struck over, he was firmly grabbed by Liang Gaoyi.
Although Liang Gaoyi was an old man, he was tall and strong. From his stature, oldest Gu looked weak and weak.

"Old Liang, if you don't explain this matter to me clearly, I can guarantee that you will crawl back home today." Luo Tianjun's voice sounded from outside the door. He was still the same as before, he was not afraid of such a threat at all.
Before, Chen Xiang had heard from the oldest Gu that the reason why Hall 10 wasn't ranked number 1 was because Luo Tianjun had lost to him, and to him at that.

"Unless he can use my medicine to make a pot on the spot, then I will believe him." Liang Gaoyi looked at Luo Tianjun who was at the door, and smiled indifferently: "Old Luo, a hundred years have passed, do you think you can beat me now?"

Liang Gaoyi took out a box, looked at Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang and said, "I remember that the Regeneration Dan was created by a woman!"

Feng Yujie nodded his head: "It is precisely this little girl who had refined it. I am willing to refine a furnace of pills on the spot to dispel Hall Master Liang's doubts!"
As long as Liang Gaoyi's medicine was used, there would definitely be no problem. Those who had originally planned to return the goods, decided to take a look at the results.

Luo Tianjun said, "Old Liang, you must be trying to scam a young man! If she can really refine it, then you must apologize, and Regeneration Dan will also belong to them. "

Liang Gaoyi took out a pill furnace and said, "Not only do I need to use my ingredients, I also need to use my pill furnace. If she can actually refine it, I will be convinced."
When Chen Xiang saw the pill furnace, he felt that something was amiss inside. He stood out and said: "Can I use this furnace? Change it to something else! "
"This won't do. If I use the pill furnace that you have prepared, I'm afraid that you will do something to the pill furnace inside!" Liang Gaoyi laughed: "If you guys are worried that I would do something, I will get the other hall masters to prepare one for you all!"
Luo Tianjun took the pill furnace, looked at it, and then smashed it onto the ground, turning it into pieces, "What can this broken pill furnace make? Old Liang, if you continue to cause trouble, I'll really get angry! "
Chen Xiang said: "Why don't I refine it, I don't need a pill furnace!"

How could he refine without a pill furnace? Even Luo Tianjun felt that it was somewhat impossible. After all, refining Zhongpin Dan s was extremely difficult, and if it were any other low levelled Holy Pellets, they wouldn't need to use their pill furnaces to play.
"Alright, since you said so, let's begin!" Liang Gaoyi laughed, and handed the jade box over to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took and opened it. Immediately, he scolded. "Liang Gaoyi, you bastard …"

"Hall master, forget it... I can refine it! " As Chen Xiang looked at those hay like medicinal herbs, although he was a little dissatisfied, he did not have much of a reaction.
How could a garbage of medicinal ingredients, without using a pill furnace, refine a Regeneration Dan?

It was at this time that Luo Tianjun suddenly remembered that Chen Xiang was training in the Heavenly Alchemy, so with how confident he was right now, he definitely had a way to solve this problem.
Feng Yujie retreated to the side, when she saw the herbs, she also frowned, because she felt that even if she used a good pill furnace, it would be impossible to refine it into a pill, let alone not using a pill furnace!

The White Tiger had seen Chen Xiang concoct pills a few times, so it was already very familiar with this situation. It could only watch with a smile at the side, but the Vermillion Bird rarely saw Chen Xiang concoct pills in public. The Vermillion Bird's strongest aspect was its flame, so she could usually refine some pills and had a good understanding of pill refining.
Chen Xiang only took out the few divine medicines that the Regeneration Dan had said he needed, then he returned the jade box to Liang Gaoyi.
"What is it? Don't you need Shangpin holy Dan? " Liang Gaoyi was originally still smiling, but now he couldn't laugh anymore because of the serious look on Chen Xiang's face.

He did not need Shangpin holy Dan to be able to refine a Zhongpin Dan. If this was really the case, then it was possible to refine a large number of Regeneration Dan in a short period of time.
For many years, many Pill Deity had tried various things to get rid of the need for other pills to aid in their attempts, but most of them failed! Of course, there were successful Pill Gods, but they could only be counted on one hand. Furthermore, they were all at the top of the Divine Nations.

Xiao Chou also came. He hurriedly rushed in because he liked to see Chen Xiang concocting pills, especially that kind of amazing method.

Those who were familiar with Chen Xiang had seen how he concocted pills without a cauldron before, but they still wanted to see.

Chen Xiang opened up his own palm, and all the withered divine medicines were placed neatly on top of them. His hand suddenly turned silver white, like silver jade, and just as everyone was being surprised, his silver jade like hand released a silver Chuangzao fire, wrapping the divine medicines on top of his palm!
In the past, when Chen Xiang did not use his pill furnace to refine pills, he had released an invisible Magic method furnace. But now, he was refining a divine pill directly on his palm.
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