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Right now, Chen Xiang just could not beat Prince Divine Lions, otherwise, he would have gone to Prince Divine Lions long ago to settle the score with him, and would want to capture him for no reason at all! Now that the Prince Divine Lions had come to the Supreme Divine Palace, with Luo Tianjun and the Olde Iron Cock supporting him from behind, Chen Xiang was very touched! Neither of them were afraid because of the powerful backgrounds of the Prince Divine Lions!
"Let's go!" Luo Tianjun rolled up his sleeves and walked out of Supreme Divine Palace.
The Olde Iron Cock laughed and followed behind Luo Tianjun. The two of them did not seem to be afraid of the Prince Divine Lions at all!
"Let's go take a look as well!" Feng Yujie pulled Shui Bingyan and followed closely. She was worried that something big would happen.
Chen Xiang naturally did not fear him, as he hated the Prince Divine Lions very much in his heart. He had injured Qi Shi and killed the Super Old Fire Beast, making him furious just thinking about it.
Yue Er snorted lightly: "When the time comes, I will not appear anymore. I also have a grudge with this guy. This bastard thinks he is invincible in Beast Divine Palace, he hates me whenever he sees me!"

Walking out of the Supreme Divine Palace, Chen Xiang followed Luo Tianjun and the others to the front of a big house. When they arrived, Chen Xiang and the others immediately felt a wave of pressure. Because at this moment, Luo Tianjun and Olde Iron Cock were filled with anger and did not conceal their aura in the slightest. After Prince Divine Lions sensed what was inside, he also released his royal might in response.
The newly built Heroes Gathering Divine City already had a few people who came from the big powers. At this moment, everyone could feel that there were three opposing auras at this place, which caused the clouds in the sky to churn violently, creating bursts of lightning bolts.

"Are they going to fight?" Shui Bingyan looked at the spectacular sight in the sky innocently, as she felt the three strong presences colliding with her, but she was not surprised by it.
"No, I'm just trying to reason with him!" Feng Yujie said. It was impossible for them to fight in here, even if Luo Tianjun and Olde Iron Cock wanted to, the two Palace Masters would come out and stop them.
"What are you doing?" You are all elders of the Supreme Divine Palace, is this how you treat guests? " Prince Divine Lions was a little angry, and his tone became extremely cold.

Didn't you say that you were looking for Chen Xiang? Luo Tianjun's voice was also filled with anger.
Prince Divine Lions came out, followed behind him were two elderly men in grey whose eyes were like torches. Just looking at Chen Xiang made them feel an inexplicable sense of fear.
Prince Divine Lions was dressed in a golden cape and armor, and on his face was a mask carved with a golden lion's head. He was very tall, and his tall and sturdy body did not match with his gentle voice.

"Did you kill my Silver lion?" When Prince Divine Lions came out, he immediately asked Chen Xiang. He had seen Chen Xiang before, so he recognized him as well.

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to answer, Luo Tianjun spoke coldly: "He was the one who killed them, what can you do?"

Seeing how rude Luo Tianjun was, the eyes of the grey robed elder behind Prince Divine Lions suddenly turned red, and released a bloody light. He said: "Surnamed Luo, be a bit courteous to the young master, don't think that this is your territory, and we will allow you to humiliate us!"

"Dog slave, there's no place for you to interrupt!" Olde Iron Cock let out a loud shout, and the thunderous shockwave exploded in the sky, shaking the heavens and the earth. The thick clouds that were churning in the air earlier were actually completely shaken to the point that they disappeared.

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were both shocked. This Olde Iron Cock normally looked like a bad old man, but he didn't expect that he would be so terrifying when he went berserk. If he shouted at a mountain earlier, maybe even that mountain would be shattered.
The Prince Divine Lions had already sensed that something was amiss. Not only were Luo Tianjun and the Olde Iron Cock very famous in the Supreme Divine Palace, even the other powers of the Super God Realm knew a little about them.

"What's going on?" Mu Chen came, Xiao Changle also came. The commotion just now, how could it not have alarmed them?
"Prince Divine Lions sent his Silver lion to kill Chen Xiang. Now that the Silver lion is dead, he still wants to find trouble with Chen Xiang. Palace Chief, tell me, is this guy too arrogant? "Their underlings have been hunted down and killed, yet they still dare to come to our doorstep and demand an explanation!" Luo Tianjun said indignantly.

The Prince Divine Lions wanted to kill Chen Xiang! This caused Mu Chen to frown. He looked at the Prince Divine Lions and asked with an ice-cold voice: "Is that true?"

"I did not send the Silver lion to kill him. I only wanted to capture him and bring him back! But if he resists, it's very possible that the Silver lion will kill him, so I have to ask him! " Prince Divine Lions's tone was indifferent, and actually did not feel any fear at all. It was just as Yue'er had said, she seemed to be unrivalled in the world.
The Olde Iron Cock sneered: "What this guy means is, if he sends his men to capture Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang must not resist. Who would not resist when they are caught? "
Mu Chen said: "Please explain why you want to capture Chen Xiang."
Prince Divine Lions immediately replied: "Because he saved an enemy who wanted to kill me, he is my enemy!"
Chen Xiang frowned: "You killed Qi Shi's brother for no reason, so it's natural for Qi Shi to seek you out for revenge. is my big brother and my friend, so what if I save him?"
"It doesn't matter, you saved him is my enemy, so of course I can catch you!" The Prince Divine Lions sneered.

"Since you are my enemy, then I can naturally kill the Silver lion you sent out!" Chen Xiang also laughed coldly: "I was the one who killed that stupid lion of yours! You should still have a Silver lion, if you don't have one by your side now, you're probably done for too! "
Xiao Changle frowned: "No, Chen Xiang's current strength is not sufficient to kill that Silver lion. I have seen that Silver lion before, it should be at the level of a Supreme Divine Beast, and is not something Chen Xiang can kill!"
Of course, it was not Chen Xiang who killed him, it was Shui Bingyan who killed him!

Just now, Feng Yujie had already sent a sound transmission to Shui Bingyan, telling her to be quiet!

Luo Tianjun said: "No matter who killed him, it doesn't matter what, this guy sent the Silver lion to capture Chen Xiang. He almost caused Chen Xiang to lose his life, how can we just let him go like this?"
Prince Divine Lions laughed coldly: "That's right, when he saved my enemy back then, I wanted to kill him. The reason I had the Silver lion catch him and bring him back was so that I could torture him to death bit by bit. If I want to kill him now, what can you do to me? "
Luo Tianjun laughed, and as he laughed, a black rod suddenly appeared in his hand, carrying an extremely terrifying black fiendish aura.
"Wait!" Mu Chen grabbed the long rod and shouted.

Seeing that Luo Tianjun was stopped, the Prince Divine Lions sneered: "You are indeed very strong, but you can't do anything to me! Look, you can't do anything to me right now! And you are currently my enemy as well, so it would be best for you not to leave your Supreme Divine Palace in the future.

Luo Tianjun looked like Mu Chen. Mu Chen was the hall master, and was also very strong.
Olde Iron Cock was extremely furious, even Xiao Changle frowned at the side, because this Prince Divine Lions was simply too arrogant. It would be fine if Mu Chen wasn't here, but with Mu Chen here, he even said that he wanted to kill Luo Tianjun in front of the hall master of this Supreme Divine Palace!
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