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Chen Xiang was also a fire expert, but he was currently wrapped up by the fire domain, which made it hard for him to breathe. Although this Feng Shen couldn't beat Devil-killing Heavenly God in terms of strength, it was difficult for Chen Xiang to defeat him.

You and I will definitely be able to get rid of this guy. We will definitely take revenge on Dan Emperor. said as he gnashed his teeth. She began to fuse with Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea, allowing him to feel her dual divine soul.
Before, when he found out that Chen Xiang was here, he rushed over and asked around. Chen Xiang was merely around the Super profound God, but now, he was at the Heavenly God Realm.
Chen Xiang quietly waited for Feng Shen to make his move, because he didn't know anything about Feng Shen and this place was covered by Feng Shen's domain. If he made his move first, after Feng Shen, who was much stronger than him, he would launch his unexpected counterattack.
Feng Shen had also experienced hundreds of battles and could tell that Chen Xiang was thinking about something. He was much stronger than Chen Xiang, so he didn't need to worry about anything when fighting,. He took a deep breath, and the flames on his body violently spewed out.

Just as he was about to attack, the power of space surged out from outside. This spatial ripple was extremely powerful. As it surged forward, it dispersed Feng Shen's flame domain.

Chen Xiang was also shocked. If he did not rely on an array formation to use such a terrifying spatial energy, then he would definitely need the strength of the Supreme God.
On top of the platform was a purple-clothed female sitting in a meditative pose. She looked extremely weak, but her arrogance did not weaken at all. She immediately saw Chen Xiang, and her purple eyes flashed with a strange light.
These Empyrean Gods had actually joined forces to use powerful formation discs to flee to this place.
The War God Shrine was paying close attention to the movements of the grass in the area. When Feng Shen released his Flame Domain, it created quite a big commotion and was discovered in an instant.

The group of god were also capable, and quickly confirmed that Feng Shen had discovered Chen Xiang, so they hurried over to see if they could catch Chen Xiang alive, and throw him onto the stage.

Feng Shen said coldly, "This is my fight. Whoever interferes will be my enemy."
Bai Zhan's son, Young Master Yuan, was actually killed by him. He also wanted to help Chen Xiang now, but he was a pill god with status after all, so he knew that there was no reason for Feng Shen to interfere since he was the first one to notice it.
Even if he were to defeat Feng Shen now, it would be difficult for him to escape. The Pill Gods who were initially looking for the Nine Oddities Divine Fruit are all here, not to mention the Battle God Hall, the Fire Divine Palace and the Wealth Divine Palace s. These Main Heavenly God s were all of the same strength as the Devil-killing Heavenly God.

Other than that, there were also the few divine gods sent by the Hell Devil Emperor, staring at the scene like tigers stalking their prey.
Today, it was impossible for Chen Xiang to escape even if he had wings, so all the gods present were secretly rejoicing in their hearts. He wanted to catch hold of the successor of the Ancient Poison, Bai Ziqian, and even encountered Chen Xiang, the little kid who had mastered many Taboo magic s.

Chen Xiang looked at the Dan God Ye and Ye Qin in the distance and asked, "Were you surrounding and annihilating me as well?"

Dan God Ye shook his head: "I won't attack."
The other Pill Gods, including the Dan God in Blue Costume, also expressed their opinions. They were just here to watch a show, although Chen Xiang looked to be in a difficult situation to escape from, they had already decided not to pursue this matter with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang looked around, but did not see Huang Jintian. His heart immediately calmed down a lot, because Huang Jintian did not follow him, but instead went to look for reinforcements. It was very possible that he went to the Devil-killing Divine Palace to look for the Devil-killing Heavenly God, and was the only expert who could help him out of his predicament.

"Feng Shen, he just crippled your son, so you cripple him and hand him to me." Unwearying Fighting Dan God shouted from afar, his voice carried anger. When he looked at Chen Xiang, his wolf-like eyes were flickering with killing intent, adding to the pressure Chen Xiang felt in his heart.
"I'll try my best." On the other hand, Unwearying Fighting Dan God was an important elder of the War God Shrine. He was an expert of the same generation as the God of Fortune, and a Pill God at that. If not for the God of Fortune being present, he probably wouldn't have had the chance to fight Chen Xiang today.
Chen Xiang looked at the God of Fortune in the distance. Behind the God of Fortune, there stood a man with wooden expression and empty eyes, he was precisely the ice dragon who had been taken in as a mount. Now that he had tormented them to such an extent, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi became even more furious, and what made him vent his anger was to kill the Feng Shen.
Chen Xiang lowered his head to look at the God Slaughtering Sword in his hand, and actually started to tremble. He didn't know if he was afraid or excited, but he gently caressed the sword's body, feeling the protruding rust on the sword, in order to soothe the God Slaughtering Sword.
Suddenly, not far away from the barrier, a spatial ripple appeared and another large group of people teleported over. Chen Xiang turned to look, only to see a group of beautiful women dressed in white, the leading one was dressed in a white robe, the woman was wearing a white robe, her eyes flashed with a cold light as she stared at Chen Xiang.

This was actually the Divine Female Palace's, and the leading lady was the Divine Female Palace's Palace Mistress.

A few of the Great Temples' disciples had all come, whether it was the Main Heavenly God or their disciples. Now, only the Devil-killing Divine Palace hadn't come.

"Are you here to help him or to watch a show?" Unwearying Fighting Dan God immediately asked with a harsh tone. If it was to help Chen Xiang, even if it was his own Divine Female Palace, he would definitely not let him off.
Goddess Palace Leader looked at Chen Xiang, then looked at Bai Ziqian, and said with a clear and cold voice: "Our Divine Female Palace is a member of the all divine palaces, I am only fulfilling my promise back then. When necessary, I will work with everyone to eliminate the villains on the platform."
"Alright, if we push Chen Xiang onto the killing platform, will you help too?" The Unwearying Fighting Dan God asked again.
"Yes." Goddess Palace Leader's attitude was so firm that Chen Xiang couldn't help but frown. He remembered that he didn't have any grudges with Divine Female Palace.
Even the Dan God Ye did not understand why the Goddess Palace Leader, who had always been indifferent to worldly affairs, would now become like this.
Dan God Ye sighed and said to Goddess Palace Leader, "From today onwards, Qin'er will no longer be a disciple of Divine Female Palace. The grudge between your Divine Female Palace and Chen Xiang has nothing to do with Qin'er.

"Up to you." Goddess Palace Leader coldly replied.
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