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Seeing Chen Xiang coming out, Long Xueyi smiled and said to the few big sized men: "Didn't you guys just say that you were looking for Chen Xiang? He is here right now."

Because the snowstorm had disappeared, these few burly men were able to enter deeper into the cave. They saw the traces of Special god beast being hunted and that was why they followed them here.
Chen Xiang smiled and asked: "Why have you come all the way here to find me?"
The Young Master Yuan whom Chen Xiang killed before was Super profound God, although he was usually a little arrogant, but his strength was genuine, and was even killed by Chen Xiang with a few moves.

These big sized men knew that Chen Xiang was terrifying, but Han Deyuan had told them that he had heavily injured his divine soul, and it would take at least a few decades for him to recover. Even if he did recover, they would still have to rest for a few decades before being able to recover, which was why they dared to come looking for Chen Xiang.

But now that they saw how energetic Chen Xiang was and how he wasn't afraid of them at all, their hearts immediately sunk, because Chen Xiang didn't look like his divine soul had been heavily injured at all.
"You killed the young master of our War God Shrine. We're here to capture you." A big sized man mustered his courage and shouted at Chen Xiang.
Chen Xiang laughed: That's right, that trash called Young Master Yuan was indeed killed by me, do you know why I wanted to kill him?

Because Young Master Yuan saw a female dragon, he wanted to take her as his mount. However, this dragon was the one that led Chen Xiang to his death, so killed Young Master Yuan with one slash.
Young Master Yuan was asking for death, for he had his own father, the Pill God. He wanted to do whatever he wanted, and wanted to take away Chen Xiang's most beloved White Dragon.
Only then did these men realize that this beautiful woman in white was the White Dragon that Young Master Yuan wanted to take away from them.
Long Xueyi laughed: "Last time, Young Master Yuan only got killed by Chen Xiang because he caught me. This time, it's because you guys want to catch Chen Xiang, so it's my turn to take action."
The strength of the white dragon beside Chen Xiang had not attracted any attention. It was also because it was not very powerful, otherwise Chen Xiang would not have been injured at that time. However, the few big men of the War God Shrine suddenly felt that this white dragon was much more terrifying than Chen Xiang.

Seeing Chen Xiang and's smiling faces, a few Super profound God s' hearts suddenly trembled, because the way they looked at them was as if they were looking at an ant.

"Kill!" A bold man suddenly shouted, because he noticed that their spirit power was much weaker than usual. He waved the gold blade in his hand, and slashed towards Long Xueyi's slender jade neck.
The few big sized men also attacked at the same time, and all of them were actually attacking Long Xueyi, because they felt that Long Xueyi was a huge threat and that his divine soul was severely injured. As long as they killed him, they could grab Chen Xiang alive and return to receive their rewards.

Chen Xiang knew that Long Xueyi could handle it, so he did not make a move, with his hands behind his back, he smiled at the few big sized men.
The blade edge stopped an inch away from Long Xueyi's slender neck. On the other hand, half of Long Xueyi's body was already covered in a layer of ice.
The few big men who had just attacked suddenly felt their bodies becoming stiff, and then they could no longer move, the cold energy that Long Xueyi released was extremely similar to the Icy cold power which had just disappeared, and it was even more terrifying than the Icy cold power of Super God Restricted Area.

"Hmph." Long Xueyi snorted coldly, the cold Qi made Chen Xiang feel as if it was penetrating his bones, and the few burly men also ended their lives in that instant.
Long Xueyi did not even move, he only released the extremely strong Icy cold power and froze these Upper Heavenly God to death.

"Hurry and take out their Divine Deity. If you're a bit slower, their Divine Deity would have been completely frozen." Long Xueyi turned her head to look at Chen Xiang and smiled daintily, the frost on her body instantly disappearing as well.

Chen Xiang took out their Divine Deity and quickly refined a few cores of the profound God.
"The power of your second life ability is to release this kind of terrifying power of the cold profound ice." Chen Xiang said. Just now, when he took out the Divine Deity, he could feel that terrifying Icy cold power from inside it.
Long Xueyi nodded: "That's right, my ability to eat and sleep is the foundation. As long as I have the ability to eat and sleep, I can cultivate Divine Deity more easily."
Chen Xiang looked at the body that had been frozen into an ice cube, shook his head and sighed: "Your attack was a little too heavy. I had originally wanted to look at their memories, but who would have known that even their divine soul had been frozen."
Long Xueyi stuck out his tongue: "The next time we meet, I'll leave it to you."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi did not know that the Super God Restricted Area was gathering more and more powerful warriors, because the snow and ice suddenly disappeared and the treasures that dropped during the great war between the gods would also suddenly appear.
The most dangerous place in the Super God Restricted Area, the snow and ice, had already disappeared, and more people rushed in. Previously, only those with profound God's strength could enter, but now, True God Stage cultivators dared to follow these old fellows in to broaden their horizons.
Chen Xiang took out the jade tiger the Devil-killing Heavenly God had given him and prepared to search for his friend.
"In this direction." Chen Xiang looked ahead.
Long Xueyi was extremely familiar with the Super God Restricted Area, so when he saw the direction, he frowned: "That direction is where we are heading towards, could it be that he has already left the Super God Restricted Area?"
The Devil-killing Heavenly God had a few friends, and the one that Yu Hu was guiding was also the closest.

"Whatever, let's go take a look first." Chen Xiang kept his Jade Tiger and held Long Xueyi's hand. Just as he was about to teleport away, he suddenly saw an array pattern appearing in the sky.
When Chen Xiang saw these runes, he felt that they were a little familiar. He whispered, "Let me think, I seem to have seen them somewhere before."

Long Xueyi was already on guard, if these array patterns suddenly appeared, something would definitely happen.

"It's Master." Chen Xiang said: "When Master uses the Heaven extended method, he will create this kind of Spirit grain, this is the Sky Spill Spirit grain."

Long Xueyi frowned: "That old lunatic is extremely mysterious. Although I have recovered my memories, I do not know anything about his race, the Heaven extended method that he used, as well as the ancient books that recorded a large amount of ancient history, these are all things."
Suddenly, the number of array patterns scattered in the air increased, and Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi patiently waited for them. They could tell that these array patterns needed to be combined, and would eventually form a Transmission array.

Huang Jintian's Heaven extended method was very powerful, and was able to calculate many things. Maybe Huang Jintian came looking for him because he had something urgent, which was why he was making the calculations.

"This old lunatic's Heaven extended method is getting stronger and stronger. Not only is it able to find me, it is also able to get these runes over here. It has a certain level of spatial laws." Chen Xiang said.

Long Xueyi nodded his head, "The Heaven extended method is extremely mysterious. I have only occasionally heard the six Divine Kings say that the Heaven extended method is something even scarier than the Four Great Taboo magic.
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