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Chen Xiang now understood that the God Murdering Sword Techniques was not cheap at all. In the future, if he wanted to bring out the Sword God, the price would not only be ten billion, it might even be higher.
"The Azure Dragon truly is formidable. Even the Infernal Realm won't be able to trap him." Yang Yan laughed: "You don't have to worry about him. He is currently in Divine Prison, and should be living a good life."
The green dragon was doing well, but Chen Xiang still had to go and save him.
"Big brother Yang, I came here to ask for your help." Chen Xiang had initially planned to use the 40 million in his hands to buy medicinal herbs for concocting pills, but after selling them all, he would buy all sorts of medicinal herbs. He repeated this process again and again until he had gathered enough to buy back the Azure Dragon, but who would have thought that the Azure Dragon would actually kill them all.

"Go ahead." Yang Yan laughed: "If you can help, I will definitely help."
"I need more mid-grade Holy Elixirs. I will mainly use them for alchemy. As long as it is a pill bought by many people, please buy it for me first." Chen Xiang took out a jade tablet, and continued: "Here is forty million divine money."
Yang Yan understood what Chen Xiang was trying to do, this was the rhythm of the crazy pill refining, he had heard that Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were extremely mystical, but he had never seen it with his own eyes.

Medial Grade Holy Elixirs are bought by a lot of people, and they are usually used to temper the soul, healing the body, and detoxifying the body. They are all sold in the market, and some rare and unconventional elixirs are hard to sell because there are only a few of them. Yang Yan received the jade token from Chen Xiang. Inside the token, there was 40 million God's Coins.
Chen Xiang was also surprised by the fact that he could get his hands on such a large amount of divine money as soon as he arrived in Gods Realm.

"Alright, I'll do whatever I can get. I'll come look for you later."
Yang Yan asked: "Your Tracing mantra has already been expelled."

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "That's right, but if Hell Devil Emperor is too anxious, he might cast a curse on me, so I have to quickly increase my strength. I will be leaving first."
Yang Yan sent Chen Xiang downstairs and he hurriedly left, returning to the Devil-killing Divine City.
Just as Chen Xiang returned to the Devil-killing Divine City, one of his jade tablet started to shake. This jade tablet was a proof from the disciples of the Devil-killing Divine Palace, it had a use for summoning messages.
"We'll gather at Devil-killing Divine Palace in three days."

This voice belonged to Ren Tianyong, and it was obvious that there was something he wanted to announce.

"The battle is over."
As Chen Xiang walked on the street, he saw that everyone was talking about this matter. The Devil-killing Divine Palace had achieved complete victory, beheaded a large number of demons, and sealed the entrance to this foreign world where the demons had come from.

He returned to the Devil-killing Divine Palace, wanting to find Wang Jinshi and ask him about some important matters that would be announced three days later, but no one came.
He then went to Yuan Baibing's shop, but he did not find Yuan Baibing either. All the war gods had actually disappeared, and Chen Xiang guessed that they had all been gathered by the Devil-killing Heavenly God.
Returning to the courtyard house in the Villa, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang were both present.

"The gathering three days later. Did you receive the notification?" Xiao Chou asked.
Chen Xiang nodded. "What is it?"
Tai Qiang said: "I heard master say that Main Heavenly God was holding some kind of convention and it seemed like they were going to show off their might in order to counterattack. I don't know the specifics either."
Xiao Chou laughed: "When the time comes, we will definitely strike out, I have long prepared."

"Master, you should hurry up and learn some Devil-killing magic kungfu. Otherwise, when you start fighting with the Hell Divine Palace, you won't be able to withstand it."
"Brat, are you looking down on me?" Chen Xiang laughed.
"How would I dare? I know that Master has always been very strong. Even if I fall behind temporarily, I'm sure I'll be able to quickly make it back in the future." Although Xiao Chou said this, he still had that intention in his heart.

Chen Xiang had nothing to do now so he stayed in the secret room to study the Seven devil-slain kungfu.
Right now he only knew that the first style required the use of the physical body's strength. There were seven different types of changes in the first style, each one very strong, but each person's comprehension of the changes were different, so Main Heavenly God could not teach him in detail.
"I can only rely on myself now. Fortunately, I have the Philosophic stone."

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and started to study the first style of the Seven devil-slain kungfu. What he needed to do now was to comprehend the first type of change and use this change to unleash his own physical body's power and display the powerful might of a devil slayer.
'Is the body changing according to the strength of the body or the body changing according to the strength? '
Chen Xiang followed the chants and controlled his own strength to circulate, causing his bones to constantly make crisp sounds. His muscles also moved up and down, making him look extremely strange.
"No, I don't have any leads." Chen Xiang tried for more than two hours, but his entire body was covered with sweat and he was panting.
"I need to cooperate with the Heavenly Alchemy." Chen Xiang focused, the Devil-killing Heavenly God mentioned this to him many times.

"Let me first check if there are any methods to use the strength of the fleshly body in the Heavenly Alchemy." Chen Xiang began to comprehend the Heavenly Alchemy, to look for the physical body section.

It didn't take long before he found a method to strengthen his fleshly body. However, it didn't contain much information. It only described how to utilize the strength of the fleshly body along with the power of the soul to temper the entire body.
"The most direct way to unleash the strength of the body is to let the body make a violent and ingenious collision, or to make a skillful collision. Usually, the body has to make contact with the body in order to be able to unleash the greatest amount of power."
"If I do this, I'll need to engage in close combat. The Heavenly Alchemy states that I need to maximize the strength of my fleshly body. First, I need to coordinate with my speed, and then I need to find the target's fragmented points.

"The first form of the Seven devil-slain kungfu's transformation is the change between strength and speed. It's both fast and slow, and as long as it's just right, and coupled with the sudden release of the physical strength, the corresponding strength will be different."

"I already know two changes from the first movement. It seems like there are some connections between these changes. Now, let's try the chants together."
Chen Xiang coordinated the Heavenly Alchemy's and the first part of the Seven devil-slain kungfu's chant, then began to practice all sorts of techniques in the secret room.
Two days later, the house that Tai Qiang rented suddenly became ruined.

Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang were drinking and chatting in the hall, but at this moment, they were covered by the ruins. What surprised them was that the collapse of the house was extremely strange, the house was extremely sturdy, if he wanted to knock it down, the required strength was extremely strong, even if he had used his flesh strength to do so, there would still be a slight tremor coming from it.
However, this mansion suddenly collapsed without any warning, and what made them feel even stranger happened just now. They lightly touched some broken pieces, but they unexpectedly turned into dust. A gust of wind blew over, turning many of the broken pieces of the mansion into powder.
Chen Xiang was ecstatic in his heart, because he knew that he had successfully grasped two changes to the first style of the Seven devil-slain kungfu, the change in power and the change in time.
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