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World Defying Dan God Chapter 1648

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The effect of Super Holy School killing an expert right here had already been achieved. What actions would he take next, would he start attacking Yan City?

Right now, Chen Xiang was not worried about these things at all, because if Yan City and the Divine Feather School were to join hands, there was no fear of the Super Holy School at all.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang sold all 45 of the Liuyuan azure Dan. After that, Huang Jintian and Mao'er started to sell those low levelled immortal pills, and they could also get a lot of Holy stone.

"Nine hundred million kilograms of Holy stone, there are so many of them, I wonder how many mines we have to dig to obtain them." Chen Xiang was very excited in his heart.

The forces that could afford to buy Liuyuan azure Dan were all large and middle-sized forces. There were a lot of Holy stone under their control, so twenty million catties was not a lot for them.

He only knew how to refine Tier 6 immortal pills, and could get so many Holy stone so quickly. He could imagine that when he became a Pill Saint, as long as he had a large amount of immortal pills, he would be able to command the wind and rain in the Nine Heaven World.

Feng Yujie had already been a Pill Saint for a very long time. Upon reaching her level, Holy stone s could not move her at all, she could only help someone concoct a Holy Pellet or a Tier 9 immortal pellet for someone else and they would all owe her a huge favor. Furthermore, by helping others to refine pills, she would definitely establish a strong network of relations with them.

This was also the reason why Divine Feather School was not controlled by Super Holy School.

After Huang Jintian and Mao'er finished selling the immortal pills, some people even asked Chen Xiang when he would sell them again, because they saw that Chen Xiang's shop was very empty.

"Once a month is fine. Pills from other places are ridiculously expensive." A woman said.

"Once a month is definitely not possible. It is difficult for me to purchase high level immortal medicines, and I also have the time to concoct them." Chen Xiang smiled as he shook his head, even if he were to go all out to refine pills, it would take him at least two to three months to reach the scale of today's business.

The crowd had already dispersed. Chen Xiang had promised them that, if they sold it, he would definitely advertise it.

What made Chen Xiang even weirder was that even after he had killed that old man from the Super Holy School for so long, the Super Holy School still had not sent anyone over.

"This is abnormal, the more Super Holy School is like this, the more powerful their revenge will be in the future." Chen Xiang frowned.

The people from Super Holy School are not stupid, they must already know that you and Yan City have allied together, and that Eagle Emperor has fought with this Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord before, so they know that her strength is not weak. If we start attacking Yan City now, even if we manage to win, the Super Holy School and Yan City will suffer heavy losses. Huang Jintian said: "I feel that Super Holy School is definitely making sufficient preparations, preparing to attack and annihilate together with Divine Feather School."

Long Xueyi nodded his head, "I think so too. Maybe those Hell Devil Envoy have already returned to hell and requested for support from the Hell Devil Emperor. Otherwise, it would be hard to capture this Absolute Monarch Sanctuary."

Huang Jintian laughed, "Looks like wanting to take down the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary is not as simple as they thought it would be. This is all because of your appearance, they will definitely hate you guys to death.

Long Xueyi laughed, "If this little scoundrel was a little bit more powerful, I will join hands with him and cause a ruckus in the Super Holy School from time to time.

"Then I am relieved. Cat, let's go." Huang Jintian laughed: "Now we have a lot of Holy stone, we need to visit this Super Old Sacred City that has ruled the Sacred Region for many years."

After Huang Jintian and Mao'er left, Long Xueyi also returned to the Dark Green Dragon Ring. Chen Xiang went to greet Yan City, and asked the Yan Clan to help him keep an eye out for high grade immortal medicines.

Everyone in the Divine Feather School seemed to be extremely nervous, but only Chen Xiang knew that Feng Yujie had caused the disciples of the sect to become nervous on purpose. From the fact that there was an unceasing supply of medicinal pellets, one could tell that Feng Yujie had a very deep background.

"Aunt Feng, hide Little Ling'er and Sister Xia." It was very easy for Chen Xiang to enter Feng Yujie's residence at this time.

"I told them to look for You You and Meiyao. Meiyao is more familiar with your pill refining skills.

Feng Yujie pouted and said: "How can you have such an expression, is it that an old woman like me is not as nice as those cute little girls?"

Chen Xiang curled his lips: "If you reveal your true face, you will be able to enchant people to the core and make them unable to stop themselves, and will definitely be better than them, but Little Ling'er and the others are still better off, at least they can let me take advantage of them."

With that, Chen Xiang sized up Feng Yujie's well-developed and mature body, and shook his head and sighed.

"Alright, I knew you would not forget my looks." Feng Yujie laughed and then took out a portrait and passed it to Chen Xiang: "This is my original appearance. If you want to know how I look like, this is the only way."

Chen Xiang stared at the portrait, the extremely beautiful face, indeed gave people a very mysterious feeling of shock, a feeling that was difficult to describe.

Although it was in the painting, her smiling face gave off a very gentle feeling. And within that gentle smile, there was a charming charm that captivated one's soul. And looking closely at her eyes, one could feel a kind of aloofness and aloofness.

It was just a painting, but Chen Xiang could actually see through it. As he watched, he suddenly felt that the woman in the painting seemed to be alive, but was shrouded in a mysterious veil, causing him to be unable to see through it. He could not help but focus, wanting to remove the mysterious veil and read the mysterious woman.

"What a strange feeling." Chen Xiang frowned, and returned the portrait to Feng Yujie.

Feng Yujie was surprised, and said softly: "You're fine."

"Is something the matter?"

Chen Xiang was puzzled: "Isn't it just a picture?"

Feng Yujie laughed lightly, "That's right, it was just a portrait, but you looked at it for three days and three nights."

"What?" Chen Xiang stood up abruptly in shock: "That's impossible, how is it possible that I don't know, I just looked at it a few times."

"It's true. I've been bewitched for more than two hours. This face is truly magical." Long Xueyi said: "It seems that she is too modest, she should be stronger than Mei Emperor by a lot."

Feng Yujie kept the portrait and laughed: "Do you still want to see my true appearance?"

At this time, Chen Xiang was suddenly shocked, he could not remember the face in the portrait just now, no matter how hard he tried, that face could not appear in his mind.

He took a deep breath. This was already beyond his comprehension, no wonder Feng Yujie did not dare to reveal his true appearance. That would definitely cause a large group of people to go crazy.
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