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World Defying Dan God Chapter 1582

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Jiang Sheng had not returned yet. Just now, Qi Shi told him to go out and deal with those Sky Dragons. Those Sky Dragons were not as easy to deal with as Chen Xiang had imagined.

Chen Xiang and Qi Shi sat in the great hall and waited. They had already lit a fire, once Jiang Sheng returned, they could begin.

"If Senior Jiang kills all those dragons, would Heavenly Dragon Race s come over? Can they defend this place?" Chen Xiang asked, the real Dragon Emperor, should be very powerful in his eyes.

"I'm not too sure, but maybe it is possible. This place has never been attacked by any powerhouses of that level before. Don't think too much about it, let's have a meal first." Qi Shi didn't care at all. He looked at the Sacred Flame that Chen Xiang had released, and his face was filled with impatience.

"Why has Old Jiang been gone for so long? In all these years, not only has he not become stronger, he has become weaker."

Just as Qi Shi finished complaining, a ray of red light suddenly shone from a corner. Jiang Sheng smiled and reached the spot he was at and quickly walked over.

"Did you succeed?" Qi Shi asked.

"I only caught two. The rest escaped with serious injuries." Jiang Sheng took out a large chunk of dragon meat that had its scales sliced off.

"It's only two, and they still managed to escape. But forget it." Qi Shi walked over to the piece of dragon meat that looked like a small house. This was only a small piece, if there were a bunch of dragons, they would take up a lot of space here.

Chen Xiang said: "Senior, are you sure you want to use this divine cauldron to make food? There are many corpses inside."

Jiang Sheng laughed: "If you want to make food, just use mine."

As a Divine Craftsman who was with a delicious fellow like Qi Shi, he must have a lot of food on his hands.

Sure enough, Jiang Sheng took out a big pot, and threw a large amount of dragon meat into it. No one knew what ingredients he put in, making the pot shine with a golden light.

He was a big lion, it was normal for him to eat meat, but only dragon meat could satisfy him. Right now, he was holding up a huge fork with a large piece of dragon meat stuck in it.

"These stupid dragons, even though they knew that I was reviving in this period of time, they still sent themselves over for me to eat." After roasting the first piece of meat, Qi Shi cut off two large pieces for Chen Xiang and Jiang Sheng, and then began to wolf it down himself.

Chen Xiang and Jiang Sheng were both human so they couldn't eat as much as him, but their appetite was not small either. Adding that this was meat from a Sky Dragon, which was equivalent to a Holy level dragon, the power contained inside was both effective against Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi, let alone Chen Xiang.

… ….

I never thought that your remnant soul would be so powerful, to actually be the soul of the Holy level. Adding your physical body, even if your strength is not stronger than mine, it would be more than enough to deal with those Heavenly Dragons. You have already eaten your fill, so if they were to come again, you can go and capture it yourself.

At this time, those two dragons had already been eaten, and the majority of them were eaten by Qi Shi. After he finished replenishing himself, he was in an extremely good state, so both Chen Xiang and Jiang Sheng could feel the powerful strength currently in his body.

After eating so much dragon meat, his hair and eyebrows had already turned white. He looked just like a spirited young man, without any trace of the demeanor of an old senior.

"Sigh, I didn't expect that I would be revived. Only the two of you are celebrating me together. My old friends from before, I wonder how they are doing now." Qi Shi sighed.

"I'm not celebrating you. I still want you to visit for a bit longer." Jiang Sheng curled his lips: "As long as I follow you, all I have to do is be unlucky throughout the day. During the time that you die, I'll be much more at ease."

"Old Jiang, I didn't ask you to take the lead. Normally, you will only create some stuff in the dark and set up some formations. What's there to be down on?" Qi Shi patted his shoulder and laughed: "Don't worry, this time, when I'm revived, I won't be tormenting anything. There's a brat here who can do more than me."

Chen Xiang looked at him speechlessly. "I don't want to torment them either, but there's nothing I can do about it. Right, where did the Super Old Fire Beast and the Frozen Dragon Ancestor go?

Qi Shi said: "Once they go to Gods Realm, they will definitely not be able to stay there well. If they can go to that place, most of them will be used as mounts for the Gods."

Even the powerful Ice Dragons and Super Old Fire Beast could only be used as mounts when they went to Gods Realm. Now, he understood why the Ice Dragons complained that he did not do well in that place.

"Can I train now? How can I become stronger in such a short period of time?" Chen Xiang asked. He had always been concerned about this matter.

"Although I have resurrected, it is very difficult for me to reach the peak of my past. However, you can." Qi Shi's face suddenly became serious: You are now in control of the Heavenly Alchemy, so you got it much earlier than me, and you have a deeper understanding of the Heavenly Alchemy than me, so you know how to use it to concoct pills. Back then, I was only using the Heavenly Alchemy to mess around, and it caused a lot of trouble.

"And this one." Qi Shi patted Chen Xiang's chest: "This Killing-god heart … That was a very mysterious thing. Back then, my master couldn't even control it so he gave it to me. My master seeking death in this reincarnation was one of the reasons to get rid of this Killing-god heart. "

Chen Xiang had always been worried about the mysterious soul inside the Killing-god heart.

"Senior, what about you? Can you control it?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"He can't control himself either. Back then, when he lost control of himself and almost killed all of us, that's why he ran off to the Infernal Realm to seek death because he didn't want to live anymore." Jiang Sheng said: "But he did not die, and managed to save a group of subordinates."

Qi Shi nodded his head: "Later on, when I found out that I was targeted by the Hell Devil Emperor, I paid a huge price and among those who abandoned my divine weapon, there was this Killing-god heart."

"All these years I've been suppressed in hell, I've been thinking about what exactly this Killing-god heart is. My master told me before that this is a mysterious stone that he found in the Forbidden Land of Gods. Both the Heavenly Alchemy and the Heavenly Alchemy were obtained from it."

Qi Shi looked at Jiang Sheng, "After that, he found the Old Jiang and helped him refine a heart. After that, he lost control over it a few times, so he was addressed as the God of Slaughter."

"He was the one who killed the Vermillion Bird back then. I used the Vermillion Bird's feathers and blood to refine the Suzaku silk." Jiang Sheng sighed, "Maybe because he felt guilty for killing the Vermillion Bird, he killed off the subordinates sent by the Hell Devil Emperor, and in the end, gave up on his physical body and gave it to me to refine his body into the Slaughter God's Hand."

Chen Xiang touched his heart, and started to beat even faster. He was worried that he would lose control of his body in the future, and make a move on his friends and relatives.
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