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Chen Xiang was very confident in the items in his hands and felt that it would be very easy to meet the Leader. He smiled at Luo Qi, then looked at Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er, indicating that they could sell those Biyuan Dan s.

"Elder Luo, you should remember that we mentioned before that we would bring a batch of Biyuan Dan later." Red Dawn took out a Storage bag.

Luo Qi nodded his head: "I heard that you all bought a large amount of Biyuan Dan's medicinal herbs, and didn't expect you guys to find a group of outstanding Alchemist s to refine the pills to sell, this is indeed a good way to earn Holy stone, only the profits are not high."

Hong Xia gave a sweet smile and passed the Storage bag to Luo Qi: "I wonder if you can buy them all."

Both Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud knew that their profits were shockingly high because from beginning to end, Chen Xiang was the only one who refined the pellet, and the amount of pellets produced and the refining speed was extremely terrifying as well.

After Luo Qi received the Storage bag, he saw that there were eighty big jade boxes inside. He took out one and placed it on the ground, although he had not opened the big box, he was surprised at the number of Biyuan Dan inside.

The moment he opened the lid, a piercing green light shot out. The thousands of Biyuan Dan s inside were like many jade beads that were emitting light.

Last time, Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er had brought over a thousand Biyuan Dan, but there were still many big boxes like these inside the Storage bag.

"There are 1000 pills in each box, a total of 80,000 pills." Ji Ling'er smiled slightly: "Elder Luo, please take a careful count. If your Divine Feather School wants to eat these eighty thousand Biyuan Dan, it shouldn't be a problem, right?"

Luo Qi took out the eighty big boxes, counted them one by one, and then exclaimed: "Of course we can eat them, it's just that we haven't seen such a big deal in a long time, your Alchemist is really outstanding, able to refine a batch of high quality Biyuan Dan in such a short period of time."

"You guys wait here, I'll go get some Holy stone. I don't have that many on me, the price should be the same as last time."

"Yes, two hundred kilograms of Holy stone." Red Cloud nodded.

After Luo Qi left, Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er's hearts became a lot more at ease. Previously, they were still a little worried that Luo Qi wouldn't take so much in one go.

After half an hour, Luo Qi returned with a set of Storage bag s. Inside, there was a huge pile of sixteen million jin Holy stone s, which Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er were responsible for counting.

"We will continue to cooperate in the future." laughed, Biyuan Dan were a type of rare pill, to be able to stock up a batch, it was definitely not a loss, furthermore the quality of these pills were all very high.

"Elder Luo, if I have a type of Holy level medicinal ingredient, can I directly talk to your Divine Feather School s?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked.

Holy level medicine ingredients, no matter where they were, were extremely expensive and rare. Even if they were useless to him, if there was a chance, he would try his best to seize them.

"You're willing to give it to me." Luo Qi was a little shocked. He could already tell that Chen Xiang seemed to have something urgent when he saw their Leader.

"If he can help me with something, I can give it to him as a gift." In order to make Luo Qi believe it, Chen Xiang had taken out a Blood Linglong Fruit. Luo Qi had managed such a large industry in the Divine Feather School, he would definitely be able to recognize this Blood Linglong Fruit. This was a holy healing fruit, able to strengthen the blood in one's body.

Ji Ling'er and Hong Xia were both shocked as they looked at the red crystal-like round pearl in Chen Xiang's hand. Hong Xia exclaimed: "It's a Blood Linglong Fruit, this is a Holy Fruit."

Luo Qi took a deep breath and said: "Follow me, I will bring you to see Leader."

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud, telling them to settle the matters regarding the house, and then reunited here. The sixteen million strong Holy stone were all placed in their hands, transferred by them, allowing them to purchase even more medicinal ingredients, which were of the fourth grade of Immortal Grade.

Luo Qi brought Chen Xiang into a teleportation room of the Divine Feathers Tower. Through the Transmission array, they teleported to a place that seemed to be the belly of the mountain.

Chen Xiang thought that the Divine Feather School's Leader would be inside those tall and big stone towers, but he never thought that it would be inside a cave. The construction of this place was very rough, as if the inside of a mountain was hollowed out, and then a few caves were dug out from the uneven stone walls.

"Wait here, I'll go talk to Leader." Luo Qi walked quickly towards a cave, leaving Chen Xiang standing alone in the middle of the cave.

After a long while, Luo Qi finally came out with a nod of his head: "You can go in now, our Leader wants to talk to you."

Chen Xiang politely smiled at him, then walked into the cave.

In his eyes, the Leader should be a being at the same level as the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, but the place he lived in was so simple and crude.

kept walking forward even after entering the dark mountain cave. He still could not feel the aura of a strong practitioner even here, so it would be quite difficult for a strong individual to conceal the powerful strength within his body.

At the end of the cave, there was a spacious and bright stone room. Judging from the decorations, it should be a living room with a few chairs.

Beside a simple and crude stone table, there was a middle-aged woman in a plain white dress. Although she was not beautiful, she did not have any noble temperament, just like an ordinary woman in a village. Her skin was not very good, some were rough, and there were fish tails at the corners of her eyes.

He was a very ordinary person, the only thing he gave others was that she looked very comfortable. When she saw Chen Xiang, she even smiled, it was a very kind and gentle smile.

"Please take a seat. You're welcome." The middle-aged woman politely made a gesture. Her voice was somewhat hoarse, and her voice was also somewhat hoarse. It was as if she had not spoken for a very long time.

Chen Xiang was secretly surprised, he never thought that Leader of the Divine Feather School would actually be a woman, and how ordinary it looked.

"Brat Chen Xiang, greeting senior." Chen Xiang immediately bowed, he was sure that the woman in front of him possessed power as terrifying as that of the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, because when he saw the White Tiger back then, he had the same feeling.

"Sit, don't call me senior, my name is Feng Yujie, you tell me to call me Aunt Feng." After Feng Yujie invited Chen Xiang to sit, he poured a cup of clear water for him.

Chen Xiang could not understand why would lead such a life.

"Aunt Feng, I have a very important matter that requires your help." Chen Xiang got straight to the point.

"I heard from Luo Qi that you guys are selling us with a lot of immortal pills, and that you even have Blood Linglong Fruits." Feng Yujie slightly smiled and also sat down, looking at Chen Xiang seriously.

Chen Xiang nodded, "Aunt Feng, can you …"

Feng Yujie interrupted him and smiled: "You must be from the Nine Heaven World."
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