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When the woman realized that the fifteen of them could have been killed or captured, her eyebrows knitted together in thought. None of the fifteen could be considered shrimp soldiers or crab generals; they were all experts that her father had arranged.

She looked at Chen Xiang, her beautiful eyes behind the silver mask revealing a hint of surprise.

"Where did they go? You guys killed them." That woman was very calm. Judging from her tone, she wouldn't be too surprised even if those fifteen people died.

Chen Xiang wanted to splash a bucket of Drunk god magical poison's water on her, but he felt that this girl was different from the others. Furthermore, there were six Holy Beasts surrounding her, it would probably be difficult for him to escape now.

"I don't know. I heard the order, so I came in to pick up the stones. I don't know anything." Chen Xiang pretended to look innocent, but there was still a trace of fear on his face. He knew that the girl was surprised at how weak he was, so he had to try his best to make the girl feel that he was of no threat.

"Where are the stones? How many have you picked up?" the woman asked.

"Only a little more than ten." Chen Xiang obediently took it out and threw it on the ground.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. I'll bring you back, or else I won't be able to explain myself." Her eyes flashed with a smile, that cunning gaze, gave Chen Xiang a bad feeling.

"You six, follow me back. When the time comes, tell me everything that happened here in detail. I guarantee that the elders will not hold you responsible."

"Yes, Eldest Miss." The six men shouted together.

Chen Xiang was tied up. Although the rope binding him was powerful, he still had a way to struggle free, but the six black eagles had their eyes on him, even if he struggled to free himself, they would not be able to do it, let alone the powerful "Big Miss".

Chen Xiang was brought to a valley very far away from the mining site. If he had known earlier that there was a woman here, Chen Xiang would have definitely come here to get rid of her first.

In this valley, there was actually a Transmission array, which was only enough for ten people, and it looked like it was the type that only needed to be used once, and once used, the Spirit grain would disappear.

Chen Xiang was a little nervous, because he could already tell that this woman was going to bring him into that Heaven Realm. He didn't want to go there, since there were many strong warriors there, and all of them were very powerful.

"We can't go to the Heavenly Domain, or else things will be even more difficult." Chen Xiang decided that when the Transmission array opened, he would fight it out. That would be the best time for him to escape.

Just as he was thinking of this, a seemingly soft, jade-like hand was placed on his shoulder. Following that, a surge of power surged into his body, causing him to feel an incomparable heaviness and a splitting headache.

"Ah!" He shouted and fainted.

After Chen Xiang fainted, the woman smiled lightly and activated the Transmission array, then appeared in a large hall. In this large hall, there were many small and large Transmission array, but this was actually a teleportation place.

"Get up." The lady lightly patted Chen Xiang's face and smiled: "I know you want to escape, but if you do, I'll be in trouble."

Chen Xiang felt a stream of cold energy gush into his brain, and woke up. After hearing what the lady said, he secretly cursed in his heart, he had gone through great difficulty to deal with such a strange woman like Lv Qilian, and now, an even more powerful one had appeared.

"Eldest Miss, there are still a few months until the appointed time. Why did you come back earlier?" An old man in charge of managing the Transmission array rushed over and asked with a smile.

"My territory has been destroyed. All of them have been copied out. The fifteen people my father sent have all gone missing. Go and see if their Power Jewels have shattered." The young miss sighed, then looked at Chen Xiang: "This is a guy I caught on the spot, although he's very weak, he's a little strange."

Chen Xiang was looking around. Seeing so many Transmission array s in this huge palace, he knew that this Heaven Realm wasn't small, and this place was definitely within a large power.

"Oh, those fifteen people are all pretty strong. How did the mine you were guarding get breached?" The old man said in surprise,

"Who would have thought that those fifteen people would suddenly disappear? Those six birds didn't discover anything, and four of them died. They were suddenly attacked by a cat. When I arrived, I saw an old man and this little demon. I only caught him."

"No need to say anymore, I need to hurry up and meet my father and the elders. I will be scolded by them later, maybe I will even be punished later." Then, she grabbed Chen Xiang's shoulders and brought him away from the great hall.

She had already sent someone to report this. After hearing the news, everyone in this place was very shocked because this young miss' strength was not bad. The people she brought to guard this place were all famous experts, and there were also ten excellent black eagles with Saint Claw.

Chen Xiang never thought that an ant-like figure like him would be surrounded by a group of saints that surpassed the Immortal-becoming realm. On his body were some white colored iron chains, and on the chains, were Spirit grain s.

The one sitting at the head of the table was the youngest, but he also looked like a middle-aged man. He wore a white robe with tiger skin, and sat on a dragon throne. He looked very domineering.

"We've already sent people to check the scene. It's indeed very strange, the people I sent, seemed to have disappeared into thin air. The used Holy stone are all there." The mighty middle-aged man said,

"Father, the majority of the Holy stone that have been mined for the past hundred of years are on those fifteen people. They have already disappeared, and I only have a little more than a hundred thousand kilograms on me." The woman took out a silver ring and handed it over.

Chen Xiang finally understood the lady's intention. All the Holy stone s that she had plundered in the past hundred years were definitely with her, but now that the fifteen people had disappeared, she could push all of them onto her body. That way, she could monopolize all that she had plundered in the past hundred years.

"That mine has an annual output of 30,000 Jin, and in the past hundred years, it has weighed at least 3 million Jin. Hmph, losing that much. How are you going to take responsibility?" An old man said angrily. It seemed like he was a rather powerful elder.

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart. He never thought that the woman would take all three hundred thousand kilograms, and he nearly peed his pants because of fear. What kind of quantity was that, with such a large number of Holy stone, he didn't even dare to imagine it.

"Ji Ling'er, even if you sell it, you won't be able to get that many Holy stone s back. You need to be clear, the mine can only be excavated for 120 to 130 years at most, it has already been a hundred years, and its lifespan is almost gone. Do you want to know how long we have fought over a mine?" An old man's voice trembled.

"Ling'er is willing to accept punishment. I am willing to accept the most severe punishment from Ji Clan." Ji Ling'er knelt down and took off her mask, revealing her beautiful and exceptional face, and said seriously:

Chen Xiang knew that this Ji Ling'er had made up her mind to swallow that three million kilogram Holy stone. Although he did not know the penalty, Ji Ling'er was sure that she would do it.

At this time, the various elders were discussing among each other, and only a few elders spoke up for Ji Ling'er. Ji Ling'er's father, the patriarch of the Ji Clan, obviously cannot side with his own daughter at this moment, otherwise, he would have to step down from the stage.

Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Ji Ling'er: "Woman, I already know about your plan. You probably want to take all three million Holy stone s for yourself, or you must protect my life. Otherwise, your plan will definitely be ruined.

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Ji Ling'er's face did not show any signs of shock, but her heart was full of astonishment. Previously, she had truly believed that Chen Xiang was a small fry that her big brother had abandoned, which was why she dared to do such a thing.

"This kid is very weak, but his body is very strong. He has already reached the large success stage of Body of Heavenly Sage. All of you elders, why not interrogate him first? Maybe he can even recover his losses." Ji Ling'er suddenly said: "This person is very strange, I can't see through him."

An elder snorted angrily and said, "Even if you can recover the damage, you will still be punished."

At this time, Ji Ling'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "I won't let you die, I will also save you. But in exchange, you have to hand over those fifteen people to me, or let them die."

Just as Chen Xiang had guessed, Ji Ling'er wanted to take all three million Holy stone for himself.

"Those fifteen people are not dead yet. Their Power Jewels are still intact and their vitality is still very strong. They should just be caught. We must find them quickly." The patriarch of the Ji Clan said.

Chen Xiang had already been surrounded by over a dozen elders, and various types of powerful holy energy flooded into his body, as well as into the Divine Sense Sea, causing him to feel incomparable pain all over.

What made him even more baffled was that the gray mist surrounding his dantian was very strong. It could actually prevent these old men from spying on him, and Long Xueyi had long concealed his Divine Sense Sea using a secret technique.

"His dantian is very strange, it seems like a dead dantian, but it contains a strong amount of Saint Force. With his current cultivation level, he shouldn't be able to cultivate Saint Force." An old man said with a frown.

"This person is from the Nine Heaven World, the clothes he is wearing is not from here."

That's right, we have already heard that the Nine Heaven World's humans have invaded this place. We did not expect that they would be able to take down a mine.

"This brat is indeed strange, but he is still very weak. He shouldn't be some important fellow. Use torture to interrogate him and see if you can find anything."

Hearing the words of these old men, Ji Ling'er felt that something was wrong. If Chen Xiang was tortured, maybe he would reveal something.

Then she turned to the elders and said, "Please don't. This person should be an important person because he … He has something very strange with him. Although he is not very strong, there must be something extraordinary about him being able to sneak into the mine. If we torture him, he might not be able to endure and die. "

"Why not spare his life? Maybe his accomplices will come and save him."

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