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Cat looked at the area where the Sky people were, shaking his head and said, "Let's go. We have no chance of winning at all. Once we alert one of them, the other Sky people will know. We won't be able to survive if they join forces with just two or three of us."

"Don't worry, without absolute confidence, we won't send you to your death. If you want to go, we'll go too." Huang Jintian said: "We plan to kill them one by one."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Those eight who have hidden themselves for closed-door training should not appear all year round and only appear in times of danger. This is a good thing for us."

Huang Jintian laughed: "You really plan to take action, do you need my help?"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No need, I am fine by myself, I need a large number of Drunk god flower, so I will need you to use this time to observe the movements of the Sky Realm people."

In order to obtain a large amount of Holy stone, Chen Xiang was willing to give it his all. Furthermore, he wasn't going to throw his life away, even if he was discovered, he could still escape.

Mao'er did not know about Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian's plans, but he was not too concerned about it.

Chen Xiang was refining his Drunk god powder at a place far away from Huang Jintian and the cat, because this time, the target of the poison was those Sky people. Chen Xiang did not know the power of those Sky people, so he could only deduce it from the cat's description.

In order to have enough Drunk god powder, Chen Xiang spent three months to prepare it. Huang Jintian and Mao'er were not in a hurry either, and they also needed to investigate the movements of the Sky Men guarding outside.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had come out, Huang Jintian did not waste any words, and directly said: "We have almost finished our investigations. Of the eight people that went into closed-door training, these three have not moved, and the other seven, are respectively guarding at seven different locations with some distance between them. If we were to quietly remove one of them, it should not attract the attention of the others;"

"If you're going to get it, you have to be very careful." Huang Jintian said.

"I understand. If I make a move and something happens to me, all of you should leave immediately. Don't think about saving me or worry too much about me. I have a way to protect myself." Chen Xiang seriously warned Huang Jintian and Mao'er.

Huang Jintian and Mao'er both nodded their heads.

"Don't just agree, you must catch them. Otherwise, you will all die. Do not doubt my ability to escape." Chen Xiang said. He was more worried that Huang Jintian would go and save him if something happened to him.

Afterwards, Huang Jintian told Chen Xiang in detail about the movements of the seven people guarding outside. One of them should be the leader, because that person did not need to walk around, but would occasionally come out to take a look. Furthermore, their position was pretty good.

Chen Xiang thought about it again in his mind. After confirming the locations of those heavenly people, he started to move, turning into a bird and entered the mining area at night.

These few days, Long Xueyi had also observed that in the Holy stone mine, she had discovered some small animals or something of the sort. Therefore, when Chen Xiang became those small animals, he would not be discovered.

According to Huang Jintian's description, those people were very lazy, they only came out once in a while to collect the Holy stone s. Other than that, they did not pay much attention to the matters outside, and handed over the matters of guarding the mines to the Sacred Claw Eagles.

The people that harvested the Holy stone were all a group of beasts that had yet to take form. They were all enslaved by those heavenly people, and all of them were very obedient. Those that were disobedient had already died.

Borrowing the starlight from the night sky, he could see that there was a very large ravine between two mountain peaks, and below it, there were many beasts. All of them were digging around the mud people, and when Chen Xiang found the Holy stone, they would be caught on both sides of the ravine. With just a glance, Chen Xiang could see that there were over ten bigger ones, but he did not take them because it was very easy to find them.

"Seems like Holy stone are very rare. After digging for an entire day, there are only about 10 or so of them." Long Xueyi said: "These Holy stone should be very important to those heavenly people."

Chen Xiang was crawling towards the closest man, who was inside a cave in the middle of a mountain.

When he was near the cave, he became a small flying insect. It was the most common flying insect here. This way, it would not arouse any suspicion and he would fly into the cave.

The cave was rather simple and crude, but it was very quiet inside. Absorbing Holy Spirit Qi here was also not bad, because this was the heart of a mountain. The mountain could cultivate and absorb Holy Spirit Qi, so this was the best location.

Thinking about this, Chen Xiang remembered that the Mountain Spirit in the Chaotic Mountain was a very magical spirit body.

Chen Xiang entered the depths of the cave and saw the so called Heaven Man, it was a middle-aged man, his body was covered in dust, as though he was sleeping, he was breathing evenly, and around him, there were tens of dark colored Holy stone s, he was absorbing the energy from the Holy stone.

"He must have been sitting here for many years, not moving at all." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart. This person's current cultivation state was the best, even Chen Xiang was a little envious.

These past few days, they had been extremely confident. They firmly believed that no one would come and disturb them, which was why they were so at ease in their cultivation here.

Chen Xiang did not have a good impression of the people in the past few days. He felt that the people here had always suppressed the Nine Heaven World, preventing it from growing up and threatening their situation.

In order for her to absorb a large amount of Drunk god magical poison in one go, Chen Xiang compressed a large amount of Drunk god powder into rice sized pills. At this time, he took out two and placed them into her mouth and nose, and she took a deep breath and swallowed them. Then, he opened his eyes.

A large number of Drunk god powder were compressed to the size of a grain of rice, it was an extremely refined Drunk god magical poison, and its poison was extremely terrifying.

In order to prevent the heavens from using divine sense to send out messages, he immediately appeared. He took out the divine cauldron and placed the heavens inside.

The Divine Cauldron itself was a very good seal, whoever was sealed inside it could not communicate with the outside world, and Chen Xiang did not kill this person either.

"I've settled one." Chen Xiang gasped for breath, he found it hard to believe, he did not expect to easily kill one of them.

"Yes, this guy was hit by a large number of Drunk god magical poison and was unable to break it apart in a short period of time. However, they might have other methods, so you have to be careful." Long Xueyi warned.

"It's alright, they're all inside the divine furnace. It won't be easy for them to come out with something like that." Chen Xiang was more confident about the God Furnace Lord Haas, because the Fire Ravens that had been locked down were still fine.

Right now, Chen Xiang felt that those Super Old poison were terrifying, the fewer he had, the more terrifying he would be.

"The Drunk god magical poison are really powerful, they can even defeat the people from the past few days." Chen Xiang laughed in his heart, although those heavenly people were powerful, but in his eyes, they were like stupid pigs.

"Of course, even gods can be put down, let alone these people." Bai Youyou said: "If you have the time, you better try to see if you can help those Drunk god flower level up. If you can create higher level Drunk god flower, maybe you won't need to refine so many in the future."

Chen Xiang also had the same idea. He decided to try it out in the future.

He did not take away the Holy stone in the cave because it had already been used. Moreover, it would attract his attention, and if he was too greedy, it might cause his efforts to fail.

After leaving the cave, Chen Xiang turned into a bird and flew towards another mountain. There were still seven more things that he needed to settle.

If these powerful Empyrean knew that the person who plotted against them was only a little kid, they would probably go crazy from anger.

In the beginning, he did not have much confidence, because those were Heaven Men who could kill Holy Beasts after all. They would definitely be very cautious, but he did not expect that all of them would sleep like pigs, and be thrown into the Spirit Cauldron the same way.

The most difficult ones would be the ones that he would have to deal with. Those that he could deal with were those that had not yet entered their best state of cultivation, so they would remain clear-headed.

Chen Xiang followed Huang Jintian's investigations and arrived at a farthest place from the other Heaven. There was a small courtyard there, and the houses inside were made of stone. It was night now, but the interior of the house was lit up.

Chen Xiang who had transformed into a little bug flew in through the window. Inside, there was a young man sitting on the bed, circulating his Qi to cultivate, which made Chen Xiang extremely happy. Previously, Huang Jintian had also said that these people stayed in the house all day, but he never expected that they were cultivating.

"In this kind of wilderness, other than training, they have nothing else to do. Moreover, this is the best way to kill time." Long Xueyi said: "But we still have to be careful."

"Yes." Chen Xiang released two pellets that the Drunk god powder condensed out and shot it into the young man's nose.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that, just as he bounced out, the man opened his eyes. However, the two pills had already entered his nose, and they were even sucked into his mouth.

"This will alarm him. That was close." Chen Xiang saw that the man's face was filled with shock and anger as he collapsed on the bed.

"I have to finish it tonight. Otherwise, I won't have another chance."

Chen Xiang seized this opportunity and took action, as he was getting closer and closer to success, causing him to be excited.

In the middle of the night, in the mining area, there were thousands of beasts digging, making all kinds of noises. The forest around the mining area was filled with all kinds of birds and beasts, and from time to time, there would be a few Sacred Claw Black Hawks flying in the sky. Chen Xiang had heard the cat talk about it before, those Sacred Claw Black Hawks had been protecting the mine for many years, and nothing had happened.

There were six people left to deal with, and time was also a little tight, causing Chen Xiang's heart to become a little flustered.
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