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World Defying Dan God Chapter 1429

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Long Huishan and the others had long noticed Chen Xiang and the others coming over. Seeing Yan Shan, they were not that nervous, because they recognized him when he invited them over.

And what Long Huishan could not believe was that the person who was flying over, was actually Chen Xiang.

"Youlan, your brother is here." Long Huishan immediately said to Leng Youlan, and then walked towards Chen Xiang.

"Where?" Leng Youlan was very happy that Chen Xiang would appear here. She did not feel surprised, as if she was already used to it.

"Stinking brat, why did you come into this damn place?" When Long Huishan saw that Chen Xiang was uninjured and was together with the Sacred Source Ancient Realm, she was a lot more at ease.

"Aren't you guys here as well?" Chen Xiang laughed, then looked towards Leng Youlan who was walking over. She tied up that white hair, wearing a bamboo hat on her head.

"Haha, brother, you also entered the Evil Divine Palace. I heard that once you entered this damned place, you would most likely die." Leng Youlan laughed as she walked towards Chen Xiang with big steps while carrying a heavy river on her shoulder and patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

Chen Xiang pinched her beautiful face and laughed: "Stupid girl, you're about to die yet you're still so happy. You seem to be stronger and stronger."

"Of course, I've learned a lot from elder sister, so I'm here to have a fight." Leng Youlan said excitedly, as he had already taken his stance.

Long Huishan smacked her perky bottom and scolded her: "At such a time, why are you still fighting with your own people? You need to conserve your strength to deal with such a dangerous situation."

"Dragon Queen, I am truly sorry for causing you all to fall into such a predicament." Yan Shan walked over and said guiltily. He did not think that Chen Xiang and Long Huishan's relationship was so close, it looked like they were relatives.

"It's fine. No one would have expected that. We are already very grateful that you all were able to invite us to excavate that precious land." Long Huishan laughed, he did not have any intention to blame Sacred Source Ancient Realm.

"There's strength in numbers. Let's find a way out together." Yan Shan said.

Long Huishan nodded his head: "We have been travelling continuously for a few days, let's rest first."

Following that, everyone stopped to rest while Chen Xiang went to the side.

"Brother, I have another sister. When can I meet her? I wonder if she's powerful or not." Leng Youlan sat on the ground, with his back facing the big tree, he grabbed a few stones from the ground and threw them towards the crows that were cawing in the air.

"She's very powerful. In the future, let Big Sis take you to the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country and you will be able to see her." Chen Xiang was the same as Leng Youlan, using a stone to smash those demonic crows.

"You Lan, do you want the sacred sword? I have a Heavenly evil sword here." Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly evil sword and handed it over to Leng Youlan.

Leng Youlan took it, waved it a few times, and then gave it back to Chen Xiang. She snorted: "Too light, too small, doesn't seem to have any killing intent, it's not suitable for me to use.

She took out her large sword that was as big as her palm. It was a middle grade immortal equipment and looked extremely heavy, almost as tall as a person. The heavy sword and Leng Youlan, this tall and killing intent lady, matched each other well.

For so many years, her weapons were made by her and Xianxian. She was Liu Meng'er's disciple, and also Refiner, so most weapons were made by herself, which was why she came here to look for materials to create a powerful sword for herself in the future.

"I've seen Xiao Ling before, luckily I didn't call her here, otherwise she would have been scared." Leng Youlan laughed, "Little Ling's strength is not bad. I train her specially every day, and her improvement is very obvious."

"Are you always pestering her? If you let her be your sparring partner, you will bully her. She is your little sister." Chen Xiang scolded her as he scratched her nose.

Leng Youlan looked at Duan Ming who was standing far away and asked with a low voice: "Elder brother, who is this uncle, he looks to be very powerful and I feel that he's in danger. When he looked at me just now, he gave me a huge shock."

"You should have heard about the matter regarding me at the Immortal Sword Conference, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes." Leng Youlan immediately thought of something, and said in a low voice: "So this is the guy who stole the divine sword."

Although it was a middle grade immortal sword, she liked it a lot. Furthermore, it was forged by herself, she was afraid that it would be taken away by Duan Ming.

Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh.

"Senior Yan, have you invited the people from Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country over yet?" Chen Xiang shouted to the nearby Yan Shan.

"They did, but they didn't say." Yan Shan said: "I wonder how many people entered this Evil Divine Palace."

"Sis, how did you enter the Evil Divine Palace?" Chen Xiang asked again.

Long Huishan sighed: "We just saw a dilapidated palace, and then a rotten door appeared. After knowing that it was the Evil Divine Palace, I immediately led my people away, but before I knew it, they were right inside."

They and Chen Xiang were the same, they entered the room the moment they saw the signboard.

"Let's wait until daybreak before leaving." Chen Xiang said. She leaned against his shoulder and closed her eyes to rest. With Chen Xiang by her side, she felt very safe.

Chen Xiang held onto the Heavenly evil sword, and channeled his divine power inside, carefully looking at the map inside. The Heavenly evil sword was guiding them to this place, but met the Evil Divine Palace, which made him feel that it was too much of a coincidence.

Everyone rested quietly until the sun rose. They were awoken by the sudden sound of a dragon's roar. There was actually a dragon inside.

Imperial Dragon Clan's dragon had also entered. Everyone was thinking at the same time.

"It's very possible that it's the Imperial Dragon Clan." Long Huishan said with a darkened face, "Our relationship with the Imperial Dragon Clan is not that good, so it's better to avoid them. We don't want to have any conflicts with them in this place."

It was not just Long Huishan and the others, Chen Xiang did not want to fight with the Imperial Dragon Clan either. However, the direction of the sound came from the direction where the branches were thicker, the direction they had decided to go.

"We're going that way." Chen Xiang explained the reason why they were heading that way.

After Long Huishan finished listening, he looked at an old man dressed in white who nodded his head.

"That old man is a very powerful ice dragon. I wonder how the Long family found the ice dragons that had left the Imperial Dragon Clan." Long Xueyi whispered to Chen Xiang.

"Let's go on our way. This damn place will change every single day." Yan Shan said. The beast tide that they had encountered earlier had left a shadow in their hearts.

There were already two hundred people. Their overall strength was not weak. This made everyone less afraid.

They set off early in the morning. It was almost noon when the gray clouds in the sky suddenly dispersed. A burst of scorching sunlight suddenly shone down.

The clouds all moved away and a blue sky appeared in the sky, but no one could be happy because there were nine suns in the sky. The clouds all moved away and a blue sky appeared in the sky, but no one could be happy because there were nine suns in the sky.
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